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Seraphs of the Divine Order Meeting 7th Anniversary

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 2:05 am    Post subject: Seraphs of the Divine Order Meeting 7th Anniversary Reply with quote

Hiei`Darkstar felt quite at home in temple of Lylysa he only choose to stand one side of the others so leaning on the wall he was not one for formal meeting type "So Aiyanna what?s this all about?"

Aiyanna 'You and me heh Hiei where are the others? I am feeling so overwhelmed I could kill someone to prove a point." She wasn't kidding she could really do it, and sat down waiting for more to attend. 'The Baaton goes on and is applauded, and we clean up their mess. There is something very unbalanced about this."

Gideon stood up near the rafters of the room, looking out upon the landscape one last time to scan for any spies before he leapt down to the floor below...and slowed his descent with a boost from his cape and landed softly upon the floor near Hiei and Aiyanna, "I'm here..."

Hiei`Darkstar "Well spare me of your wrath I do not think going through another firestorm be any fun." He was referring to the ring of fire Novalis's illusionary images made him stand in "Well times people are blind Aiyanna and stupid to be honest hearing Baaton this Baaton, and the praise gets old." Hiei suspected they were up to something not once can he imagine Luve having clear conscious about anything

Aiyanna 'Glad you are both here.' Sometimes I feel like I am living a nightmare. Families vanish, members disappear, and evil spreads like the plague." She sighed looking at the door wishing their members would increase as she sat there. "We need to find out why the Baaton has these pixies still in the infirmary after we have cleaned the fields. I realize the food supply is low until our seedlings grow. How strong are our leaders? I suspect even Ciddian shall not be seen."

Gideon looks to Hiei and Aiyanna, "From what I gathered from Faulin, Velvet is up to some bad things in the infirmary....he said the pixies were missing testicles, and a bunch of them had their bellies bandaged, and were following velvet around like sky follows a cherry delivery...."

Hiei`Darkstar "Last I known of Ciddian she was with Indrix a lot." He still was sort of bitter over that issue but it was old news at least to him if Aiyanna knew of Ciddians wear bouts then that was good "As for the nightmare well such things is part of reality of life not kind mistress or easy one to figure it out."

Aiyanna "I should kill Kali and show Indrix that she really means nothing to him or his son." It was kind of a bizarre thing for Aiyanna to say but she has gone very dark in the past. Then she shook her head like she was coming out of some horrid nightmare and nodded to Gideon, 'Yes supposedly she was experimenting on them since they couldn't procreate. Maybe we could find the pixies that aren't locked up and speak to them more. Are the Gorlocks ready to fight? What of the Ventures and Archers are they trained well enough?"

Gideon nods, "Aye, I have been training them a lot recently....and I did do a bit of checking the other day near the infirmary...they must have been building something inside, because I saw quite a few men with tools going to and from it..." he cracked his neck a bit, "I have a very bad feeling about that place....something just doesn't feel right..."

Hiei`Darkstar "Well I am no archer Aiyanna as far the Ventures..." Hiei rolls his fingers over a small orb of ice in his hand he shrugs "They are fine." He had left fighting divisions to those with desire to fight Hiei was there to just be the backup if main force can't handle anything

Venus`McBeth rushed in a cloud of perfumed air, clad in tailored breeches of a deep peacock blue, with a matching brocade vest embellished with gold and emerald patterns. The vest was deep, snug over her assets, with a transparent pearl silk blouse beneath it. Emerald locks tumbled from a single gold comb at the side of her crown, her eyes peering around speculatively. "What did I miss?

Hiei "Talks of Luve and few matters." That all he says as far killing Kali well he had to shake his head to that "Well could be one thing I am not for since she is innocent whole matter of course faking her and her son's death...now that we can do." If Aiyanna was fishing for reaction out of Indrix that be one way to do it without harming anyone innocent

Aiyanna 'We were speaking of the readiness of our order and if we can increase our numbers. Also the interest of the Baaton in the pixies when it?s well known she dislikes them. Faking whose son death?" She was speaking of Kali too just a bizarre thought of killing her to teach someone a lesson.

Aiyanna suddenly realized what Hiei meant and smiled. 'You mean have Kali fake killing Cailan?" It amused her in a dark way, and then Kali could fake her own suicide. She nodded appreciating the idea for such a wicked lesson to her once long ago brother. "So are our men ready? I will be bringing out the whale ship soon to compete with any wars at sea."

Hiei`Darkstar shrugs he remembers how Luve faked Domia's execution if Aiyanna wanted to go down that twisted path of human and form of punishment he can help her at least stage it "Calian and Kali...public execution of course do you really wish to kill her or is this to teach Indrix a lesson?" He was not there whole argument that happen earlier in the tavern so why bring up kill Kali was beyond him "On a side note besides Baton retaliation on killing a ShadowGaurd any ideas on recruiting?"

Venus`McBeth popped back in, a dazed and slightly confused look on her face, electrical energy moving erratically around her.. Clearing her head, she frowned and looked up, catching the tail end of the conversation. "Aiyanna, I'm surprised. We should have nothing to do with the business between Kali and Indrix. It is not this organization's job to abuse our power for the spite of others. Emerald brows furrowed, trying to untangle the rest of the conversation? I haven't seen any pixies, and usually they frequent the cottage for sweet treats... has anyone gone to the infirmary to check on them?" the Sorceress chewed her bottom lip.

Gideon looks towards Venus, "It?s guarded heavier than VelvetLuves panty drawer...." he smirks a bit....but seeing as he has never seen Luve even is somewhat intimate with a male...he can only assume...

Aiyanna 'Excuse me Kali is my sister in law and in the Seraphs. So was Indrix my brother and in the Seraphs. Lylysa punishes those who show they need it. It was quite different with you Venus, Qui disappeared he didn't come back and say he never loved you. Indrix flaunts he never loved her or cared and they have a child together."

Venus`McBeth "Well the Baaton have no problem with recruitment, perhaps we should seduce a few of their members to us. After all, it's fair play to turn their tactics on themselves. She smoothed the fabric of her peacock blue pants, and then leaned back, one leg crossed over the next. I'm not one though for physical displays, so I would be all in favor of the seduction part." she thought of Nathaniel and dimpled prettily.

Hiei`Darkstar rolls his shoulders during such time the ice orb in his hands vanished as he allowed them talk of the pixies "Call it necessary punishment Venus to be honest it is time to stop being so sweet sentimental and show that we Seraphs are not light heart righteous followers."

Aiyanna nodded she liked that idea and who would fall under that category, she began to name names off. 'There is Oisin, Mes, Barak, Baad," hmmm even she had to lift a brow over that name to seduce. Lord Jim but he is married, so don't even go there." Even Aiyanna respected that much.

Venus`McBeth "I understand she's your sister, but only a handful here are familiar with the situation between Indrix and Kali, so it's not fair to others to involve them. If there is a situation you warrant punishment, I think you should take that up yourself, and not with the others here." She smiled as she said this, not wanting to offend Aiyanna, and only wincing briefly when she found herself sounding like her own mother.

Venus`McBeth glanced at Hiei. "The issue with Indrix and Kali though is their marriage, nothing to do the welfare of the world. It's between them. "Aquarao knew when she had problems with Quinton, she wasn't dragging other Seraph's into it with her, and she shrugged content to agree to disagree. Venus hated conflict.

Venus`McBeth "Besides, I don't see anyone here flailing Quinton for abandoning me and the twins. So, I just don't see the point in calling favorites." She shrugged again, and remembered Nathaniel and his reaction to her. Truly, there was no spite in her tone; actually she smiled wistfully as she glanced around. "But I would be happy to assist with recruitments. I've seen quite a few come and go inside NightStorm that scream potential, and lord knows, enough in the Baaton that have grown discontent. Who likes an order with a 'stay or die' clause any who?"

Aiyanna "I have an idea that won't involve any of you." In fact her idea would be done alone in private and the issue of Kali was dismissed. Her temper faded.

"Back to the fact we need to be prepared army and archer wise. We don't see Ciddian anymore and have a whole division of archers to teach." She readily agreed with Venus finding her temper had got the best of her and that was one of her weaknesses. 'By all means do it."

Hiei`Darkstar "It has a point to do with our image Venus." He shook his head with a sigh here he goes explaining what is obvious "I told Aiyanna we Seraphs are misunderstood so we need a way show we are not kind genital folk.." Unless anyone listened to what others said Hiei was tired Searphs are do gooders and righteous followers. "I for one prove the fools wrong."

Aiyanna "Hiei is right it has come to the point where people see us as Honor Knights, they need to be enlightened we are not." She was constantly mistaken for being righteous. "Gideon?" She respected all their opinions and would listen to them all. It was common knowledge she felt herself not better than any of them.

Gideon smirked a bit at Aiyanna and Venus's comments a moment ago....one name did pop inside of his head, "Oisin has not been seen in a while....from rumors I've heard, he is in hiding...though I believe that shadow skeleton who is claiming to be Necropriests son knows where he is...I'll see what I can find out...but there is someone that maybe we could see about recruiting...That shadow skeleton...what was his name again.....Ahh yes, Eryx..."

Venus`McBeth laid a hand on Hiei, and smiled. "We should show we are strong, but not spiteful or mean. That is my point Hiei." apple blossom perfume spiraled from the Sorceress, as she glanced back at Aiyanna. "Do we know any archers? Oh, and perhaps we should look into some sailors, you know... not a lot of us have access to the high seas. At least personally. " the sorceress shuddered at the mention of Eryx, but she retained her smile, fingers making figures on her knee's. "Maybe we should force Luve to hand over the infirmary to Seraph care, so that there is no question as to the little mite's safety. Even by force, if necessary. I doubt she won't mind, she'd probably twist it to her favor. " Luve was a woman, and would inevitably be able to.

Hiei`Darkstar left it at that he was not going debate point offering Aiyanna or encouraging her to do something to punish Indrix he was not her advisor but he had his own opinions to share "Venus with all due respect Aiyanna is both as am I and that is image of Seraphs not walk in light nor dark but rely on both for goals that are just cruel and twisted full of malice or honorable and lack of blood spill either way."

Aiyanna 'It is her city and I am going to proclaim the Eclete Temple under our care before she tries to take that over. I see none of my Seraphs there learning from the scholars. I want archers along the mountain ridge to guard it. We can not march into Pyra Metros without causing a full fledged war." That -was- the Baaton's city not theirs, but they would put claim to the safety of the Eclete temple.

Hiei`Darkstar lifts his hand to one idols of Lylysa "I realize you and other members are not too keen on idea, but I and Aiyanna follow teachings of Lylysa." He leaves it at that because he lacked showing a kind side or evil one for too long did not mean he could be both "As for the temple Aiyanna I am going see them soon...as it is I wish to brush up on thier language and know more of the LOmbre blade."

'So will you all oversee the Eclete temple? Assigning archers and fighters on the cliff's edge?"

Hiei`Darkstar "So long you do not mind me temporally involving myself in other divisions I can do so Aiyanna."

Venus`McBeth "Well, all respects to your goddess, but I follow a Water Goddess, and tend to flow around obstacles, and not through them. Honestly Hiei, someone's marriage is not the best example to begin to show your dark and moody side. Maybe try carving up some Baaton or something would be? ?She offered sweetly, seeing the Shadow Warlock was becoming riled, and truly not wishing it, but the Sorceress had her own mind and strong beliefs as well.

Venus`McBeth turned towards Aiyanna. "Your right, but I would love to get into the Temple, if time permitted." she looked down at her list, chagrined, and then towards Hiei. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to argue. I simply do not see it as you do, and do not wish to." She shrugged, and took a deep breath, quelling her excitement." Do we not know any archers that we can look into recruiting?"

Aiyanna, "Carving up your spouse? You're losing me. I think we need to make a statement though, we are -not- the honor knights. We had Dramicus amongst us but he left, we need more dark members." They also needed to make a statement that the Eclete Temple would be guarded 24/7 by them. "I just feel VelvetLuve has stayed away from it for so long and won't be for much longer. Archers make more sense to send up there and guard."

Venus`McBeth didn't say anything about carving up her spouse, and hugged the list to her with a blink to Aiyanna. "Well, I may have thought it, but I assure you, any crime committed against my ex-husband will be wholly on my own." One was not born part dragon and not learn to control their animal self.

Gideon nods a bit, "Aye, tis a good Idea.....to guard the temple..." his thoughts turned about the area around the temple as he nods to Aiyanna before he looks to Venus, "And I follow Phonobele...point is, we need to show that we are different from the other orders, instead of blending into one or the other....As it is said, we walk the line, and can fall into the darkest of dark, or the brightest of light should times call for it...either way, We need to do what must be done...I'll go over the landscape and plan out the best placement for archers, and the Gorlocks....perhaps maybe build some little rooms into the ground around the outside of the temple, that can nae bee seen until ye are right on top of them."

Hiei`Darkstar "I carved up with aid Kyoske." He will let Aiyanna enlighten Venus if she was not aware of murder of ShadowGaurds "Besides I doubt Aiyanna will harm anyone far that issue goes." He said doubt what Aiyanna does well that was to wait and see "Either way I respect your choice in religion but just know obvious things such attacking Baaton would be seen coming and not aid us in popularity enough to recruit."

Venus`McBeth "Of course. " she furrowed an emerald brow at Gideon, she hadn't argued the point of taking the Eclete Temple, only the matter with Indrix and Kali. Glancing to Hiei, she shrugged. "I'm not a strategist, I'm a Sorceress. It's not my job to be physical." She began to bristle, looking away as she did. "Besides, the Baaton have been doing enough dark deeds to even out the field for us, adding too much to it will only act as making them look better. " her fingers moved through her curls as she spoke, and became quiet, listening to the others now.

Aiyanna 'Venus and the rest of you begin your recruiting. Gideon and Hiei begin sending archers and Gorlocks to the Eclete temple. The idea of hidden rooms below the temple and on each side is fine. Just don't desecrate the temple please, leave the Scholars be they must not return.
The temple shall not be harmed in any way."

Marlak was dead but she felt that would be something Luve would want to capture. She stood up saying all she had to and was going to start back home soon. 'Venus let me know how you succeed, and Gideon and Hiei enlighten the others that aren't here what we plan." She had no intention on doing anything with Kali but provide her and her son housing if they wanted it. Her temper had simmered off now, so much for a bad temper.

Gideon nods a bit, "I have one thought that may sway more people into Our favor...How about giving out gold to the people, to help ease the pain of the damned tithes the Baaton take from them?"

Venus`McBeth nodded as she stood, and thought of Nathaniel and his
Pirating friends. Wouldn't they make a perfect addition? Stealing their way into the Baaton merchant ships and finding better navigational routes for others. It made her clap her hands in anticipation, she was all for the 'seduction' part.

Aiyanna She smirked at Gideon's suggestion she gave her order everything, but no one was beyond working and making additional gold they might want for their own use.

"Perhaps I didn't mention the whaling ship will be sailing soon, and we will build our own docks on the Asin Sea."

Aiyanna vanished

Hiei`Darkstar "Financially or tarnish their repatations be enough." Truth be told Hiei only gets involved with the Baaton when told to or he has personal motivation to go against Luve and her son and the soldiers same goes when Hiei is asked about Honor Knights "Balance matters among other things to me." All he said as his intentions and reasons as a Searph that said he nods to Aiyanna Before vanishing himself...teleportation is such a useful skill.

Gideon raised a bit brow slightly as those around him just disappeared, "By Phonobele, I wish I had studied magic more in my youth."
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Ciddian recoiled slightly as she sat clear out of sight. The elf didnt need to sit close and was rather far out of human ear shot.

While the meeting went on she stared at her toes, she never felt she was worthy of the status she had and that realization of it lingered painfully within her stomach.

Perhaps it was a touch of brooding hate seeding deep within her and now sprouting into her way of things. She had been with Indrix a lot and was hording a lot of hate towards the people who misunderstood him. Her loyalty ran deep with the shapeshifter.

Her thumb rubbed against a polished oystershell button on her shirt. The tiny button held her attention for a moment or two till the speaking stopped and the room grew quiet.

She felt pleasently full of information now, it was just a matter of what to do on it.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:02 pm    Post subject: Aiyanna had made amends with Indrix Reply with quote

Somehow the Seraphs wander in their own divisions and seem to lose contact with the other divisions. Yes Aiyanna was furious that Kali and Cailan were just forgotten. Kali who gave birth to Indrix's very son and him proclaiming he -never- cared for Kali only made Aiyanna think Indrix was heartless.

Her anger seemed to fade away and they have begun to make amends, and with Aiyanna's help Kali and Cailan are changed in appearance as much as she could manage and have begun new lives.

Just because she is a Seraph doesn't mean she can't get angry over something that seemed very heartless to her. Amends are and were about to be made. If anyone in the Seraphs finds her behavior something they didn't expect it is time to have a meeting in the temple.

Being lost in the woods or on duty many things are missed that happen in the heart of L'Ombre. She was even considering to invite Indrix back into her family.

She wandered back to the grove to Vihuela where she finds solace to spend the rainy day with. She became more confused of tales of her anger still being acted out, which it was not.

His door opened to her and the cottage seemed to be the place she could think clearly while watching him father SkyFlare as only both of them could of dreamed.
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