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Free Form Role Play Suggestions

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:48 pm    Post subject: Free Form Role Play Suggestions Reply with quote

These are suggestions for levels... since your character's levels remain.
TempestSC has listed these below. Use what you want, create what you want, remember to use your imagination, and free form role-play is to be respected, no god moding. Most of all have fun, be creative, and enter this new realm.

Level 1 Ranged Weapons:
Glock 9mm (The most standard and reliable of semi-automatic handguns, it houses a larger clip capacity than most other guns and will still fire despite various environmental difficulties such as frost, water, even sand and earth)

.44 Magnum (While supporting a lower cartridge capacity as a revolver, this also adds the insurance of never having a jam while firing rapidly. The .44 slug, while having the slowest rate of travel out of any handgun ammo, still has massive stopping power due to it's size, and often comes in hollow points, fragmenting on impact offering extra damage)

Level 2 Ranged Weapons:
.50 Desert Eagle (Most often considered the best handgun when it comes to stopping power, the .50 caliber ammunition is larger than the .44, travels faster, also comes in hollow point, and is capable of knocking down even the heaviest of people or tearing away the smaller limbs like hands and feet. The draw back, like with many other ammo, is that even with the power behind this weapon, it can be stopped by many of the body armors out there)

Heckler & Koch UMP (Eventually used to replace the MP1 for added stopping power, this 9mm sub-machine gun sports a larger clip and has a high rate a fire but is still compact and thus practically used for rapid fire in close ranged combat that other automatic rifles don't offer)

Level 3 Ranged Weapons:
Semi-Automatic Shot Gun (While offering a higher rate of fire than the standard pump action, this shot gun will have a chance to jam up every now and then, but when it comes to stopping power at mid to close range, there is no better gun. Standard ammunition include both buck shot and deer slug)

Semi-Automatic Plasma Handgun (Only coming in second to laser weaponry in terms of damage, Plasma weaponry offers more shots per battery clip as well as doesn't have the disadvantage of being reflected by certain mirror reflective armors)

M14 Carbine (While having a smaller Range than the M16, the Carbine has a higher accuracy in fully automatic fire and is more reliable against weapon jams)

Level 4 Ranged Weapons:
The Barrett M82A1 -M107 .50 BMG (The worlds most powerful sniper rifle has only been beat out by the laser rifle itself. The weapons itself fires a .50 high caliber round, powerful enough to decapitate their targets provided the sniper him/herself is a good enough shot. This weapon also makes it more difficult to track the sniper, having only sound as a tracking point from it's range of fire if there are multiple targets)

Semi-Automatic Laser Handgun (Considered to be the most lethal handgun in the world now, this gun, like the plasma hand gun, was outlawed for use outside of the military due to the impossibility to tracing the victims of it's fire to the specific hand gun in question. The reason for this is that the weapon itself can be adjusted in terms of how hot the laser itself will burn, ranging from a heat that will simply stun a target to it's hottest setting which would downright burn a hole through even the hardest of surfaces. The only drawbacks to the laser handgun is that the number of shots fired will be limited to the damage intensity that it is set for as well, some armors have been made with specially coated reflective surfaces that allow it to harmlessly reflect shots from laser fire)

Fully Automatic Plasma Rifle (Offering a larger rate of fire and slightly higher damage output than it's handgun counterpart, the Fully Automatic Plasma rifle allows more shots per batter than the laser rifle, and is more damaging than the laser handgun)

Level 5 Ranged Weapons
Chain Gun (Often referred to as the mini-gun or lawnmower, the chain gun offers the highest rate of fire over any gun out there, firing over 3,000 rounds a minute, and is capable of tearing through anything in it's path of fire save for the strongest of armors. It also takes a strong individual to carry this weapon and it's ammo around. The drawback, however, is not only it's size, but has a pension for overheating if attempting to discharge an entire ammo box at once. If it overheats, the weapon won't only jam, but will likely be irrepairably damage in the field, and will have to be taken to a shop for repairs)

Fully Automatic Laser Rifle (Offering a longer range before disspitation and higher damage output than it's handgun counterpart, the laser rifle can also be fitted with a scope and used as a laser rifle. It's shots are sent at the speed of light, practically hitting a target almost instantly, making it extremely difficult to evade. Like the handgun, however, the number of shots it can fire is limited depending on it's damage output and the excessive energy need to fire such high temperature shots, as well as it's damage is still highly resisted by specially coated mirror surfaced armors, though such armor is not totally resistant to the laser rifle shots)

Rocekt Launchers/RPGs (Firing highly explosive rounds, these weapons carry the most bang in a single shot, capable of destroying vehicles and buildings. The downside is that it is not ideal for single targets due to there only being one shot before a need to reload)
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