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A Long and Costly War (The Uprising)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:51 pm    Post subject: A Long and Costly War (The Uprising) Reply with quote

The Baaton ships have been captured, and soldiers slain for stealing ships on the Asin Ocean side. Aiyanna's troops along with the general populace siding with the Seraphs and Honor Knights have kept safe watch over the Asin docks.

On the Vermillion side, where the Baaton claimed the docks as their own. Many spies have kept an eye on them to see if the importing and exporting are to the usual standards. Their fleets have slimmed in numbers and many soldiers are out to war. This is the perfect time to gain some control of the Vermillion docks making it not Baaton controlled but open for all to use.

VelvetLuve has ordered her men to divide in three groups. One group was sent to the dread Island never to return, or to tell horrifying tales before their eyes closed in death.

The second legion of the Baaton were sent to take over the Western Forest and enslave the animals and kill off as many elves that tried to protect the lands. This war all began in the Western Transian when VelvetAngel built Safe Haven for her goddess Phonobele. The sovereign VelvetLuve knew that a safe haven where no magic, or harm could come to anyone could be threatening to her plans on overtaking the world.

The third legion of the Baaton was sent to take over as many areas of the world as possible. Their makeshift barracks on Lily-Anne's property in her absence has finally been spotted and watched.

Even with Baad building over the barracks, spies have found or crushed out of the Baaton soldiers where they are being housed and cared for.

There are rumors, of VelvetLuve sending out the demon dogs to find an orb from the past. One that Aiyanna had hidden away. Luve's strength in her armies are weakening from being stretched otu in so many directions.

So much for greed.

The elf that took on a familiar look reminding some of a person they knew, and capturing one of the shapeshifter Baatons sent into the forest has told them to beware of the Hand of Phonobele. Some think he is closer than most suspect to Phonobele.

The Baaton weaken daily, Luve and Novalis spend hours planning strategies, and VelvetAngel tends over SafeHaven in the meantime.
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