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Travels to Hernai Part V

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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 2:04 pm    Post subject: Travels to Hernai Part V Reply with quote

So it came to be and they were to return back to Hernai. Word was sent out by town criers and messages from spies. Sunni the elven council member’s guide insisted that they meet at the original cave. Something had happened. Lily Ann, Kinson Sage, Alex Giovanni, and Hiei accompanied them on the trip back.

Work proceeded on the stairs to the skies, and Aiyanna was seen overseeing this work with the centaurs. Imogene stuck close to the parameter watching for anyone who came near and fired shots into brush and woods surrounding the city of Hernai.

Lily Anne seemed more moody than ever, she rode to the destination with saddle bags and something covered in thick muslin and velvet. She was found at the head of the travelers. Kinson received word from DarkStorm by currier, he hurried out to see why they were called, along with Hiei who has been tucked away in the confines of DarkStorm, hearing of the price on his head by Lady Velvet. He eavesdropped at the wrong time, and Luve discovered him outside the cottage of Tanis.

The cave was located just upon one of the main entrances of Hernai. With so much bloodshed it was almost welcomed to hear that they were asked for a meeting rather than another battle, but who knows what was to come.

Kinson`Sage hoped that it signaled an end to all of the fighting and hurried on to Hernai.

On the outskirts from Hernai, the suspicious Imogene was on the lookout for was happening. Baad and the Fonce wolves peered out from thickets, only eyes like sparkling lights shown through the brush to receive random fire from Imogene’s enchanted arrows.

Alex teleported to the destination and was near the cave. He walked on since he got as far as he could with his teleportation spell.

Hiei`Darkstar asked what this was all about as the others proceeded to walk up to where Sunni was. She was by the entrance of the cave seeming very concerned. She stood with a figure that looked like a dark elf dressed in midnight blues and a hood over his face, not much showed on him but his eyes, which were a intense blue color.

Kinson remained on the outskirts of the group, never trusting he could stand in the midst of them, not when he could learn something the others may not by remaining back. This could be a trap.

Sunni asked Hiei, if the Baaton were near and she looked around suspiciously. Seemed she had something to tell them, and it didn’t look like good news. Seeing Lily she turned the shade of ashen, and dropped her head, having no idea she knew already of Serapim’s death. Imogene remained on the lookout for any movement from the Baaton as well.

Sunni whispered and quickly told them. "I have bad news, I am afraid Serapim is dead. Not only is he dead the safe was broken into and is empty." Lily-Anne feigned ignorance and listened even though upon her horse hung the head of Serapim wrapped inconspicuously from other’s knowing what it was. Yet the sight of the necromancer might be what was needed, he perhaps could animate the corpse and tell her of the past few minutes of his life. From those clues she might be able to find the orb and the killer.

The cottage where the council met down the street about 5 city blocks in distance had the door open, and she asked all to come with her to hunt for clues of the murderer. No one was fighting and it was very quiet. People surrounded the cottage down the street though and speak in hushed whispers. She explained the person with her was a necromancer and would help, for only the body was found, they needed it in tact.

All this time there were people surrounding the cottage and possibly an ambush from the Baaton. The black wolves eyes were no longer seen, and the front and sides of the cottage seemed safe enough. From the back came a smell, possibly dead animals would leave such a stench, and again arrows were fired into dense brush, one yelp was heard and the others disappeared. Imogene’s arrow struck a Fonce wolf, and they must of have retreated.

Kinson`Sage watched and finally fell down from his tree perch to join the group

The necromancer mumbled something in elven, for even he was at times protected by this council. His offer to help was given, but he says. "Expect not much from me without the head and brain in tact. Come along to where it happened, come with me."

Lily-Anne always the suspicious one sat on the horse and asked who would of know who Serapim was or would know he was dead. Sunni told her since she guarded the council members she would of known. Hiei goaded Lily since he thought she might be –too- interested in these facts

AlexGiovanni almost felt ill knowing of these dark arts and what was suggested.

While this was all going on at the cottage, Imogene and Baad played a game of cat in mouse. Imogene’s arrows did wound or fall one Fonce wolf.

Sunni who was also an archer motioned to Imogene to follow, and she looked over to AlexGiovanni and asked, "Have you seen any Baaton?" Sunni looked puzzled since she was the protector of the council and answered Lily. "Once Serapim was found to be alive I stood near as much as I could when not fighting."

Alex and Kinson both knew the Baaton were everywhere and resorting to guerilla warfare.

Sunnie went along with all, and had the innate ability to know there were three more council members missing and they may be in harm. Hearing AlexGiovanni answer she nodded with concern and hurried up to walk at the head of the group in case fighting broke out. Seeing Kinson wore the Seraph uniform she whispered to him along the way. "Aiyanna says we are to finish the stairs no matter what."

Yet even through all this Lily mocked Alex telling him he may lose his appetite by being so near ...such as dark arts as Gens the necromancer. Sunni proceeded to tell any that listened she wondered about Serapim’s loyalties as of late, and questioned his word. None of the others commented on that. Reports came in the stairs were near completion and the altar was all that needed to be finished.

AlexGiovanni chuckles, assuming Serapim lied and might not of been trusted. As for assumptions Hiei assumed it was an orb, and Lily asked him why he came to such a conclusion. It wasn’t over though, not yet.

When they all walked into the cottage there laid Serapim and three guards dead, a hole was made into the ceiling of the cottage, yet no more evidence was found besides a book indentation in the sand outside by Kinson Sage, found in the brush with two man’s footprints. One would assume that person with a book, either flew or vanished leaving no tracks. Evidence of Serapim’s killer was scarce, which means Gens might be their only hope to find out what happened.

He offered Lily a deal asking for a daughter of marrying age, to animate the corpse and see if they could find out what happened on the last few hours of its life. She agreed thinking he meant a pre-arranged wedding.

Gens already knew what Lily-Anne wanted obviously he was a necromancer and she had the head, a smell of death was in the air, which was his favorite pastime

Roving eyes looked through the thicket and there was something pretty powerful with them. Lily's offer amused Gens who was not interested in her gold but maybe her relatives. "I will take your daughter for my deed I will do tonight, is it a deal?"

He smiled at Lily-Anne and spoke something in elven that sounded like. "We shall see, if she proves me unworthy it might be you who is in trouble." He was a dark elf, and very meticulous as he threaded the needle. Gens snapped the end of the thread off with his teeth, with one rather nasty bite.

So the deal was set, her daughter for the his skills, and he smiled and crudely sewn on the decapitated head she handed him, and then cut open the chest of Serapim immersing his heart in green fluid until it once again beat. As he crudely sewn the living corpse up, he stopped and asked for her daughter before he went any further. He would do nothing more until her daughter was brought to him.

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