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Binding Leaf Books

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 1:38 am    Post subject: Binding Leaf Books Reply with quote

Note: All transactions must be rplayed out in character in the rooms, not on the message board.

Leather bound books

Books of History cost 200 gp

A Jabele Fools All

Baaton Settles in the Caverns

Bada Hammersmith Rises to God

Book of Missing Persons

Brenlan Swamp

Building of La`Ombre

Cakle's Adventures

Capturing the Underground City

Cynric's Development of Economy

Death and Tithes Building of Pyras Metros

Dragon Hunter's Demise

Eastern Transian Stories

Exodus Book of Deaths and Marriages

Gorthax Arrives in Exodus

Hada Relinquishes Key to Volkatis Shop

History of the Geographical Lands of Exodus Night

Honor Knight's Tome

How Volkantis Fell

Lily-Anne's Book of Torture

Lord Alexander Rise and Demise

Lord Eiss, Lands of the North

Lord Marlak Seeks the Temple

Lord Ryence Reigns

Necropriest the Dark Deliverance of Undead

Order of the Divine Seraphs Tome

Pirates of the Vermillion Sea

Self Proclaimed Prince of Demons

Sha`Rine and the Dragons

Spawn of Sudane

Story of the Gods

Story of the New Settlers

The Creation of Novalis

The Swamps Discovered

Novalis's Minion Shadow Dragons

Ecle`Red Underwater World

Prayer Books cost 200 gp

Prayer books based on each god's domain 500 gp Leather bound with gold leaf pages

Books of Skills and Professions ( You may deduct one hour off of physical role-play of a skill pertaining to these, BUT you must role-play studying) this skill with the book, counting as that hour. Cost 300 gp

Advanced Elemental Spells

Basic Book of Spells

Beginners Blacksmith Guide

Book of Runes

Books of Spells

Combat in Formation

Diagrams of Dance of Blades

Dual Weapon Technical book

Elemental Spells

Forest Druid's Links to the Trees

How to Survive in the Wilderness (Ranger)

Improving Your Evasion

Killing and Stealing, an Assassin's Guide

Learning to Fight in a Group (A knight's book)

Masts and Sails

Mechanics Made Easy

Mystery of the Covenant

Mysticality and Spells

Necromancer Spells

Runes of the Eighth Tower

Shamans Lore of the Ancient Clerics

Ship Diagrams

The Master's Guide to Martial Arts

The Mentalist Tome of Skills

The Sorceress's Tome

Prose and Novels cost 200 gp

Biography of Aran Volksunde/ done with prose

Blue Moon's Passions

Exodus Rose Romances

Indelibly Scarlet

Love Poems for Someone Special

Poems of Darkness

Poetry of the Two Suns

Saint Valentines for a Friend/Lover

Shadows and the Sun

The Sycamore Tree and ShadowWalker

Winter Night's Prose

Yuletide Cheer Poetry

Pet and Guide Books 100gp

Book of Mammals

Book of Birds

Book of Mythical Beings

Book of Sea Creatures

Lizard and Amphibian Reference

Insect hand guide

Hunting and Camping Guide

Guide to Fishing and Lure Making

Book of Jokes

Herbs and Nature

Mystical Stones

Snout's Book of Animal Adventures

BLank Books

Blank books with leather binding 80 gp

Cloth bound Diaries with flower insert, 70 gp

Leather bound Diaries, 80 gp

Books of Languages cost 100 gp





Children's Books cost 100 gp

Short stories for Children

Poems for Children

Fairytales of the Forest

Book of Dragon Tales

A Jabele Goes Wrong

Word Puzzles

Basic Book on How to Read

Cook Books cost 100 gp

Gorthax's Guide to Cooking

How to Dry Rations

Burnt is Not Beautiful

Wild Game Cooking

The Wine Cellar Guide

Alternative, No Meat Life Style

Seafood and Sauces

Breads and Flavored Butters
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