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Aysh-Osula Interview

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 2:34 am    Post subject: Aysh-Osula Interview Reply with quote

* SkyFlare elbowed him, 'Not yet no, let's go interview him."

* Adrian sighs, following over to Sky..

* SkyFlare grabbed a paper and her quill and began to jot down questions that she'd show Elle later. "Hello Sir can I have your attention please. We have a few questions to ask you."

* Aysh-Osula looked at SkyFlare. What kind of questions could this little girl possibly ask him. "Ok, go ahead."

* Adrian smiles, sitting by Sky, then peeks at the paper for the questions, if she's written any down yet.

* SkyFlare hands the paper and quill to Adrian to write a few down and she asks him, 'Describe your perfect lady?"

* Aysh-Osula just raised a brow and stared at SkyFlare. "Why are you asking such a question?"

* SkyFlare taps the paper, 'Cause I am de interviewer of dis world. Ask anyone and de will tell you. Now answer truthfully OK?"

* Aysh-Osula shrugs slightly. "Well, I guess about five foot five or a little taller. Blonde hair's a plus, but dark hair is nice too. And either green or blue eyes. With a great personality

* SkyFlare wrote the answer down and handed the paper back to Adrian.

"Do you like kids, specially boys dat behave super good and even know how to cut confetti? You can say a switch in time saves nine doe, cause I wanna watch it hehe."

* Adrian frowns, eyeing Sky..

* SkyFlare blinked innocenty, 'What's de matta Adrian rememba de smile I told you to do, show de teeth."

* Adrian kicks Sky in the shin.. "He knows you're askin for Elle and me!"

* SkyFlare held her leg and hopped around holding it. "He don't know nothin." That was said in mind speak.

SkyFlare wrote the answer down and handed the paper back to Adrian. "Do you like kids, specially boys dat behave super good and even know how to cut confetti? You can say a switch in time saves nine doe, cause I wanna watch it hehe."

* Aysh-Osula shrugged slightly. "Haven't ever really been around kids much to know how well I would tolerate them."

* SkyFlare tapped the quill on her chin, "Do you have a lova or a wife?"

* Aysh-Osula just stared at the girl. "Don't you think these questions are a little personal? But to answer that question, I don't think you could say I have either. Though there is one I find myself particularly fond of."

* SkyFlare eyes lit up thinking it was Elle and scribbled down a happy face by that question. "Does she wear pants a lot and do you neva see her in a skirt?"

* Aysh-Osula shrugged slightly. "That all depends on the day."* SkyFlare grinned and circled him looking him up and down, 'Do you work, can you support a wife?" There that was a very important question and she danced around Aysh to distract him from her trying to be a matchmaker.

* Aysh-Osula nodded to the girl. "I do odd jobs here and there. I'm sure I could support a wife if need be."

* SkyFlare little forehead wrinkles and she has an excellent memory. Jotting down an upside down smile at that question. "I don't see your name on de town council sheet like hard workin Elle de advisor. What do you do?"

* Aysh-Osula bit at a fingernail and then examined the nail for a moment before answering that question. "I'm afriad that there are some lines of work that children are better off not knowing about."

SkyFlare> 'What are you a paid killa, or are you an escort man?" She was little but those little elf ears hear a lot going on.

* Aysh-Osula shook his head. "Not telling."

* SkyFlare She shook her finger at him and grinned. 'De rules of dese interviews is be truthful and don't hold nuthin back."

* Aysh-Osula shrugged "Well, I'm afraid this is one thing I am going to hold back. So either continue or forget the whole thing. Doesn't affect me either way."

SkyFlare> "OK now on to de next question would you have two girlfriends at de same time, do you flirt lots?" She frowned when he said he would hold back and put a check mark by that question like he said the wrong answer.

* Aysh-Osula shook his head. "That would be wrong. Why would I do that?"

SkyFlare tapped her quill on the table, 'Mista Hiei has lots, and I know anotha cheata, oh and den dere is de disappearin man. Will you dessert your family once you get one and say, honey I will be home afta de killin?"* Aysh-Osula shook his head no. "I've never made a promise I don't keep."

* SkyFlare sighed he sure wasn't volunteering too much information. 'Tell me your hopes and dreams, and if you could be a toy what would you be?"

* Aysh-Osula just stared at the girl for a long moment. "My hopes and dreams are to remove this curse from my family and be able to live life without looking over my shoulder. And if I could be a toy, I'd be a wooden sword."

SkyFlare> "Well poor you, cause you will splinta and break. Let me ask dis, if anyone said hey Aysh person wanna go on a date, would ya?"

* Aysh-Osula shrugged slightly. "Depends on who that person would be and the circumstances around it."

* SkyFlare furiously wrote something down and she growled under her breath. "He's de tightest lipped person I eva interviewed. OK den let me ask dis, you say you have a curse on your family what's it do?"

* Aysh-Osula stared at SkyFlare after she asked that question. "It kills people. My brothers."

SkyFlare> 'Well ask Aunt Aiy if she can get rid of it when she's in a betta mood. Right now she's dreary and waitin for de creature to return. Hey maybe you could look for him, his name is Icey`Plains, you help her, she helps you."

Aysh-Osula shook his head with a slight laugh. "That's quite alright. I already have my own plan to break this curse."

SkyFlare bowed to Aysh and smiled, "Dis interview is ova." She ran over to Elle's table and began writing a note under it. Sure was hard being a matchmaker. Once the note was written she placed the flower vase on top of it.
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