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Company Wars

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Author Message
David Keystone

Joined: 31 Jan 2008
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:37 am    Post subject: Company Wars Reply with quote

He was dressed in a black three piece suit which was a common fashion, yet appealing at the same time. It was a typical three piece except for the jacket, which was more of a trench coat then typical blazer jacket. Stepping along the floor, a clicking sound was being produced by the heals of his shinned black leather shoes, as strands of silver hair drifted in in front of crimson red eyes, which gazed down at the screen of an electronic pad as various contracts scrolled by for his review and approval. Employees he passed greeted him as he gave simple nods and "good mornings" in reply as his gaze remained fixed on the screen most of the time. Strong looking hands reached up, rubbing a narrow rounded chin for a moment. "Hrmmmmm," David exhaled slightly as he read over a recent report of new arrivals to the city. Each corporation was provided with information on such by Deante if requested.

Eventually he came up to the desk that rested just outside of the elevator that would take him up to the top floor of the building. Behind the desk sat a petite woman, dressed in a silk white shirt and black mini skirt. Long black hair was tied back into a bun as blue eyes gazed up at David as he approached as she simultaneously clicked at the holographic keys of a information terminal and spoke into the mic of a ear piece that rested comfortable into her right ear as she repeated continuously, "Phoenix Technology Corporations, Mr. Keystone is currently unavailable, please hold or try back later."

"Kristina, you are looking particularly ravishing this morning," David said as he gave his most winning smile, resting his forearm along the surface of his desk as he leaned into it, crossing one foot over the ankle of the other.

His secretary looked up at David with indifference for a moment before a motion, which still seemed gracefull despite how small and simple, was made with her hand. The motion eventually caused a small slit along the desk's surface to open as another electronical pad rose up from it. "You have two hundred and fifty-one messages so far and some gifts from the......... party you threw last night were delivered and sent to your office. Scans and inspections have shown nothing that is a threat. However, please tell your friends to send undergarments to your home from now on please......... sir," Kristina explained.

"Oh," David said as he grabbed the data pad, looking over the messages, "must have been the women had been modeling the new class of the Sky Marshel. Sorry."

"No need to apologize, just make sure it doesn't happen again. Remember, you have a 12:30 meeting with a miss Aiyanna and then a meeting at 3:00 with department heads to discuss production and new developments, so clear any 'visits' you may have during those times," Kristina then said.

"Right, thank you," David said with a smile, "take a note to remind me to increase your wages."

"You just did last week sir," Kristina said as she began clicking at the holographic keys once again.

"You deserve another one, I wouldn't get anything done around here if you were my right hand in organizing everything," David said as he stepped up to the elevator.

He first entered a ten digit code into the keypad to the right before pressing his his index and middle finger into a small scanner below the keypad. One took a sample of his skin while the other scanned his fingerprint before a green light appeared, indicating approval.

Then, leaning forward slightly, a laser quickly scanned over the retina of his right eye as a digital male voice then said, "Identification and password."

"David Keyston, owner and C.E.O. of Phoenix Technology Corporation. I.D. Code: 153360 Password: Ash," David responded.

"Accepted," the digital voice then replied before the elevators opened.

David slowly stepped into the elevator, standing at it's center as a series of scanners checked for weapons, electronic surveilance bugs and dangerous toxins. Everyone got this scan when they entered the elevator, there were no exceptions. "What do you think? Twenty percent raise okay with you?" David then said to Kristina as though they were about to haggle.

"It's your money sir, though I will not be sleeping with you again," Kristina replied.

"Awwwwwwww," David said, a faint look of dissapointment appearing on his face as the doors closed.

The elevator ride took all of about five seconds before the door opened up into a large open area of the top floor. There wasn't much inside David's office to take up a lot of space save for two things. A work lab in the southwest corner in which David worked on a variety of his own, personal projects. In the West corner not far from the lab was a fair sized living space, closed off by walls and a single door. Inside the space was a large bed, a closet holding changes of clothing and a shower and restroom. This space was mainly used for when David spent the night at the office, which happened often when he got caught up in one of his projects.

Lastly, in the north eastern area of the office, sat David's desk. The desk itself was the base of a petrified tree trunk over thirty feet wide, with single chair, it's back facing the northeastern corner. Absolutely nothing was altered in the appearence fo the trunk itself aside from a small half circle cut out where the chair sat, the lower section of the half circle cut in going in deeper to provide leg room. The rest of the office itself was merely open space. There was no decorations to speak of. No plants, no hanging paintings, no coffee tables or extra seats.

"Good morning, Eango," David said as he began making his way towards his desk.

"Voice print identification confirmed, good morning David," the same electronical voice at the elevator replied.

"Let a little light in if you would," David then said before the dark tint in the windows that took up close to seventy percent of the walls in David's office, the least of which was along the living space area, began lighten, letting more sunlight through. "Began scanning for anomolies and dimensional breaches. Look particularly over possible breaches in the forth dimension. I had a weird feeling when I woke up this morning and I'd like to make sure no one's doing something reckless in their pet projects."

"Affirmative," Enago replied. "Scans over the night up until your arrival have revealed several subtle frequencies commonly used in survielance equipement. Night vision, Ultra Violet, Motion Detection and normal Audio and Visual survielance has been used. Further scans reveal at least twenty individuals on top of nearby buildings."

"I see, have they been broadcasting this surveilance?" David asked as he set the data pads along his desk.

"Yes sir," Eango replied before a slow pause of silence passed before Eango once again spoke saying, "Sir, I am now detecting twenty different laser targeting frequencies incoming."

"Me?" David asked as he began moving towards the center of the room.

"No sir, the windows," Eango said.

Before David could reply, he heard several thumping sounds hitting the windows of his office. He looked windows casually as he spotted several black objects began hitting the outside surface, sticking to the windows themselves. "Ah. Eango, reinforce the living space, lab and desk. Download youself to Kristina's desk and inform Kristina of invasion. Activate safety laser grids for ground level traffic to prevent injury from falling debris and finally alert Deante of structural damage and fire. Let him know that Security Forces won't be necessary."

"Affirmative sir, good luck," Eango said before falling silent, a couple second laters, blast shields raised from the floor, covering David's lab, desk and living space.

A second after the shields had been raised, all of the black objects that had been plastering David's windows exploded, shattering all of the windows. Over twenty cables then shot up into the open windows, a spike at the end of these cables imbedding deeply into the cieling. Soon, three canistors shot into the window and began spraying out a large volume of smoke, enough to engulf the entire office despite the open wind blowing a lot of it out.

David simply released a sigh as he began slipping off his jacket. While he couldn't outright see them coming due to the smoke, he heard the motors of the ascension devices that carried the men up the cables that extended into his office, and he heard their feet impacting with the floor as they finally arrived. Finally, he heard that ineviablte command as one of them yelled out, "Fire!"

Several shots from both commen metal slugs, plasma and laser rifels rained in David's direction, filling the room with choas as men yelled, "Keep to one knee," and "Watch the crossfire," echoed in the room. The onslaught lasted for close to one full minute before men ran either out of ammunition or drained the power sources of their weapons. "Is the target down?" one of them yelled out.

"Negative," David said as the smoke finally cleared from the room, revelaing him still standing at it's center, his body surrounded by a silver like reflective metal surface. The metal surface finally began moving as they extended outward, revealing them to be two metallic wings, spanning out to a total of sixteen feet. "Which company sent you?" David then asked as all the armored men surrounding him stared at him in silent disbelief.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter," David said. "Battling all of you hand to hand would be a touch difficult. So, do all of you want to know a little secret?"

"Switch to melee weapons," their commander shouted.

"The people in my bloodline," David began explaining, "are different than others. When we're born, we subconsciously make a pact with dimensional beings for power while still in our mother's womb. The dimensional beings provide power in exchange for the ability to merge with our souls. Some of them feast, decreasing our lives, others do it from a simple curiosity. Fascinated in sharing experiencing the emotions of lesser beings. I had to invent a device to limit the amount of power it would otherwise constantly release."

"Prepare to move on the target, formation beta," the commander yelled out as all the men had withdrew their weapons.

"It's not a well known fact that sixth dimensional energies are exceedingly more powerful than those in our own third dimension. The only then preventing the energies of my soul partner from being released, is a little switch that is located in my body," David explained before smiling wide. "Guess what I just did?"

"Move, move, move!" the commander then shouted as all the men began running towards David.

"The dimensional being that I made a pact with before even being born, was the Phoenix, Hanoo. While only a small sample, this, is what I like to call, he Rebirth Effect," David said.

Then, before the men could even reach David, the entire office was instantly engulfed in intense flames, smokeless at first. It was bright, intense and beautiful. It's heat was so intense that people who walked along the streets close to a mile below, raised their arms and hands to shield their faces from the heat. When the flames had finally ceased after ten seconds, David's office was in ruin as everything was turned to ash, the blast shields covering parts of his office and the floor showing a fading red glow. The roof of David's office itself was unguarded and blown free from the building itself. Some pieces were incinerated instantly by the Rebirth Effect, other pieces began falling towards the street, destroied by the laser grid David had Eango activate.

David himself stood along the center of the room, his clothing now simply ash being blown free from his body as his wings came to rest at his back, revelaing that they had actually been surgically grafted to his skeleton and integrated with his nervous system, essentially becoming an extra set of limbs to his body. David himself had no burns over his body, and his bare feet were unharmed as well as he began moving across the hot floor, suggesting that his union with Hanoo made his body impervious to all forms of heat and fire.

David soon reached out to the blast wall covering his living space, oping a panel there by pushing in and sliding a piece of the wall down. Behind the panel was a key pad in which he entered another sequence of numbers before the blastwalls began to lower, revelaling the walls and door to the living space had been unharmed. When he stepped through the door, Kristina was standing there having come up from a secret elevator. She held another suit for him to change into. "Please contact Aiyanna and have her meat me at Alliestro's for a lunch meeting instead. Inform the department heads that the meeting will be pushed back to tomorrow morning first thing. Finally, contact the repairs crew and have them begin work on reconstruction of my office," David said as he began dressing himself.

"Agents are moving to retrieve what equipment your attackers may have left behind. Shall I have inquisitors look into who attacked you?" Kristina said, helping David with his shirt, her fingers gliding lightly along his bare shoulders, the touch reveiling a concern and hint of attraction despite her earlier statement about their physical relationship.

David shook his head slightly. "It won't matter in the long run as we wouldn't make any sort of counter attack against that company. However, the Rebirth Effect is costing me a lot of money in repairs. Perhaps I should look into a bodyguard?" David said with a smirk.
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David Keystone

Joined: 31 Jan 2008
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

On the outskirts of Lumen, a storm raged over the skies, turning a an early evening darkness even darker still. Thunder crashed across the sky, shaking the very ground enough that the people standing atop it felt it in the pits of their stomach. Lightning slammed down into the most available thing that attracted it, lighting as heavy rainfall began forming pools when the water could no long run in any direction. Of course, the city of Lumen was protected from any sort of damage that a storm could present by it's technology alone, but more importantly, they were protected by a different storm that had begun within the city as two men stood several paces away from each other in the middle of an open field, staring each other down.

Almost half a mile away, a lone female figure stood, surveying both of them as her eyes glowed lightly like a couple of fireflies in the darkness. The rain didn't hit her, as a clear field of sorts hovered a foot over her head, shifting with the direction heavy winds pushed the rain, as water cascaded and fell over it's edge all around her.

How motionless they stood and quiet they remained was almost terrifying in it's own right to her. A virtual calm before the storm was now brewing between them. The slender hand slowly reached up, tapping an earpiece hanging lightly along her left ear. "David, you know you could have just used one of your satellites for this. I don't understand why I have to be out here in this weather," the woman said, raising her the volume of her voice. She could barely hear it over the rains and thunders.

"You can follow their actions better than an overhead satellite Kristina my dear, and before you state it, hover drones would have eventually been struck by lightning or by one of the combatants," David replied. "Your eyes broadcasting and recording the event will tell a much better tale. I can see it now, clear as day. Well, clear as a torrential rainy day. Fortunately the filters make the lightning flashes only a minor problem. As always, you'll be compensated well for the recon work. Give me the intelligence you gathered on them again?"

Kristina simply sighed, these were the times she disliked being the personal assistant of David. Her eyes narrowed as her vision brought the two figures closer into view almost as if she were now standing only a few yards away, instead of a eight hundred. Another tap of the ear piece soon filtered out the sound of the rain and focused on the sound of the two men, if they had made any sound at all during that time. "Say please," Kristina simply said.

"Please, my beautiful desert tulip?" David replied.

A slow smile crossed her lips as he said that, despite her demeanor towards David most of the time, she did enjoy the charm he showed from time to time. "The one on the far right is Marcus Velestro. Originally born in a small town fifteen miles outside of Everto. He's been a head hunter in Lumen for about ten years. Six foot, three inches tall. Two hundred fifty-three pounds. Brown hair, green eyes. Distinguishing marks is a tattoo of a dragon on his left arm," Kristina explained, streams of data scrolling over her field of vision. "He has collected close to one hundred bounties in his career, often employing hand to hand combat, rather than using weapons of any kind. A good percentage of his bounties who struggled have been brought to authorities crippled. Those who didn't had either been severely beaten with a couple of fractured bones. Considered by many to be ruthless."

"So he enjoys inflicting pain. Not ideal, but not totally out of the question either. He certainly has the power to be a body guard," David said over the other end. "What of the other?"

"A virtual unknown," Kristina said. "He was reported to have entered the city over a month and a half ago, and has since been collecting one bounty after another. He's already completed close to thirty already. He goes by the name of Nevaul Kincade apparently. Six foot, five inches tall.......... this can't be right."

"What?" David said.

"According to the scanners, he appears to weight seven hundred fifty pounds," Kristina replied after a short pause.

"Could the ions generated in the storms atmosphere be sending you false scans?" David asked.

"I ran the scan twice and just ran a diagnostic on the device, there are no errors present," Kristina replied, "but his weight readout doesn't make sense, not for his height and build."

"We'll figure it out later my dear, continue," David said.

"Long jet black hair, sky blue eyes. Distinguishing marks," Kristina said before another flash of lightning illuminated Nevaul's and near perfect figure brightly, "absolutely gorgeous."

"Well, that's a black mark for him already," David said, "he's causing you to lust after him."

"I beg your pardon?" Kristina said quickly in a defensive tone.

"I'm monitoring your health readouts here. Heart rate, breathing, temperature, bodu chemistry. You so want him," David said, an amused tone in his voice.

"Keep it up Mr. Keystone and you'll find yourself having to answer a lot of phone calls," Kristina said sharply.

"Understood," David said calmly. "Though I will admit he is a handsome man. Anything else on him?"

"Also a hand to hand combatant, employing no weapons of any sort. Those who he has brought in were relatively unharmed though, stating that he simply touched them, and they fell unconscious," Kristina explained, "others claim that he caused them to faint simply by staring them down."

"Interesting," David said as there was a small pause over the communicator.

"What is it?" Kristina said.

"I have a theory, about both of them actually, but I'd prefer to keep it to myself until I've seen them in action. Are they still not moving?" David replied.

"They're just still trying staring each other down," Kristina said before waving her hand in front of her, a holographic keyboard appearing.

"I see, what else then on our mysterious hunter Mr. Kincade?" David said.

"Accessing the rumors nest over the city's database stats that a great many women in Lumen are working hard for his affection. There's apparently a separate section in the nest being made for date and marriage requests," Kristina said, "but that he politely refuses them all. Sir, a confidential tid bit for this man is being sold, but the price his high."

"How high?" David said.

"Two hundred thousand credits," Kristina said as he waved her hand in front of her.

"Well, this must be juicy then, buy it and have it sent to my personal data pad," David said

There was a slow pause as Kristina clicked away at the holographic keyboard, as a credit transfer was made, allowing access to the encrypted file that was up for sale. "Done sir, you should be receiving the information momentarily," Kristina said as her eyes still observed the two men in the middle of a rainy field.

A long pause was then heard over the earpiece as Kristina continued to click at the holographic keyboard, continuing to read over the rumors nest for information. "Now this IS interesting," David said, "apparently Luve is trying to clone him."

"For what purpose?" Kristina said.

"Who the hell knows with her, could be she just wants to screw around with the genetics of him, I won't jump to conclusions," David replied, "but still, if she has an interest in him, there's obviously more to him than meets the eye. What else did you find?"

"Apparently his main mode of transportation is a large cybernetically enhanced tiger, it is no where to be se........... oh," Kristina said.

"What is it?" David said.

"I found his pet," Kristina said as she looked down to the large tiger now laying along the ground beside her, making use of the field umbrella she employed to keep his head at least out of the rain. "Frack, it's head is as large as my upper body."

"Pretty kitty," David said on the other end, observing the feed, "some of the components revealed from your scans are from one of my sub-companies outside of Lumen."

The tiger just gave a long yawn, opening it's mouth wide as it appeared to pay no attention to Kristina herself, but observed it's master from afar. "What was that?" Kristina then said.

"What?" David said.

"Quiet, they're actually starting to talk," Kristina said.
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David Keystone

Joined: 31 Jan 2008
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"So, you're the one many of the bounties are claiming to be the new boogy man of Lumen," Marcus finally said after a crash of thunder shook the ground, "Nevaul Kincade. I heard rumors outside of what's to be found on the nest. I was wondering if it were true."

Nevaul stood silently across the field from Marcus, his eyes sharp, an expressionless look on his face. "Your ki is unpolished. Strong, but rough in nature. Who trained you?" Nevaul said, a curious tone in his voice.

"Ha," Marcus said as his arms fell to his sides, "so it is true. I never thought someone like me would come to Lumen."

Nevaul slowly raised his hand, shaking his head slightly. "Sorry, but we are not alike," Nevaul corrected. "I don't mean to sound vain when saying this, but your ki is too unpolished to be a match for me in this sort of contest."

"What the hell are they talking about," Kristina said, "what is ki?"

"Hrmm, never thought it actually existed," David said silently over the other end, "I'll explain later, but for now let's just listen."

"I'm barely getting a blip out of you boy, my ki is much larger than yours," Marcus replied to Nevaul as he gripped his fists and began exhaling slowly. Over a half mile away, Kristina could feel the hairs on the back of her neck begin to stand on end, though she chalked it up to the storm.

"You only sense my ki as it is now because I only choose to let you see this amount," Nevaul replied. "As I said, you are unpolished as you are now. Self taught?"

Marcus grunted, spitting to the ground for a moment. "You may have some intuition, it don't mean you're better than me," Marcus said, "and you've been taking away a lot of my bounties. It was the initial reason why I challenged you, but knowing what you are, it's just gotten more interesting."

"I must confess, I've been looking for some challenge in my travels," Nevaul replied, "but are you sure you wish to do this?"

"Absolutely," Marcus said taking a stance as he bent his knee's sightly and raised his hands in front of his face.

"Very well, but I can't fight you at full strength, else it will be over too quickly," Nevaul said as he took his own stance, his legs spreading out a bit and bending slightly at the knees as well. Though his hands spread out slightly and his hands were opened.

"Don't get cocky kid," Marcus yelled out as he rushed at Nevaul, closing the distance between them very quickly.

"And so it begins," David said over the com to Kristina, "Marcus appears to be pretty quick."

The initial flurry between the two wouldn't have been followed by normal eyes, point in fact, Kristina's cybernetically enhanced eyes had difficulty keeping up with all of the kicks, punches, parries and evasions that were thrown. "Yes, but how can someone the devices say weighs over seven hundred pounds move that quick?" Kristina then said of Nevaul, who was matching Marcus' speed.

"You're quicker than I initially percieved. Not too bad," Nevaul said as he pushed away strike after strike that was thrown at him.

"Gonna take me seriously now then?" Marcus said as he continued his attacks.

"No," Nevaul said as he sidestepped another attack, before throwing a kick at the back of his head, "but I did want you to feel you were doing good."

Marcus ducked quickly, avoiding the kick as he rolled forward back to his feet. A quick leap sent body twisting in the air. His foot swung in an arc over his head as he came bearing down towards Nevaul's head. "Don't look down on me punk!" Marcus screamed as his foot began to emit a reddish glow. Nevaul quickly leapt backwards, avoiding the strike as it came crashing down into the ground with enough force to send several pieces of debris flying in all directions.

"What the hell was that?" Kristina said, "Scans didn't reveal any tech in his boots."

"That's because there aren't?" David said.

"What?" Kristina said.

"Like I had said, I had only heard about ki in rumor," David explained, "but apparently it exists. Ki's like a energy people like them carry around inside of them, allowing them to perform a various number of feats that others can only do through technological means. That kick for instance, is akin to a strike by one of the kinetic hammers we manufacture."

"What, they're like you and the firebird?" Kristina asked.

"Not exactly," David said, "at least I don't think they've made any contracts with cosmic or dimensional entities. I think I would be able to sense that. No, this is something else entirely."

Marcus rushed forward once again, the red glow appearing in his fist this time as he threw a punch at Nevaul's face. Nevaul responded as he threw an open palmed thrust towards Marcus' fist, a light blue glow now emitting around his hand. When the two energies clashed together, a quick flash of light first appeared, like lightning had stuck between their two hands, then a booming sound as loud as the thunder that rocked the skies above.

A tremendous amount of force could then be felt as a continuous shockwave poured out from where their hands met, kicking up debris from the ground that now began to crack under their feet. Kristina sheilded her face as the shockwaves blew the heavy rains into her. The shockwaves themselves felt like heavier winds than the storm was conjuring, and she found herself having to anchor her feet to the ground to prevent from falling over.

"Are we having fun yet, punk?" Marcus said to Nevaul. "I see your ki isn't overpowering mine in this little contest."

Nevaul simply smirked before pulling his hand back and stepping to the side. Marcus' surprise was as obvious on his face as he suddenly stumbled forward, off balance from having put so much force into pushing Nevaul back. The second of surprise was all Nevaul needed as he buried his foot into Marcus' abdomen before bringing a quick strike down along the back of Marcus' neck right after. Marcus fell to the ground, grunting slightly as one hand began pushing himself up again, the other rubbing the back of his neck. "Why spend excess ki to overpower you when more conventional tactics are available?" Nevaul said as he stood there, waiting for Marcus to stand.

"The boy has some good skills," David said.

Kristina had no words to respond, having witnessed this type of battle for the first time left her in small awe and wonder of what these type of men were capable of.

"Tricky little bastard," Marcus said as he came to his feet, "let's see how you defend when I fight from a distance then."

Marcus' hands then began to emit a fierce red glow. Before long, balls of red light about the size of baseballs appeared in his hand. Shifting from side to side, he began throwing this balls of light at Nevaul, who proceeded to dodge them, back stepping away from Marcus. As each ball of light impacted with the ground, they exploded with the same force three concussion grenades would have, leaving small craters in their wake.

"David, what am I witnessing here," Kristina said before noticing that the large tiger slowly began to rise to it's feet.

"Unimportant," David said, "what is that the zoom level on your optics is reducing, are they getting closer to you?"

By the time Kristina looked back to the battle, she noticed Marcus with a hand drawn back, red ball of light in hand, a mere fifty yards away now. "I hear you like to defend women, punk. Defend her then!" Marcus screamed before throwing the ball of light directly towards Kristina.

A quick gasp was then taken as things almost seemed to happen in slow motion for Kristina. The ball of light rushing towards her. The amused look on Marcus' face. The sound of David screaming her name in worry on the other end of the communicator. The tiger suddenly leaping to the side with a roar of annoyance. She knew if she was hit by this strange power, that she would die, yet fear itself kept her frozen in place, only allowing her a short scream as her eyes slammed shut.

The thunderous explosion rattled her body as she could even feel her teeth vibrate. Her ears rang for a short moment, deafening everything else around her. Then, as the sound of rain and David asking if she was alright slowly began to ring into her ears once again, she found that she had no feeling of pain what-so-ever in her body. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw Nevaul's tall figure standing in front of her. His right hand and arm were extended in front of him as steam rose up from it. Directly in front of up, Marcus stood with a sadistic grin on his face as he stared directly into her eyes. "Thanks for the help with distracting him toots, I'll shag you right proper just as soon as he falls," Marcus began saying before looking to Nevaul. "See what you get for not taking me seriously punk?"

"Scum!" Nevaul suddenly said, anger in his voice. Another shockwave of force suddenly shot out from Nevaul's body, knocking Marcus back through the air.

Marcus landed along his back, rolling instinctively as he came to his feet again, surprise on his face as the two attacks that Nevaul had taken didn't bring him to near unconsciousness. Nevaul stood up strait in front of Kristina and began unbuckling the upper part of his white leather trench.

"You want me at full strength, you've now got it," Nevaul said before the upper part of his leather trench dropped, revealing a metal vest underneath.

"I see," David said suddenly over the communicator.

"What is that?" Kristina whispered into the communicator to David as Nevaul dropped the vest to the ground to reveal the front of it had circuitry woven into the inside.

"A gravity manipulator. Though the name is sort of misinterpretation of what the device actually does. After all, it doesn't manipulate gravity itself, but the magnetic fields of the land itself," David explained. "It repels heavy objects it's attached to in order to make them lighter for transport when vehicles aren't available, or makes them substantially heavier when an object can't be anchored into the ground for bad weather. It's why your scanners were reading him as weighing seven hundred and fifty pounds. It looks like he used the device to increase his own body weight by three times normal."

"Why would he do such a thing?" Kristina said.

"Theory, but let's watch and see," David said.

"Just remember, you asked for this," Nevaul said as he exhaled out slowly, a blue glow emitting all over his body.

"What the hell?" Kristina said, grunting slightly.

"What is it?" David said.

"I don't know, it feels like there's........ a pressure, weighing down my whole body. It's hard to move. I can't even close my fist entirely. It's even hard to breath," Kristina said as she looked up to see the well defined back of Nevaul still standing there in front of her. Her vision slowly began to get blurry. "It's him. He's doing this."

Then the feeling slowly disappeared as Nevaul began to step forward towards Marcus who now had a look of fear on his face as he began to step away. "Frack, you do have a large amount of ki in you boy," Marcus yelled, "but it ain't gonna make me faint like the bitch is about to."

"Shhhhhhhhhh," Nevaul said as he continued to move toward's Marcus, "if you continue to run your mouth, you'll miss it."

"Miss what, punk?" Marcus said.

Then, as Mucus blinked, an action that took only a fraction of a second, he suddenly found Nevaul standing directly in front of him, having closed the distance of twenty yards between them.

"What the hell?" Kristina said, being unable to follow the speed.

"Holy shit," David said rather uncharacteristically of his normal speech. "I'm going to have to play that back in slow motion."

Marcus then looked down to see Nevaul's hand was a mere inch away from his chest, and glowing brightly. "Me kicking your ass," Nevaul then whispered into Marcus' ear before pressing the light into Marcus' chest.

Another bright light flashed and thunderous boom echoed before Marcus was sent flying back once again, only this time he didn't roll back to his feet. Rather, Marcus' body tore up the ground, leaving a long trail of dug up earth that rains began to fill. When he finally stopped, Marcus remained motionless for a moment, before weakly pushing himself off the ground with gasps and heavy coughs, one of which produced a large volume of blood to be exhaled from his mouth.

When Marcus looked up, he noticed that his vision was beginning to blue and strength was slowly fading from his body. "So it's true," Marcus said weakly, but loudly enough that Nevaul could hear him, "you are the number one disciple of the Five Masters of Natura."

"The what?" Kristina said in simple curiosity.

"The what?" David said at the same time with more of a need for confirmation in his voice.

"Yes," Nevaul said as he held one hand over the other, palms facing each other, in front of him. Soon, what appeared to be streaks of electricity began to arc between his hands. Slowly at first, but building in frequency. The arcs also began dancing in the open space between his arms and body, his legs and the ground. "You like flashy, correct?"

Marcus simply smiled, blood still pouring from his mouth as he looked to Nevaul. "Better do it before my heart explodes, I'd rather go with a bang," Marcus replied, finding only enough energy to now run in a bluffing charge at Nevaul.

"You could have been more," Nevaul said before exhaling with almost a growl in his voice as the arcs of blue light now danced all over his body and a blue ball of energy began to form between his hands.

"That's not electricty," Kristina said, now having fully recovered from the weird pressure she had felt earlier.

"Indeed, the scanners don't even know what the hell it is," David replied.

"So what is it?" Kristina said, feeling David had at least another theory.

"In my opinion, pure ki being channeled right from this gentelman's body," David said, "I wouldn't be adverse to the idea of you taking a couple of steps back."

By the time the ball had grown enough that it was almost touching Nevaul's hands, Nevaul shoved both of his hands forward, the ball suddenly rushing forward towards Marcus, who charged at Nevaul with reckless abandon. The ball of light continued to arc streaks of blue light, almost making it look like ball lightning, but on a much grander scale.

When the ball of light eventually connected with Marcus' body, there was no sound at first as usual. Just another bright flash of light, brighter than all the others that proceeded it. Then came the sound of an explosion, as though a missile had impacted with the ground yards away from them. The kinetic energy felt through the shake of the ground and shockwave of air were similar to the destructive power of a missile as well as Kristina this time was knocked to the ground, Nevaul himself having to anchor himself in place.

When the debris had finally settled and the rain began falling in the area once again, a twenty food wide, four foot deep crater was left in the wake of Nevaul's attack. Marcus' body itself, left in more than a few pieces.

"What the hell is he?" Kristina whispered to David, looking at Nevaul as he slowly turned and began approaching her.

"Offer him the invitation," David said.
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