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Liza the passionate

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 2:26 am    Post subject: Liza the passionate Reply with quote

They say my race has the most charisma and we should have lovers falling to their knees.

I married one of my own kind who disappeared three times and came back claiming he was on duties for the Baaton. This last disappearance left everyone aghast even in the Baaton, for he had no orders given.

Then there was Kaleb who fell in love with me before I was embraced by Lord Alexander, and then Orodreth who toyed with my feelings like a specimen in my late husband's disappearance.

All are gone and the bed chamber remains empty with just the mink coverlet and the soft down pillows to hold me at night.

I decided to give my wedding ring to Theresa in the tavern, anulling the marriage. Orodreth who is married and has no male apendage captured my interest and disappeared.

They claim I am one of the most beautiful women around, and I am rich...but my art of being a bard is pushed in the corner when I long so for the arms of the Fonce who left me.

What to do?
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 12:57 am    Post subject: Letter in response Reply with quote

Dear... er... What to do?...

Ok... let me see if I can get this straight... There are three lovers... or... at least... love interests... one of which yer actually married to... a fonce? So then there was this Kaleb... who barely got a line... so I'm guessing that he was more of a fling... Then there was this Orodreth... who's married... and has no... funibles? So that makes a husband... a fling... and a... eunuch?

Ok... so... just out of sheer curiosity... I've gotta ask. Why in the name of the Light would ya wanna be with a man who... has nothing to speak of!? And how the bloody hell is he married!?! "Hi... this is my husband, he's only kind of a man, but he's got a really good personality!"

I'm off topic, I'm sorry...

Anyway, so assuming I've got the three men (sort of) right... Let's just start at the beginning with yer husband...

Leaving doesn't necessarily mean that much... he could've really been off on business... right... business. Anyway, that's not really the issue... The issue is that he's LYING to ya about leaving... and then, of course, he's not coming back... Did ya try looking for him? Look... I'm just gonna say this plain and simple... he might've found someone else... that'd explain the leaving, the lying, and... the leaving...

Then there's this fling... seeing as how he got one line, and that's that.... I think that's that.

Then there's this... man... who's married and isn't... a man... or something. I've already stated how I feel about this... so let's just move on...

So... yer not married anymore... and yer lonely...

Here's what I think ya should do. Stop trying so hard! It's obvious that yer looking for someone to replace yer mink coverlet and soft down pillows, which... by the way, sounds really good!

Yer definitely trying too hard! All yer attracting are... flings and... married... men... So... focus on yer music, or story telling.. or whatever ya specialize in and stop looking! If yer as beautiful as you say, men'll come to you! And they probably won't be as... special... as the ones you've found before...

Oh... and I'm sorry about yer husband... It's horrible when someone ya care about moves on... if ya long for him as much as ya say you do... maybe ya should go and try to find him. Look for him... it'll take ya a long time... and ya might not find him... but at least you'll be able to say you tried...

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