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Sahyber Cadence

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:04 pm    Post subject: Enchantment Reply with quote

Once upon a time there was a prince from an exotic land. He had every thing a prince could want. A palace. A slave. Lands. Wealth. But something was missing from his life. He wanted laughter, and a love, to share things in his heart with. He looked at his slave a moment. She was indeed beautiful, yet he felt a bit sad for her because he did not love her. She tried hard to please him but it was to no avail.

In another land, across the vastness of the sea, there was a princess who was being made to learn music, dance, proper education. All the while though, her eyes would look to the window and she would day dream. What would it be like to sail across the ocean? See the world?

Word soon arrived to the father of the princes, by the other king's own heralds. They proclaimed that invitation was extended to attend the festival of stories, poetry, music and celebration in a foreign land.

After a lengthy travel they arrived. The prince, while riding his black stallion paused at the highest of hills and viewed the incoming ships with a twinkle in his green eyes. He urged his mount to run fast as the wind - its hooves thundering over the ground flinging black dirt in their wake!

The princess was prone to bouts of imp-dom and would dress like one of the serving girls and slip out to go look around. She would find herself in the market looking over apples. Her adept hand moved to pick up an apple at the same time a man did. Green eyes met vivid violet eyes and locked. He cant his head and nodded "Forgive me" he spoke in an accenting of speech. "Does your lady know you are about on your own?" He asked of her curiously.

She looked about a moment then placed the apple back, but he bought a small bag of them and smiled. "Come let us walk and speak, if that pleases you." She nodded and admittedly she was rather intrigued by the man. "I have not seen you before. This village is small and I know everyone in it. What is your name?" She paused as she darted those vivid eyes about once more.

She parted her lips and spoke softly, "I am Alana" she fibbed. He seemed pleased and walked slowly. Reaching a fountain he pulled an apple from the bag and held it under the sprinkling of water to rinse it off. His eyes never left her face and she became nervous under his intense gaze. He had never seen eyes the color of hers. Finally, he held the apple out to her. "Here." She watched the water droplets fall over his fingertips and her eyes watched his face start to smile.

She reached for the lush fruit, and their fingers touched and the man swore he felt the surge of lightning course up his arm. She too, in turn and like measure felt an intensity she had not felt before.

For many days, she would meet him in the market, they would walk and talk and share stories. He became enchanted with her.

Late one evening, thunder sounded in the distance and lightning crackled over the ink black sky. Rain fell and the scent of it wafted through the vastness of the palace and the girl's mother came to her and she said "My sweet child...your father and I wish to present you to the Prince..." The princess became upset as she thought she was falling for the man in the marketplace. She knew that eventually it would have to end for their stations in life were so vastly different.

The next day she did not go to the market ....nor the next.

Disappointedly, the man stood on the docks watching one of the ships sail thinking her to be on that ship. Departing with her lady.

On the third night the girl was dressed in the most elegant of gowns and her head and face were veiled. They were to attend the celebration of the arts and hear poetry, stories and music. She sat there mutely, petite hands, folded in her lap. The prince sat across from her veiled as were customary - they were not to see one another's face.

King Simon asked of the princess if she would delight them with a story. She looked to her mother a moment - her mother nodded acquiesce and smiled urging her to stand. She did and curtsied deeply.

Upon rising she did not speak the story - she sang it. She lifted her pure, melodic, voice up and spoke of the beginning of the world. When humans were born in pairs - connected. They had two heads, four arms, four legs and wings to each back. One heart she sang...one soul.

The many gods and goddesses in the heavens thought the humans a foolish creation. They had no challenge, no obstacles to overcome. After a lengthy debate it was so decreed in the lands that the humans would be separated. They would each have one head. Two arms. Two legs.

They took the wings away. "How sad but true," she sang on.

But the goddess of love said "let them each have 1/2 of the heart so they may feel and love." and it was so. The god of light said"Let them each have 1/2 of a soul so they may long for the other half always"

But the god of jealousy and envy added one more curse to the humans. "Let them be placed on opposite ends of the world and let us see then if they will find their way back to one another.

The princess ended the song saying that such was the fall of love - to find your soul mate who has the other half of your heart - after a long search ....far and near... and the other half of your soul for when you are with them - you will not need then your wings...for you will feel so joyful.

She curtsied after she was done. The prince stood applauding loudly as he had the look of true enchantment written over his face - could anyone see his face ....yet his parents....they gave one another a knowing look as they had not seen him -this- illuminated in a long while.

Marriages were arranged in those days.

Soon the banns were posted and the hustle about the castle increased, and lo and behold the day came for her wedding. She had on a gown that would rival any queen's. Its very train was many lengths of material. Fresh flowers were in her hands and as her mother placed a crown-like tiara on her head, the princess wept.

"Are you afraid my child?" She asked tenderly as she tried to hide a smile as she remembered her own wedding day. "No mother...there was someone ..." The mother interrupted her and nodded "I had a secret love once...when I was very young...but you are not just any girl you are the princess of our kingdom...you will never forget him...but this marriage is not just for your kingdom, it safely nets our two worlds."

The princess inhaled and exhaled as her mother pinned in the long veil and covered her face. She smiled again in the way only a mother can. With pride, love and hope for her daughter, and the prayer that she is doing the right thing by her. "Love will come...slowly and carefully to you. "

The most enchanting of songs was played on flute as she began the long walk to the altar. Everything seemed to be a blur for her and unbeknownst to her the Prince was trembling with nervous fear as well.

Finally, the vows spoken, words and utterances of devotion, loyalty and a life together, they are directed to turn, face one another and they are asked to lift one another's veil's and gaze upon their new life with an open heart and a free spirit - doves were released into the echoing cathedral and as they moved to one another - each with trembling hands lifting the veil to the other....

Green eyes met violet eyes.

They were both astonished! Both had tears of joy!

Then they started laughing!! The laughter started off slowly like a bubbling brook...but grew louder and louder...."You? You are the Prince but I thought..."

"Princess? You are the princess?!"

For years to come the story of their meeting, the laughter of their marriage and the kind and loving way they ruled two kingdoms - raising three sons and one daughter ...were told for years to come.

The end.
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