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Lord-J-McBeth's Interview

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PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2004 3:54 pm    Post subject: Lord-J-McBeth's Interview Reply with quote

* SkyFlare stomps in wearing her black mourning dress and veil, one could tell how she is walking that she is madder than mad, and about to have a berserker fit. Slamming her pad of paper on the table and grabbing her quill she eyes Lord-J-McBeth, 'Dis is your interview cause I hate you for cuttin mista Gideon's chain and you made him die."
* Lord-J-McBeth was sitting at the bar when SkyFlare stormed in and up beside him. He slowly turned and looked over at her. "As I told your aunt, it was the flames that killed him, and if I hadn't cut the chain, he'd still be dead. Now, on a different note, I'm glad to see my little feeling of hate is now mutual between you and I."
SkyFlare nods her head she is very put out with Jim cutting the chain and so is her aunt."First let me ask dis question, what makes you so mean and a Baaton memba? grrrr I am about to lose de tempa so ansa dis, I sort of liked you before but not now for cuttin de chain."
* Lord-J-McBeth shruged slightly and then waved to the bartender for a bottle of whiskey. He then looked back to SkyFlare. "Didn't your aunt ever tell you lying was bad? You never liked me a bit, so don't tell me you did. What makes me so mean? Well, that would be the culmination of a lot of things. The events of my life, my brother's insolence, your aunt's insolence, my wife and sons deaths. I could keep going if you like, but your little hand might get tired from writing."
* SkyFlare mumbles writing, "You don't care about my little hand writin, and yes I did like ya when you cried and was sad for Maya, so dere. Anyhow de next question. What would you do if you could do your favorite wish in de world? Dat doesn't mean killin me, dat is out."
* Lord-J-McBeth the tender sets the bottle of whiskey beside him and he nods his thanks before opening it. He takes a drink of it before setting the bottle back upon the bartop and looking to SkyFlare once more. "One wish, my favorite wish in the world? Well, since you said killing you is out, then I would suppose it would to have Maya and my boys back."
* SkyFlare sighs and she sets her quill down and nods, "Yeah I like her too lots, and de kids were kind of mean but de were fun to play with. Ok now for question number three. Your given all de gold in de world and don't have to kill innocent people for gold. So what would you buy with it?"
* Lord-J-McBeth scratches his chin for a moment thinking about an answer for this question. "Ok, I've got it. I'd give the money to the poor in the villages so that they can buy weapons and try to attack myself and others in the Baaton like Cynric because they don't like us so we'll have a reason to kill them all off and your aunt will stop bothering us."
* SkyFlare grits her teeth and he could see the white of them through the black veil, that was not nice. 'Aunt Aiy ain't botherin you, if she was dere would be a war. She just likes peace and kids not havin dere throats slit, just like you didn't like your kids killed. See!! Now answer dis, if you wanted to marry again, like I seen you smoochin already, what would you want the new wife to be, besides de strippa." Seems the little spy has been told something from her uncle's spies.
* Lord-J-McBeth raises a brow as he looks down at SkyFlare. "The stripper? I'm not quite sure what you're talking about there, but at any rate, I don't know wether it truly would be likely that I'll marry again. There's not another Maya in these lands."
* SkyFlare grins under the veil seems her uncle was walking by the waterfall pool one night and that isn't what he said. "Ok den let me ask you dis last question, you have two weeks to live and you would have to tell me what you would do in does two weeks. So tell me what it is."
* Lord-J-McBeth crosses his arms across his chest. "Well, if I knew I only had two weeks to live, that would most likely mean that I've got some sort of disease that is slowly killing me, this being how I know I'm going to die in two weeks. If this is so, then by the time I'm down to two weeks, I'll probably not be able to do anything more than lay around and be really quiet and ghostly white." He takes another sip of the whiskey and looks to her again. He had read her past interviews. "Aren't you gonna ask me the Cynric's Teddy Bear question?"
** Lord-J-McBeth laughs slightly. "Well, I'm already a big teddy bear of sorts to some people, so I guess I'd do something alot like I do now. Sit here, drink some whiskey, piss someone off, get a threat to my life from someone that's not much more than a pissant to me, have to show them who's boss, and then return to my teddy bear status."
* SkyFlare growls under her breath and than thinks better of it, yet she collects all her papers and quill and slides off the chair. The little figure dressed all in black having the veil draped over her head stands there contemplating saying something. She does, "What if you were a piss ant to dem?" she scurries out of the tavern as fast as she can tripping and stumbling over her long dress. "hehe your interview is ova."

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