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Merry Met Stables

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 5:23 pm    Post subject: Merry Met Stables Reply with quote

Merry Met Stable

Merry Met Stables: Owner VelvetAngelLuve

All transactions are to be done IC in the rooms, not on the message boards.

Breeder/Manager: VelvetAngel about horses, and all breeds, Assistant Manager

Stable hands: Criteria in Merry Met Stables is to be clean, meticulous, and caring to the horses, Stable hand

Horse shoeing: Must have blacksmith skills
Leather crafter: for saddles and reins
Farmer: Provide Hay and grain

So It Came To Be... The Story of the Malakian

Lord-Malak flew across Exodus he spotted a glen within a ring of active volcanoes, upon this glen he found an odd thing... horses.. large, powerful looking horses.. the ones most warriors would covet and kill for.. roaming free in the wild... their galloping hooves sounding like the rising thunder of a fierce storm with fire on their hooves.

At the head of the herd, was a powerful sleek black horse with a crimson star upon it's head.. as Lord-Malak watched from his vantage point he noticed, this horses hooves burned of fire and scorched the ground under its wide gallop.. "Esra," looked to weigh about 600 lbs and was extremely agile.

As the herd moved into the glen, a gathering of shadow elves took up their positions.. trying to out-flank the herd.. and tried slaughtering these powerful creatures.

Many of the great horses died that day.. only 3 survived.. one being "Esra" who received most of the attack upon his body.. a single female named "Falling Comet"... and their Colt "Raven Heart."

Lord-Malak took it upon himself to guard these remaining horses and hide them in his volcanic home.. during that time of 100 years "Esra" and "Falling Comet" had a Brood of 25 Mares and 8 Stallions.... he shielded them from humanity, until he met VelvetAngelLuve.

On a special day he watched VelvetAngelLuve and her fiery spirit stand up to him, she had long dark hair blowing wildly in the wind, reminding him of Esra's dark mane. She would not back down, as she stood up to Lord-Malak that is the day he fell hopelessly in love with her. With all the love in his heart, he gave Velvet, "Esra II ".. to protect her on her long travels and to bring her swiftly back to his home.

"Esra " is the finest creation a deep black, and carries his fathers leader's crest upon his forehead his mane is pitch black, his coat is the darkest of Onyx colors and his hooves burn with a fire stronger than the heat of the volcano, he was born in. The Malakian breed is said to be double the endurance and speed than any other breed of horse. There are only a few of this breed in Merry Met Stables, each are heavily guarded and cared for, and never sold.

For one to own such a horse, the price would be an extraordinary amount, but more than a price they would have to show VelvetAngelLuve they are worthy of such a fine horse. Each of the Malakians, have seven stable hands to care for them as ordered by VelvetAngelLuve. The stables for the Malakians is off to one side of The Tower of Darkness where her son Novalis and she live, and separate from the rest of the stables. Only, a select few are ever to see them.

Albino 4000 gp
Appaloosa 2000 gp
Arabian 5000 gp
Belgian, Shires 3000 gp
Courser 2000 gp
Destrier 6000 gp
Draft 1000 gp
Palfry 3000 gp
Percheron 3000 gp
Rouncy 2000 gp
Shire 1000 gp
Holstein 2000 gp
Volkatis breed, only comes in silver and white withstands cold well 3000 gp

* Courser lighter built faster horse 3000 gp plus price of horse
* Tourney horse for combat and Melee 3000 plus price of horse
* Palfreys gentle horses of exceptionally smooth gaits, "amblers" 1000 gp plus price of horse
* Battle-horse Trained to wear a full set of armor to protect its vital parts during 4000 gp besides the price of horse combat.
* Destrier or battlehorse was often shod with nails protruding from
its shoes, used to be trample the enemy under foot 3000 gp Above the cost of the horse

Riding Tacks
Basic Bit 100 gp
Bridle Set/Bit 100 gp
Hackamore Bit 100 gp
Reins 50 gp
Silver bells for the bridle bit 100 gp
Horse Shoes 500 gp
Armor for horses:
Chamfron for the head 2000 gp
Crinet for the neck 2000 gp
Peytrel for the chest/body 3000 gp
Crupper for the hindquarters 3000 gp
Wood wagon 8000 gp

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