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Woman troubels

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:38 am    Post subject: Woman troubels Reply with quote

Dear Elle,

I have a question about this crazy little game known as romance or love or atlest in truth I am attracted to a woman that people may say not be my type at all.

I am attracted to her not by just the curves or her beauty in truth she is something I find rather intresting in a woman you see she is a no nonescene strong and deadly woman. Wise and at times I think lonely hurt by many events in her life that makes her so cold and even now she takes on the responbilty of adpting to magic power she now posses and adjust to magic that flows in this world mainly around mages and other type of spellcasters that hang out at the Tower of Katoyus. Anyways back to the siation that made me write to you in the first place. I was told to act like myself and my history well is how we say best described as a blood thirsty pervert and it seems for now that is not enough.

A friend of mine offered advice saying rather comment on how nice her butt is or I love caress those lovely legs all day and night, or even lick off her blood from a small cut on her chest or even her neak and no I am not a Fonce`Diables just a human that has a strange thing I gusse to you normal folk, known as blood lust

So here is my question I baught her flowers once and to this day I wounder what she ever done with them and words do little effect atlest by abilty keep straight face she has fooled me to think complments would not have any effect, though I am not most inteallgent type and have shall we say condion of sticky fingers a profession not favored by law following people and no I am not ashamed of that fact it is path I chose in life

back to my question...Is there a way to win a cold blooded woman heart like this by just being myself or is there more to it? At this point I take any advice given


Frozen Heart
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Joined: 01 Jan 1970
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:45 am    Post subject: Letter in response Reply with quote

Dear Frozen Heart,

I can't, for the life of me, figure out why being a blood thirsty pervert wouldn't be enough to win the heart of this woman!

Anyway, here's the thing. First of all, if ya like her, then she's yer type. It's just foolish to limit yerself because yer not sure if someone's yer "type" or not. So don't worry about that part.

Here's what you've gotta do. Be yerself! Whoever told ya that is right! I could tell ya all sorts of things to try to win her over, and they may or may not work. The thing is, if they do work, then what happens when my things run out and ya have to start thinking of things on yer own? Chances are, ya won't be able to impress her anymore, and then she's gonna catch on and probably leave ya. So it really doesn't pay to pretend to be something yer not. At least... not when it comes to matters of the heart or whatever.

Moving on... Do not, I repeat, DO NOT comment on how nice her butt is. Or say anything about how you'd love to caress her legs or any other part of her body. Believe it or not, this doesn't make a woman swoon... If someone said that to me, I'd beat them up... more than once.

So... be yerself, but be smart about it! Don't tell her ya like her breasts! If ya wanna say something about her body, stick with her eyes, smile, or hair. Those three things'll never steer ya wrong. Find out what she likes, and give it to her! That's the best way to win any kind of woman, cold hearted or an angel. Make her feel like she's the only one who matters to ya and she'll be yours!

Don't listen to yer friend! Good luck! It sounds like ya might need it...

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