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Calamar Delveta scroll to VelvetAngelLuve

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2004 1:22 am    Post subject: Calamar Delveta scroll to VelvetAngelLuve Reply with quote

To the Sovereign of the Baaton, VelvetAngelLuve.
From Imperator Knight Admiral Calamar Delveta
Re: News from the North

In the course of the past six months, I have
managed to insinuate myself into every aspect of the
society all these mountain folk have put together, and
every messenger so far has been ed. That much the
netherworld tries to tell me. If this message finds
you, let it be known that I'll be returning from
this...."expedition" quite soon.

As for my report: the skirmishes between the dozens of
mountain clans have escalated to what is probably epic
proportions to them. They're too busy each
other in their petty feuds to ever become a
substantial power in our world, but the of my
messengers has suggested a xenophobia amongst all of
them--judging from how few other outsiders I have seen
in the villages I've passed through, they are either
so thorough in their elimination of travelers as to be
frightening or some other power is at work altogether.

The first possibility would be logical enough in
a society where family ties are as important as is
typical of these "clans", but, naturally, the latter
would be much more interesting. So I investigated it.
There has been a major problem with roving undead
in the mountains that I've been looking into since
long before this expedition ever started, but there
seems to be a connection: each time I've noticed a
degree of peace between two neighboring villages, when
the slaughtering has stopped for maybe a week or more,
it seems like the undead in the surrounding area will
not fade for an instant -- they make their presence
glaringly obvious, and during these periods no one
dares go in our out of the villages. This occurs with
a surprising degree of regularity.
I could still attribute this to mere coincidence
-- spirits trapped in this world can sometimes
congregate in a single location based on lunar cycles,
or weather conditions, and whatnot. But by the very
nature of the , there would be some degree of
randomness to anything to this effect, and these are
the same spirits populating the same areas every time
peace descends. They come every time the fighting
stops; an outside force could be driving them.

I will report again soon. It will be in person
next time.

Yours truly,

Calamar Delveta
Imperator Knight Admiral

The most beautiful picture is the one painted with words!
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