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Something stirs.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:36 pm    Post subject: Something stirs. Reply with quote

Something stirs in the shadows around L'Ombre. This something could be a someone, but a someone it is not. It's a something. Something that used to be a someone. Someone who was both bad but had good intentions. Someone who was good but had bad intentions.

Someone who wasn't ready to die but was killed anyways. Someone who wasn't ready to leave this world but was banished nonetheless.

But whoever said banishment was permanent? It's the good thing about being a ghost. Being already dead but still in the world for one reason or another meant nothing except the fact that you can not die.

So banished he was, as was the agreement between Gemini and himself. Banished from the world. But a time limit was not set. Gemini never mentioned for all eternity. Upon falling to the spells and weapons of Gemini, this someone met with an angel speaking for his god: Newtrom.

"Soraine Jakobey Jepone," the dark angel said to him upon his banishment. "You've taken the name of Newtrom, told others of your devotion to him."

Jakobey frowned a little. The angel in front of him was dark-skinned with black wings. The angel's feathers had small holes in them, as if they were worn and old.

"NEWTROM IS THE GOD OF JUDGEMENT!" he shouted, his wings flaring up.

The shouting caused Jakobey to take a step backwards. Suddenly, an axe appeared in the angel's right hand. Chains shot forth from the axe and wrapped themselves around the angels arm.

"You, Soraine," the angel said, taking a step forward. "You should be sentenced to eternal damnation!" The angel lifted the axe and slammed it into the ground. Electricity sparked from it, grazing Jakobey's cheek and singing it.

"But Newtrom is not done with you. No, he's not done with you at all. When you died he sent you back as a ghost. He wasn't ready for you to leave the world."

Jakobey just listened. He tried to speak but nothing would come from his throat except gasping sounds as if he were running out of breath.

"But you were foolish! You tried to battle one who you -knew- you couldn't defeat. You should have KNOWN you would lose. But did that stop you?" He lifted the axe again and slammed it into the ground. Another bolt of electricity shot forth towards Jakobey.

He moved just in time. "NO! It did not!" the angel shouted. "When you fell it was Newtrom's job to banish you from the world. So he grabbed you, pulled you here. And in just over two years you're going to return."

The angel smiled, and lifted the axe again. When it was pulled above the angel's head it disappeared.

"When you return you will live life as you did before but you WILL NOT BE FOOLISH!" the angel finished the sentence with shouting. "Because if you are... If you die before your time has come - before Newtrom has finished with you - you'll face damnation you never thought possible."

The angel raised his arms and chains came from the ground Jakobey stood on. The wrapped themselves around Jakobey's ankles and held him in place while he squirmed. He still could not talk, couldn't make the slightest peep.

"Two years," the angel said. "Maybe a little longer." More chains came forth and pulled Jakobey to the ground, holding him still. "You shall not move for two years and when you return to the place you fell, you will not remember this. You will only remember one thing - Newtrom is watching you, Soraine Jakobey Jepone."
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