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a report from Baad

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PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 6:39 am    Post subject: a report from Baad Reply with quote

After having banaged his shoulder and his upper torso Baad wrote the following report for VelvetLuve to read when she first recive and read it.

My Sovergin I have something I feel must be brought to your attetion. As I was transporting the prisonner (Illiana) she tried to escape injuring me and when we was serching for her a Deldite and two Human monks appeared and interfierd in retiving the prisoneer as I and other Knights near our goal Jim suddenly returned using magicc on not only three men interfied but myself the Knights aiding in recovery.

I have not once try speak insults of members but when someone in Lord-J-McBeth postion use magics on his own comrads not of healing magic and push a fellow member the Baaton councel I feel they are not worthy of their titel nor show much respect to his own brothers and sisters in arms with a ranking blinding his judgment.

I realize as this may upset you I apolgize in advance and if you wish to punishme for my words as you did when I joined I accept it but if anyone hears of the Genral pushing the Grand Lord of the order it may show the other members and none Baaton signs of conflict and weakness among its leaders the issue must be resolved before whispers reach the likes of the Searphs and Honor Knights.

After all the confertation I am injuered and must recover if you wish me return duety before I recover completly I shall do as you wish but I only expressed my thoughts and concerns was more importance


The Grand Lord of the Order

Baad then stamped it with a seal of the order he made the trip to Novalis Tower but since he was not invited in or summoned he gave a shadow gaurd the report and said "For the Sovergin give this to her soon as possabel."

Baad remount his horse closing his eyes as pain corsed through his body the ride back to his manner on top of the sembyrn falls was slower so not push his body or the horse any further both equaly tired and Baads case in pain
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