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Tanis's vanishing final part

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:49 am    Post subject: Tanis's vanishing final part Reply with quote

It has now been a year...or maybe 2 years, perhaps even more since the half-elf was last seen upon the Exodusian plain. Who has counted time since the day he had vanished? In any case, upon this morning, the Templar Magi returns! How does one return through a portal closed forever from the vastness of space and time where he dissapeared to? Well, it begins by the muerder mystery pool bubbling. Churning and boiling, it finally geysers upwards and catapults the half-elf quite a bit into the air before he tumbles down to the ground.

His reflexes still quick, the Templar Magi balls himself while mid-air and once hitting the earth, he rolls for a good distance before stopping. Pushing himself back upwards with the palms of his hands, he narrows his emerald eyes at what is in front of him once his booted feet and body are upright.

"Welcome back, Tanthalus Leth Gunthar."

The half-elf bows, "Aye, I am back. Ready to return to action and figure out jes what I have missed."

The monk nods, "How is your memory? Have you been able to consolidate your mental capacities again?"

Nodding, Tanis smiles. "My others personas have been locked back to where they need to be. I feel as if I was before this whole time space rip began."

"How are your feelings of the past few years with family, since the other incident that wiped your memory?"

Tanis rubs his chin, "The memories are intact, though to be truthful, my feelings have changed. I'm not the same person as I have been over the past few years, being closer to that of who I used to be but still not quite the same....if that makes any sense." He smooths out his robes, and adjusts his belt a bit. "I had pretty much feared this going in, but knew it needed done. I plan on being there for my children, but I think I can nay be the man Angel knows....and think it best to not try. Hopefully she has moved on, and will allow me to do the same."

The monk smiles, "You are blessed of the pantheon of light, and I think your family knows of your importance to the world as a whole and will understand." Moving to leave, he takes once last glance at Tanis before saluting. "Enjoy your newfound sanity to become the insane half-elf you once were and shall continue to be." With that said, the monk turns once again and vanishes after walking a few steps.

Finally the half-elf is back, with only a few hurdles left to jump before his mind can be fully at peace. Closing his eyes, he murmers a few words and lifts a hand skyward. His hand glows with a holy light, eyes opening again. Smiling, he murmers. "I've missed this feeling...yer not going to have the same mistakes again now half-elf..." After waving his hand to extinguish the light, he walks opposite the direction the monk had and vanishes himself into the arcane arts of teleportation towards home.
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