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Order of the Baaton Meeting Seventh Anniversary Exodus Night

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 5:20 am    Post subject: Order of the Baaton Meeting Seventh Anniversary Exodus Night Reply with quote

Baaton Soldiers stopped outside the tavern and one came in dressed in full uniform he pointed to those he wants to follow him, Barak, Autumn Rains, Mesarthim, Lord-J-McBeth and Baad. Just a simple motion as the rest of the soldiers get into formation to lead them off to the Golden Temple where the meeting would be held in the vestibule, not in the temple itself. The sovereign must be there already. Everything was very proper, something was up.

Autumn_Rains ducked inside the doorway, moving to the vestibule as she was instructed. Her cheeks were flushed with the excitement to come, and the demoness moved to lean herself back against a wall, quietly, watching everything around her, soaking it all in.

This meeting was to be closeted away from the others. Among the sovereign there was Liza who would be archiving it and the General Lord-J-McBeth who would be in command. Baad was directed to sit by the sovereign and seats were lined up outside the worshiping sector of the temple. Everyone was seated in the vestibule. The sovereign sat and she asked Liza for the notes she had taken and asked everyone to pay close attention.

VelvetLuve, "As you all know an infirmary has been built for the pixies and sprites in Pyra Metros. All the buildings are brick in the city, except the infirmary. The carpenters have just installed locks on the windows. I expect you all to meet with me in two night's time when it becomes dark and bring what is being handed out." Soldiers handed them lamp oil, flints, steel, and lanterns, were given enough to fill one lantern. They would see peasant Sir names engraved on each lantern.

Any non-Baaton members would be locked out and the golden temple's vestibule was quite soundproof. She did not go in the worshiping area for this meeting. NO ONE overheard them.

Mesarthim the demon, was still lugging the sack of bottled feyfolk, looked marginally less pleased than his daughter... Although he was present. HE wasn't sure why they'd asked him to come, he wasn't really an actual member of the order, so much as an initiate. But, he complied. Though, with the interruption of his little breather from his day's work, he didn't have the time to take the pixies to the infirmary, yet... and that, too, was his reason for having them.

VelvetLuve motioned for Mesarthim holding bags of pixies he gathered.

"Kill them and offer them to Gamori, they can not hear what we have to say and be returned to the infirmary. Did you get them all including Faulin and Ebi? True is gone so it doesn't matter."

Baad accompanied VelvetLuve inside the Temple seating himself only after she has done so first for now the Monk was silent as so to listen what the Sovereign said while observing the members of the Feild Ranks occasionally casting a side glance to the Sovereign only long enough to listen to her then back to the others.

Autumn_Rains her eyes drifted over the Sovereign, Liza, Baad and General McBeth, finding everything rather regal appearing, and official. The girl sat up straighter, her vision shot to Mesarthim when he was spoken to, then back to Lady Luve.

Mesarthim didn't take the supplies. He'd had no way of doing so, and carrying the bulk-some sack he already had slung over his shoulder. He didn't say a word about Gamori, although his eyes did narrow slightly when she ordered him to pay homage. "I haven't gotten to them... I'm a little backed up in my returns to the infirmary. And no, I haven't yet seen those two." The demon allowed the bag to slide from his shoulder. He hadn't sat. And swung the bag rather harshly against the wall... a cacophony of bother shattering glass jars, and the horrified and dying screams of the fey folk emit from the bag, varicolored blood penetrating the cloth. He didn't offer it to Gamori, for whom he had once been a devout paladin... instead, he did as he had always done in the past. It was murder, plain and simple... and the dark God should easily relish in that act.

VelvetLuve motioned to Lord-J-McBeth first. 'You will lead a battle a mock battle among peasants demanding tithes as if they haven't paid them. With this battle you will persuade the populace attention in your direction. Take Baad with you for this task. The others will do what I ask. You will close all the windows in the infirmary locking them, and those lanterns you hold are marked as being owned from the peasants.

It will appear as they were thrown during battle at the infirmary and we will diminish one race in a sweep of fire." She smirked wishing dear Arthur was in human form for even in his demon form his hair stood up on his back. He had wounded her for treating a pixie badly. Now he could watch them all burn in an inferno. A pleased smile was on her lips as she seen the blood soak the sack that Mesarthim held.

Mesarthim uttered, dropping the sack to the ground and lowering a boot on a pair, which looked to be a small female with child and her lover, crawling from the wreckage. They shrieked in terror and shielded themselves with their arms, but fortunately, the sole of the demon's boot squelched them with a sound not unlike a grapefruit being run over by a bike's tire. "A few hundred little mouths less to breathe -my- air." Was all he commented, twisting his foot on the ground, so as to further crush the little bodies and remove the scum from his boot.

Barak was the last person to show up, he stroll meagerly into the temple, his hand tucked into his pocket. Barak black cape ruffling behind him reveals his black armor amongst the split in the middle, his face was partly concealed by the hood tucked around his head, he did nod to the members of the Baaton.

Narisa stepped from the darkness of the night into to the lit halls of the temple. She stood not far from where others of the Baaton Order has gathered, watching and listening.

Autumn_Rains eyes shifted to the carnage her father had just wrecked upon the little pixies. She didn't understand what they had done to him, or the Baaton, but she justified it in that it must have been something very terrible, as she knows from her readings, the order does not harm innocents, only those that stand in the way or speak out against them. She glanced as Barak entered, then back to VelvetLuve, nodding to her in silence.

Baad eyes narrowed to the ones arriving late such habits would not taken with a pinch of salt but he was going to hold his tongue now only greeting they get is pointing to where they should sit and listen to what had to be said

VelvetLuve pointed to Barak, 'He is to be chained and the very witness we need in case of questioning. He will admit to seeing the peasants throwing the lanterns." She motioned ot Narisa to enter and take a seat. Their popularity would not be tarnished from such an act, it will look like they cared for these tiny nuisances and then they were killed by the people themselves. It would only make them look better.

Narisa bowed respectfully to all that has gathered, and silently takes a seat. There was something different about her since her healing, she seemed colder and distant, but the same purpose was her goal. To serve those and their Lady of the Baaton Order.

Barak shook his head, he short fuse was about to ignite. The assassin wasn?t ready for another pair of shackles "what peasants and what lanterns". The drow hadn?t moved an inch to defend himself yet, but there was a nervous tension in his voice.

Mesarthim the demon, leant against the bloodied wall, ruining the neat pattern the multi-hued vitality had produced, which would probably sell on the market as some kind of new wave style of artistry. His claw-like nails tapping against the surface idly as he watched the meeting unfold. Soon, though, he closed one of the two pale orbs, the other becoming half-lidded. It wasn't that he had fallen asleep, but instead that he was just listening. Though, upon the mention of Barak in chains... And then, he looked towards the drow and his protest. "Or we could just set a certain drow, who will remain unnamed, afire and chase him into the infirmary. Blame the whole 'tragedy' on a rogue initiate who couldn't handle the pressure put upon him."

VelvetLuve went on, 'They are a useless race, we do need to capture Ebi and Faulin so they can not pro-create. They are the only two I know of escaping. This must be done before Monday. Barak if you slip up in being questioned I will let every member here torture you and -then- send you to Lily. All you know is the peasants threw the lanterns, understand? Describe them right totheir facial features, or I swear I will cut your tongue out myself and make a necklace of it."

She shook her head so many knew Barak wasn't pleasing the sovereign, a live witness would do much better. 'He will be chained nearby as if he is being initiated and could not help with this. A live witness to tell any that question him what happened."

Autumn_Rains sighed at the drow. She didn't think he was really going to make it in, if he kept questioning everything. Why was it so hard for him to just do what he was told. He must not have been raised very well at all. As her father spoke, she covered her almost smile with her hand, and feigned a cough. The members weren't supposed to fight with each other, either. Was she the only one of them that read the damn book be damn book before considering joining?

Narisa ?s eyes shifted from that of the Sovereign to that of Barak, her glowing eyes narrowed as to his questioning the Sovereign in the effort to make the peasants believe that the Baaton was honorable in their eyes. She held her tongue not speaking out such unmistakable lack of respect to the Sovereign or the Order itself.

Mesarthim the demon frowned at Luve, "Awe come on. Why let Lily have him?" And, proved he wasn't very good with casual expression, "Him and I got cow meat." It wasn't so much an actual quest, than a statement? though. With that, he quieted. The demon had no problem at all with wiping a couple of the lesser races from the face of Exodus. Although... if he had his way, he'd probably toss a few choice others in there. Angels and imps, for example.

VelvetLuve, 'Narisa Baad is going to be busy with Lord Jim with the fight with the peasants, I want you to make sure this Barak person understands what obeying means. What ever measure you need use it." She smirked at Mesarthim if Barak failed them he would be worse than dead, if he did well he would prove himself.

Baad had to admit Mesarthim was rather amusing the Monk gave another glance over the gathered "I would say a month in Lily Anne's ~care~ would be fitting." Baad knows of Lilys ways of course as far Sovergin's words towards Narisa his head turns once more "I do not think it matters where she is so doing her orders her purpose is being met."

Narisa bowed her head as long black hair snaked out gracefully from around her face, and shoulders. "I shall be done my Lady." Saying this in a tone that was cold and meant business.

Barak chose to sit, he crosses his left leg over his right knee "I?m willing to do what ever the Baaton asks of me". Truthfully the assassin thought this to be another form of punishment the sovereign deemed fit for him. Barak pulls back his hood, his white dread locks unfold upon his back, he brushes a few stray locks that where in front of his face.

VelvetLuve "Remember we must distract the others, they will have no idea of what is to happen. The windows will be shut and locked for the reason we are protecting them." She expected no leaks and for a moment she considered killing Barak then and there if he questioned her.

"I can't think of a useful thing this race can bring our Order, and it saddens me True is gone. He hated his own kind, and so do I.

"Any questions?"

Autumn_Rains at least Narisa seemed like she knew what she was doing. Her father's words did seem to amuse the Sovereign, so that was a good thing. The young demoness glanced at Barak, wondering if he was just saying that so he didn't get beat up again or if he really meant it. Ah well, the end justifies the means, anyways. The girl had little business with pixies, so could care less if they died, though she wasn't so fond
of the screaming. She could always wear earplugs.

Mesarthim "Do we have a few soldiers willing to sacrifice themselves for the order... or at least a few animate corpses in Baaton-ish clothing? It wouldn't seem right, if a few of our 'own' didn't die along with the pixies. I wouldn't put it past the Seraphs to further investigate the matter, if that were so."

Baad shook his head "On this matter, no Sovereign you are perfectly clear but there is one question I do wish to ask of you involving that wardrobe that was delivered to your son's tower." Baad moved to another topic having thought it over as to last phase of her plans he knows of invovling that further.

Narisa 's pupil less eyes of fire quickly glanced at Autumn Rains, and regarded her with a respectful nod to the other young demoness, not having met her personally she knew in time she would.

VelvetLuve"Yes of course I have minions that will fight for us among the ones in the Silent Brigade." It was a new division, and she did remind them. "Our only undoing is one with mentalist abilities, stay away from them until this is over." She figured they could claim anything afterwards they would have a live witness Barak to prove them wrong.

Autumn_Rains smiled to Narisa, and back to her father, his reasoning impressing her. She didn't talk though, and let the Soveign answer the demon.

Autumn_Rains makes a note to run out of the tavern whenever Skyflare, the big mouth is seen.

Mesarthim offered a nod to Luve, though he had no clue who exactly the Silent Brigade were. Sounded like a thieves guild, and something the demon would probably later investigate. "Mentalists, bah. A knife in the throat during a drunken tavern dispute'll solve any case they could present." That was just his way of thinking, however, and it should be noted... Mesarthim wasn't above putting a blade into SkyFlare if she proved to be as big mouthed as has been known to be in the past.

VelvetLuve 'If there are no questions then you are dismissed. I expect you all in Pyra Metros Monday evening." She had Tanis to worry about and the new knights joining his order, but that seemed like a minor problem since none overheard her.

Baad "That means you stay away from SkyFlare ." Any who protect or friends with that child he was speaking to directly "And Mesarthim braindamage would be more effectie to rendering a Mentailst useless." * Autumn_Rains could always try her Vorhees prayers against the little girl if she caught wind of anything, though she was very fond of that notion, not sure how her clerical skills would stack up against an actual mentalist.

Mesarthim looked back towards Baad, "Yeah. You're right... supposing someone's around to tend their wounds." Again, the demon was rather slimy. He had no problem luring someone into an alleyway and giving them a new hole to smile out of. Though, he did look back at Luve, "I don't mean to be a bother, Lady Sovereign Luve. But when this matter is closed, I'd like to talk to either you, or your son, about restoring my lost arm. I have the skeletal remains of my arm, if that's of any matter."

Autumn_Rains rose up from her chair, smiled to her father, and waited patiently for him to finish talking to LadyVelvet, so that she could walk back to the tavern with him.

VelvetLuve nodded, "Either I or Novalis will do so." She got up and was ready to leave. There was no fanfare she just simply vanished.

Narisa once that Barak rose to his feet, and looked to be exiting from the meeting. She to rised she would make sure Barak would follow through with his orders, no matter what it takes.

(OOC) This Campaign will be held March 27th Tues. Evening at 10:00 PM EST
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