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Add-A-Verse Poetry Night #1

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:47 pm    Post subject: Add-A-Verse Poetry Night #1 Reply with quote

"Pillow Talk"
By: Kali, Gideon, Lasandria

Upon the gleam of light on the river from the pale moon
Desires hieghten and climb to their inevitable pitch and doom
Shattered screams breaking the silence of the night
can it be the love has been broken
split by the lust of a fevvered passionate fight

But lo, a sailor said to me, fight's of passion often make a mind wonder
if the making up is riddled with desires rapid chains...
and lo another sailor said to me..looking as glum as he could be
take a fishwife under your hand and see how passion she is with a pan!
And then of course the sagely sire pokes in from his napping...
When all's said and done, you've stuck together like salt and pepper and grown old with no time for naught but the weather
Then you'll see..earthly ire and desire can only be hand right and left hands of Fate and Fire.

For all the worlds of desire and passion even of a sailor in the deep ocean waves. Can it be that the very essence of life is more salty than the sea. Can it be that one giving their heart in body in passion, comparible to a pirate at sea stealing its very livelhood. It all feels the same, a thievery of the heart and soul or a trinket or two. What is the word passion anyhow, a blatant need of anothers excitement, or a phyiscal and
a phyiscal and mental need to comply with one own's physce? It has come from the mouth of lovers in a kiss salty and biting as the ocean waves.
So the prose goes on as the ship sails over the water, and the landing on the beach sands comes to face one's own lover.
the lovers gaze falling upon long forgotten eyes
eyes that have seen much but experiences little in the others absence
how long has time passed since a moment in time was shared
shared in a union of body and souls that left the world a blur, and the ground shaking
if only the time could last forever like a single grain of sand falling down an endless hourglass
In paradise, they say time never ends or begins, it stands still to let the children play int he lush garden
I've heard tell of paradise before...and heard promises of heaven mixed with the lore....
I've even heard tell of roaming osuls searching in the thick tangle of love to find one another and complete the transformation of two back into one
If such a thing were truly true...do you think some miscreant crew out of pirate's greed and lust for a lead...would go a-sailing to find that paradise?
Oh but then..the clock ticks..the eyes open..and a fresh new day awaits
disappointment is a fading memory..only a dream...but what dreams may come...only the sleeping walk will tell
Time a villian in itself, how dare it take so many precious years and leave one advanced beyond the love they need to grasp. The villian's horns protrude from its very self to provide a paradise of temptation and hell. Time slips away they say but to others it stands mocking them, laughing in their face and enjoying their 'I wishes.' The lush gardens you walk through have the same lines of age as the wrinkled sailor's face as the
sea has. Stones lined with fossils and shapes, compares to his weathered tan skin, longing to be young once again. His deep blue eyes the color of the sea, wishing that he had the lass so young and frisky. Be it young or old, one's paradise is nere told, slip away idle time, for your the villian and not mine.
Take your misery to the sea, and the years you so mock to me. Take away the pain from your heart, as the youth you love walks away and oh how it smarts.

And so now they both find, and with new knowledge themselves unwind, Rather a riddle of a kind, how could this thing be in this time?

Of two thoughts but one mind, In their own souls confined. Of separate body but hearts combined, A bonding of such that withstands time.
But at what will this cost, have they gained or is all lost, To come with spring's sun, only to fade with winter's frost. To see such a way is confusing, how could two such meandering paths cross.
This riddle is not for you or I to discern, for the concept is not of our concern. Merely let live what these two have earned, perhaps one day the lesson will be ours learned.

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