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Changes to the St James home

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:34 am    Post subject: Changes to the St James home Reply with quote

The estate that once belonged Lily-Anne no longer is what it once was after Baad made himself at home and was told by the Sovergin to make it base for training but also ordered make look out points Baad desided it will be more of a fortress rather simple estate with look out points. During the day the men trained their bodies by doing work lifting wood and stone building it while Baad remained inside where it was cool consulting with the magic users and few knights in his Legion to give him advice when asked to make this place more challenge get into Baad knew that if it came to war and this became a front for a battle he will not lose this place or the battle without making the sand red with blood. At Night he was outside once it was cool helping those not training build.

Now more than a week passed the construction was done the area around Estate was a fort with four tower points for look out where gaurds best eyes and ears kept look out the walls made of stone with a gate made of wood with crimson banners on either side the gate the Estate can not be seen easly behind the walls Baad made sure no spys can see them training and sneek into the estate listen in on Baad as what his plans are while he waited on his Sovergin to pass him orders.

Standing at the window dressed his usual attire only no mask after all VelvetLuve was not present so he can be free of his mask to let the cool air wash on his face the soilders and necromancers did not flince however the servents that use to work for Lily-Anne was not so strong in the stomach and try to avoid him much as possable espicly when he ate . "I want you anmate corpses and have them hiddencall it a exposbel line of defense" Baad had orders placed to Body Canvus to have bodies ready use for the necromancers make use of however NIcholas`Asaebond not the one dilvering them though the Undertaker seem not intrested anything the Baaton, Honor Knights and Searphs did Baad was not so trusting maybe Luve was rubbing off on him far as who to trust and not to trust. The bodies was picked up by men dressed common cloths who was Baaton members Baad did not want be so obvioues and stick out like sore thumb. All that remain now was to train the soilders that came and take care of supplies robes figgered men came to give the soilders for armor and weapons Baad kept his usual training methods and style for himself but when he had spare time he studied the basement tortuer chamber that he remberes so well only the memories was not plesent infact they made him botter and hate former owner of the estate. "Maybe one day it is I will ruin your body Anne and we shall hear you scream out in agony and whither in pain." That he hope to one day see for now he placed his personal goals and feelings aside he returnned upstairs to go outside to train the men.
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