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Ship Building and Ship Owners

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:09 pm    Post subject: Ship Building and Ship Owners Reply with quote

Ship Building and Ship Owners

Ship building will be done by an NPC shipbuilder named Cratty. He has people working for him on both docks; the Vermillion Ocean and the Asin Sea. He has a crew of NPC's that work for him. Only Pirates own ships, otherwise their profession would not be unique from any other playing character. A playing character may buy a canoe or boat, or a houseboat, but not a ship.

Level Five Ships

You will recieve a regular size ship at level five, crafted out of the wood you choose and named as your private ship. This will be made in medieval design and you can hire three people under you as your crew and they do not have to be pirates, preferably so, but not necessarily.

Ship Owner's Salary

Considering you have attempted to role-play out a good story line of your ship's route and ownership and you pull others into it, you will receive 7,000 gp per month and like any other job it must be posted under this topic with timestamps of when you role played it. (Please be advised there are more positions on a pirate ship than listed here. We will be adding more once we see crews being built up.)


First Mate / Helmsan: Recieves 7000 gp for a month of work, considering they role-play this out in great detail as a story-line. Please post your hours in rp on the message board. Helmsan steers and navigates the ship, and First Mate is second in call from the Captain, in case something happens to the captain.

Boat-Swain: 5000 gp Person in charge of keeping track of sails, nets, anchors and all sorts of rigging.

Swabbie/Cook: 5000 gp Clean and cook on board. Also have the master talent of locating fish and fishing for food.

Ship Routes:

The Vermillion side has fleets of Baaton ships, at least a hundred ships, and all are monopolized by the Baaton on the dock side of the Vermillion sea. Any Pirate under the Baaton authority will the same payment as the above chart.

Vermillion Sea Imports: All Produe and foods except Fish, Gems, Diridian rugs, exotic Artifacts from Diridian.

Asin Sea Exports: Fish, treasured artifacts of the Nephari Island, Silk, Spices essential for meat curing.

Trade Routes: Routes on the Vermillion side docks by Pyra Metros, routes along the Vermillion OCean and Diridian is totally monopolized by the Order of the Baaton.

Asin Sea: Route involves the full length of the Asin Beach to the Nephari Island and back to the Asin Docks.

Please check the Profession Page for what type of ship you own as a pirate via your level. These ships can not be sold or traded or stolen.
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