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Murder of Serapim

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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 10:52 pm    Post subject: Murder of Serapim Reply with quote

A shadowy figure crept along the piles and piles of rubble that had accumulated at the city's edge, knees bent low to the ground. The dust kicked up by a passing Seraph patrol had only just settled, clinging to the figure's robes and dancing across his masked features, but he did not seem to care.

A subtle movement, gauntleted hand gently rapping the obsidian amulet attached to his forearm, sent ripples of blue energy throughout the figure's body. From his toes to the very top of his head, the intruder began to fade from sight; blending into his surroundings as light bent around him.

Though, to any normal person, the intruder had vanished from the naked eye, he paused to duck behind a pile of rubble as he removed a case, made of human bone, from a leather satchel. Slowly he removed the lid and turned it over to dump the contents, a rolled piece of parchment. Gauntleted fingers moved gracefully to untie the scroll, spreading it out upon the dirt... his vision sweeping across the city's horizon in search of the building marked on the map.

Once had had identified the building he quickly moved from the hiding spot, but not before touching the scroll and casting a simple cantrip; causing the parchment to ignite and leave nothing but ash. His footsteps were swift, silent, as he crossed the landscape and approached the marked cottage... home of Hernai's elven council. Though the casual observer may not have noticed, the building was marked for the intruder by a small strip of yellow cloth dangling from the roof's corner.

The source had promised Serapim would be there. Alone, save for a pair of guards; no match for the intruder. Hidden from view by the powerful magics of his invisibility amulet, hardly a fair advantage, the intruder used his wings, and great agility, to scale the cottage wall; perching upon the rooftop. Once more he began digging through the leather satchel and removed a small vial of bright green liquid, the contents appearing (no longer hidden by the powers of his invisibility amulet) as they were poured out upon the roof.

Whisps of smoke began to rise from the roof, which sizzled beneath the pool of green liquid. Slowly the liquid began to spread and the roof began to give way, vanishing beneath the acidic contents of the intruder's vial. The ooze left a hole in the roof, once it had done its work, just large enough for the intruder to drop in, which he did... silently.

Without a sound the intruder crept down the hallway, past the open doors of several rooms, to the quarters which his source had indicated; the resting place of the great councilman, Serapim. A single guard stood at the door, which meant the other must be inside. Quickly the intruder darted forward, taking no chances the guard would see through his invisiblity, and ripped a curved dagger from a sheathe at his wrist, dragging it across the target's throat. The movement was quick and created not a sound, for the intruder caught the corpse before it hit the ground... blood splashed across the hall's wall and pooling at the intruder's feet.

Holding the corpse by the scruff of the shirt, the intruder slowly lowered it to the blood-stained floor. He then rose to his full height and sheathed the dagger, reaching across his left shoulder to draw a more suitable weapon; an alloy katana cursed by the divine powers of Gamori. Then, with a solid kick, the door was forced open and the intruder rushed into the open room. Immediately his vision swept from wall-to-wall, taking note of the seated Serapim at a desk along the wall, and a guard just inside the door and standing to the right.

Not needing his eyes to dispatch the guard, who currently had the advantage based on his location, the intruder dropped a spell of darkness upon the room, blanketing it in shadow. The guard appeared caught off guard, unable to see the intruder, and soon hit the floor with a thud; torso sliced open from pelvis to chin.

Serapim, calm and reserved even now, never bothered to turn; but simply questioned "I always thought this day would have come sooner." Blue energy pulsed from the intruder's center, arcing across the room's walls, as the intruder stepped forth from the cloak of invisibility; the Arbitrator, "Not soon enough." Jaeden's voice was little more than a harsh whisper, but almost immediately recognized by Serapim, who turned, astonished, to gaze upon the Demon Prince. Oddly enough, the name that came from the Elven councilman's lips was not Jaeden.... "Celith!?"

No look of surprise crossed Jaeden's features. He recognized the name; knew it well. Before Serapim could continue, before he could question the sudden return of one of Hernai's greatest warriors (long thought dead), the intruder's katana had arc'd out to sever the councilman's head from its body.

"Revenge is sweet. Even on another's behalf." For a brief moment the demon felt a bit of relief, feeling as if the voices that called out for blood in Hernai would finally stop. But the peace was short-lived, for shortly after Jaeden had shattered Serapim's safe with arcane magic and removed Lily's orb from within, the voices returned... calling out the names of the remaining councilmen.

The most beautiful picture is the one painted with words!
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