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Slips of the keyboard happen when late night RP ensues

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Nevaul Kincade

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 4:30 am    Post subject: Slips of the keyboard happen when late night RP ensues Reply with quote

* Nevaul`Kincade shrugged, slowly stripping off his clothing, layer by layer. Eventually, he was in nothing but his boots and accessories such as the ring, bracelet and armbad. Picking up his pile of cloths he carried them up the stairs of the tavern. "I'll just let these soak so the stains don't set," Nevaul said before slipping behind a closed door for a moment, coming back out a moment after, still nude <next>
<Nevaul`Kincade> <cont> before resuming his place next to Liza at the bar. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, brisk." <done>

* Malina nods to Hiei "Aye forever knowing one day ye will return" smiles softly as her crystal blue eyes gaze into Hiei's red ones and thinks of a date they are to marry.

* Illiana nods slowly "Will do." she watched as he walked away. She would probably fill Xar in on this little talk. Just to warn him. Of course how could Jakobey know that she had Xar staying on the top floor of the tower to keep her company. She bit at her lower lip then chuckles to herself.

* Malina blinks as she noticed Nevaul out of the corner of her eye then turn completing faceing him as she gasps stareing never haven seen a nakid man before, her mouth agaped not able to turn away.

<Hiei`Darkstar> Hiei took hold Malinas head and slowly try turn her head away Hey if I have behave means you too only nude body you are allowed look at is mine He wasnt angery but he was bringing up the boundries she put in place for him he may as well add one for himself here he is trying not wacth Illiana dance and Malina was staring at Nevaul doing it puplic to try impress Liza he would assume

* Nevaul`Kincade looks across the room at Malina for a moment, quirking a brow, a moment later his pectoral muscles would begin twitching in sync with a tune as he sang, ~Daaaaaaaaa, da, da, da, da, daaaaaaa, daaa, daaa~

* Illiana had been to careful watching Jakobey that she didn't notice the nude man until he came back down the stairs. One auburn brow lifted before she blinked rather quickly. She too had never seen a man naked. If she had in her past it was gone from her memory. Those baby blues just seemed to follow his movements. She too couldn't seem to take her eyes off the bare man that was now making his penis <-The night
<Illiana> is darkest-> twitch.. <-before dawn

* Liza`Breth laughed, he did it on a dare. Well it did show he was full of adventure or exhausted and weary. She had to laugh seeing his brazen ways and kidded him looking down. "Yes it is a bit cold isn't it." Acting was her favorite thing to do and she got up and walked around the tavern. Too bad he soaked his clothes, her intentions was to take off with them but he beat her to the draw. Seeing ->
<Liza`Breth> <- Malina's face made her laugh. <>
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