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Poem to all by Indrix

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 1:57 pm    Post subject: Poem to all by Indrix Reply with quote

I wanted to write something new today,
About things and lands so far away,
But came to mind per se,
So it is these things I will say.

My job is not one I find full of fun,
Mainly annoying tasks and sand and sun,
Long hours that tire you when they are done,
And how I so detest to run.

But no matter how bad the day may go,
There is a secret that I know,
That allows me happiness to show,
And to put it to words, here I go.

No matter how the body may tire and feel sore,
Or how I miss getting slushies at the store,
Whatever is put on me I can always bear more,
For just around the turn lies the Exodus shores.

Been here for so long it seems,
That perhaps this world is the dream.
For when a wolf with armor's sheen,
I can always find a friend on which to lean.

You listen to my rambles and my rants,
Tell me I can when i swear I can't,
Right the world when it seems to slant,
With so much turmoil, provide soil for my roots to

For here is where friends and family roam,
No matter where I am a home's a home.
And the desert does not seem to cast it's dusty dome,
Any time I have chance to read the tome.

And I can always seem to bear the weather,
A little RP can always make things better,
Let of the stress of things not being wetter,
I am sorry, the only thing that rhymes is sweater.

And so as I once again picked up my pen,
Sitting in the desert, I thought of a forest den,
And of a wolf so lucky as to befriend,
People like you, and this is the

SilverDragonsRose- wherever you vanished to.
Aiy and Sky-child
And everyone else. Don't think I forgot anyone. It's just too long a list
The most beautiful picture is the one painted with words!
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