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Travels to Hernai

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 11:04 pm    Post subject: Travels to Hernai Reply with quote


<h2><font color=#660000><u><b>Travels to Hernai</font></u><b></h2>

There is a village Hernai which happens to be the most beautiful village in the world of Exodus Night. The cottages are made of stone, and the plant life grows over them with vines and flowers, roofs of straw. In this village there is a high council of elves for it is an elven village, a Magical Village.

<font color=#660000><b>Action Quest I:</b></font> A young elven maiden happens to come into the tavern with a purpose and tacks a message on the message board. Seems she has asked for some help for in this time of darkness, Hernai was raided by some unknown source and someone stole the Elven's council crystal orb. This orb was said to have magnificent powers and was used in the council's magic which they have grown so accustomed to.

What magic the orb holds, no one knows but everyone within the elven village of Hernai knows that the council will need this crystal orb returned to them? in order to function. The elven lass has promised a reward of 7,000 gold and a gift for the person finding the orb. She was beautiful and seemed to be sent there by the high council.

She smiled at Luther`Lansing and asked him in a quiet voice, dressed in the colors of the forest reds, gray, and tan. "We need your help, it seems we lost something dear to us, if any of you are willing to travel back to Hernai with me? We will need food and supplies because the road is long.”

She went into the kitchen to gather supplies from Gorthax asking for dried meats, fruits and warm beverages in flasks. Knowing the trip was long and the weather bitter cold. Gorthax began preparing food, as this gave the party time to pack their belongings. Considering how long this journey was, it would take some preparation to get ready.

They asked her if she planned on going north, and the elven lass shook her head no, "Not through the Northern mountains, no we are heading where the long grasses grow red to the Western Transian forest. It is a good ways from here though, and I hope the Aura Bridge hasn't frozen over." "She slung her pack over her shoulder and the arrows she carried glowed with a strange blue color. She looked tired already just reaching L'Ombre, and then having to turn around and head out again. "Shall we go by foot or horse?" Each chose their means of travel. She had no horse and traveled along with the others.

The elf could fly and flew upwards with Niy nodding to her yes as she spoke. "The winds are harsh, and the ice seemed to freeze my very lungs coming here. If you fear not the cold or ice, go ahead and fly."

The journey began as they left the tavern and all that remained was Theresa. She waved and wished them well and headed back into the tavern. As they stood outside they faced the statue of Lord Lensen and the stone courtyard. From there they had to walk towards the north east.
"There was much snow in L'Ombre, and even the horses were not too fond of the ice underneath their hooves. They proceeded slowly towards the direction that eventually led the party there.

The elf traveled with everyone and then attempted to fly with Niyako, unfortunately her wings iced over and she came down as quickly as she rose up into the air. The air was very damp and another bad storm was coming. They passed residents from different areas of the world heading back towards their homes, carrying supplies of food and items from NightStorm. It was going to be a long winter.

"The elf named Sunni turned to bostaff and told him it took her ten days to get there flying. Along the paths they met a small group of men with hoods over their heads and carrying torches. They asked all if they knew how to pass over the bridge with it iced over. It was iced over so much the snow was piled upon it and it was treacherous to cross.

One of the men dropped the torch upon the ice of the bridge as another man yanked it from his hands. Saying he will burn the bridge down using fire.
Luther's high pitch music put a very subtle crack in the ice, but the snow and ice was about four feet high. Of course there was no such thing as snowplows and it had snowed twice that day piling up quite a bit of snow on the bridge which iced over.

The ice had been there for awhile and it was mixed with snow, as Dramicus put his paw on it he felt it was rock solid. It did have one slight crack in it by Luther`Lansing, and Niyako decided to use her fire magic making many passes going back and forth to melt the bridge down, *hopefully she didn't catch it on fire.

Water began melting over the bridge and if anyone remembers the Aura Bridge they would remember it always had a blue glow with an aura. The ice began melting on the bridge and the aura once again glowed. It would take at least twenty passes to melt it all, and the railings on the side allowed the snow to melt through.

Niy was successful on her twenty passes over and back across the bridge, keeping far enough away not to set it on fire. That allowed the party to pass over the bridge with horses and supplies. There were people coming back from L'Ombre hearing of another storm coming, and bringing staples to the towns they lived in. The bridge was passable making it a route to take across the Argus River

<font color=#660000><b>History of all Quests: </b></font>
The messenger; Sunni, was a winged elf who protected the council and was distraught they were missing. She traveled to L'Ombre to plead with everyone to help her save the High Council of Elves who were missing along with the magical orb. She was a master archer and asked all to return with her to the village of Hernai to find the council and the orb. Traveling back she found obstacles she didn't remember, a cave blocked the way and they had to go through it, and there was rising waters inside. She found the passages different, things were no longer the same, and they were seeking the head of the council who was missing. Met by rising waters separating each side, people had to pass through them to get to the other side of the cavern. Sunni tried to help them by asking them to leave their weapons behind.

With weapons left behind they crossed by swimming or being aided by those who could swim, and the weapons were brought over by Sunni who could fly.
There were seven on the council and they found one of the seven slaughtered in a small room in the cave, but no wounds upon the body. Aiyanna took the body back to her lab and tested it for poisons, but there were none.

There was much mystery and another council member was found locked in their tower dead after the journeymen met many perils to get to the top. Again there were no telltale signs on the body, just the dead corpse in the tower hanging by their arms.

Finally they found what appeared to be the head council Istya locked away in the very forest they loved so much, and in her hand was an orb. The only thing is as they tried to release her from the branches of the tree the orb reacted badly against them. It wasn't the orb they looked for, just an oridinary illusion. They didn't want to harm the head of the council since she seemed enwrapped in the center of all this. When trying to fight the branches of the tree they finally free her, and she disappeared.

Lady Velvet, sovereign of the Order of the Baaton, has always been known to want power by taking over lands and areas of the world. She hoped that she would someday hand over the entire world to her son, the devil Lord Novalis Eiss. Rumors of the Baaton being ordered to find this orb became quite evident, when they are seen in the town of L'Ombre searching for it.

Journeys to Hernai were becoming exhausting and confusing to the journeyman, the orb seemed so out of reach and there was no hint of where the council was. Tensions were growing as the Seraphs waited to find something out from Aiyanna who had locked herself away in a secret room to scour books and see what purpose this orb might have had. Besides her ongoing depression no one heard from her besides Gideon, who she left an order to pass down through the Seraphs. They were to protect the elves and find the council and the orb, returning them to their normal structure before the Baaton got a hold of it.

Too late; the Baaton seemed to be eager to get the orb and as the journeyman and the Seraphs traveled to the village of Hernai they look in back of them to see the Baaton coming. Only a handful of the Seraphs were on this journey, Indrix being one of them who held the division of the Poetrans. The Baaton took over the city, ravaged it with their men, slitting throats of those saying they knew not where the orb was.

And for the first time a Seraph called upon the other Seraphs. The first time the Baaton looked back seeing as many in numbers as they. It was a night of history, and even the flames in the fireplace in the tavern looked bluer. It takes fortitude and strength to stand by a cause, and not the vision of being the strongest. It took an army forming *together* and so it happened in Hernai's history. Tomorrow will reveal a very surprised Lady Velvet. Yet neither order has claimed victory in this ongoing battle.

<font color=#660000><b>Dead: </b></font>Three of the council members
<font color=#660000><b>Cause of death: </b></font>Unknown
<font color=#660000><b>Evidence of where the orb is: </b></font>None
<font color=#660000><b>Reason it is missing:</b></font> None
<font color=#660000><b>Who holds it: </b></font>No one knows
<font color=#660000><b>Its use: </b></font>No one knows
<font color=#660000><b>Position of the Seraphs: </b></font>High in numbers and more skilled than ever
<font color=#660000><b>Position of the Order of Baaton:</b></font> In Hernai trying to take over areas, holding elves hostage, and behaving more chaotic than ever.
<font color=#660000><b>Lady Velvet and Novalis: </b></font>Determined the orb will be theirs
<font color=#660000><b>Aiyanna: </b></font>Finally emerges from the secret room
<font color=#660000><b>How long could such a battle last before victory?: </b></font>Probably one month

<h2><font color=#660000><u><b>Latest Update</font></u><b></h2>

The Baaton retreated to regroup their forces and their energy.

Lily was asked to meet Serapim at the old council house where the council used to meet and keep the magical orb. He is said to be one of her past relatives and held information for her. Four more elven council members were missing along with the orb.

Lily rode with five of her guards dressed in gold and black uniforms and her horses were in full armor, weapons were flanked on both she and her guards. It was a stately sight, and she came to meet Serapim as directed. Once she was cast out from her own people being of elven heritage. Would Serapim prove to be her true blood kin?

TanisHalfelven traveled to Hernai with a small group of his knights, others were already there helping the elves. It seems the elves were too stubborn to stay in Hernai, and returned to their city and homes. Ryan`Cassiel has joined them and seemed the page was working his way up in the Honor Knights. He has been seen in the tavern, helping who he can.

Summer teases in most areas of the world. It was muggy and threatening rain. The coverlet of the forest trees nearing the Western Transian were cool and seemed inviting. One would have a long way to go to get to Hernai, and the old council house.

Baad was not seen heading the wolven pack of Fonce`Diables. He had with him Stacia, Liza, Kanis, Nicholas and others. They were wonderful concepts of wolves that could bleed their kill to death, and walk through walls. They were a motley crew for sure.

The young Honor Knight Ryan offered his help to those he could, and even Hiei seemed to join his fellow order. He was stealth like in his travels, found in very hidden areas to overhear, and do what he does best.

AlexGiovanni has left everything behind right down to his home and seemed tired, but wanted to see who fought and what was happening. Meanwhile Lily-Anne comes to the town of Hernai and finds a small house that was used primarily for elven council meetings. It seemed old and deserted, even though it was used only four weeks ago. The doors and windows were locked.

The Honor Knights were taken in by Tanis with ease to the forest, they were used to traveling over the terrain and wanted to check for ambushes. Ryan went with him, and carried his axe, to be used only if needed.

Aran most likely wandered off with his small group. He disappeared which left Baad to figure out where to lead the wolves. Elves were hidden all over up above in the trees. A small piece of paper would flutter down towards Alex's hand. It was ripped in half saying "Serapim and the orb."

Lily-Anne tried to open the door, as did her guard Andrew but it would not open, not until a sound was heard within and then the door opened with Serapim standing there holding it open welcoming her, but blaming her she was late. It was an empty room, a few cupboards and a long table which was used for their meetings. He reminded her of her youth and asked about her division from her own people.

Even as they met the sarcasm dripped from Lily's voice as she pretended her mother was a congenial laid back elf in the family, when indeed she was not. Serapim seemed to like the spar of minds and played along with her saying, “yes, like you and I."

He offered her the orb if she would offer it to her god Newtrom, using the stairs to the sky Aiyanna built. Prodding her to bring the orb there before the avatar built gates upon the adjoining staircase to the sky to her own goddess Lylysa.
Finally she conceded to meet him in three days, and take the orb to the top of the staircase and offer it to her god.

In the meantime Tanis and Ryan meet a small boy who ran through the streets distraught claiming he has lost the paper he was suppose to bring to him. Just at that same time the other half of the paper flew upwards into Alex's hand with smudged lettering saying D-on- T- Hi and the rest of the ink had blotted from the skies moisture. Alex was intelligent enough to put both pieces together which read, ‘ Serapim, don’t trust him.’ They asked the boy what he knew of the man, and he called Serapim a liar and ran off.

There were two elfs and they seemed to be seen just when the weather began to change for the worse. If Phonobele listened, maybe she had darkened the skies and who did she listen to? Lightning flashed and thunder was so loud that the Fonce wolve's songs could not be heard. Some were injured as the Poetrans met them, but it was an equal battle as they ran off to be with their own kind.

All along the outskirts of Hernai, were the Baaton soldiers, dressed in black symbolizing death. They even wore masks but knew the extent of the storm which the two elves did not seem to mind, would hinder their fighting abilities.

The Baaton headed home for this night, weather did not help them see, let alone attack. The two elves were seen still in Hernai.

A man rode through the village towards the Elven High Council meeting home, wearing a hooded cloak and riding a Malakian horse.

Who were the two elves, and who was the man on the Malakian?
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