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Book of the Wisdome of Serpants

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 1:16 pm    Post subject: Book of the Wisdome of Serpants Reply with quote

In history, the serpant is called wise, though unexpectedly to admonish its ways due to much melining of it. Long have scholars puzzled on the sayngs, advocating to be as wise as serpants though harmless as doves, and to consider the way of a serpant upon a rock, that way being a long mystery, as most reject to consider such as a serpant to hold any lesson of wisdome to be followed. Yet the way seems that of anonimey, silently listening and observing, not speaking up regardless of what is said against you. While the common person may follow a way that seems right in the worldly thinking, it is a base way that keeps them to remain common it seems. Such as, at first glace, it would seem good to have prais and bad to be coriticized, yet to the wise, seeing past the practiced flattering, words to tickle their ears as it were, yes men, to realize that the honest ones are those who would tell sometimes unpleasant things to aid. While the flatterers openly help but then do evil in secret, the true friends are those who prais in secret, help out anonimously but openly may sem to do bad by not lavishing empty prais or glorifying works to gain appreciation, thus seen as not helping, when it is more genuine to not seek glory and reward in order to offer help. Anonimous path as well, offeres an opportunity to see the wisdome of others, if they will heed the flattering words of those who do evil when there is no reward to be gained to do goood and who perhaps shun those who are true to not be always agreeable, or if they show wisdome in seeing the shallowness of yes-men and the virtue of honest of those offering critisim and who's deeds are not openly known but that prosperity seems to abound when they are around. Perhaps a practical basis for the idea of one bringing good luck to another. It seeming to be luck because it is secret and thus mysterious, that is, unknown to most but the doer or secret good. By remaining silent, even appearing to be foolish or not understanding, one may gain insight into the true nature of others. Much wisdome of course in the idea of listening, rather than speaking, though a hard lesson to learn to do well & consistently. As well, many fools will brag of things they know not, thus the common most of the world, would expect that all bragging is false and are unable to disern turth so that they are easily deceived. The turth is set and is the truth, while those of shifty words may modify their claims of information to fit what it seems is wanted to hear. Hearing confirmation of what they wanted to hear, perhaps being arrogantly puffed up to have another confirm their view, the common one would then be persuaded by those who speak the changable falsehoods of bragging without basis of truth, yet will reject when a truth is contradictiory to their own beliefs, regardles of the evidence of the unchangable truth that may be presented as proof of validity. Nothing angers people faster than suggesting doubt to their belief & perception of reaity. For one's perception of reality to be shaken, is the fear of the unknown, and fear of course propogates anger. Thus, the way of the wisdome of the serpant is to stay silent, letting the ones who will spew out falsehoods and braggign of what they know not of, that you then avoid persecution of the common masses for any uncommon knowledge. Perhaps then this would be a guide that those who oare common will be swayed by falsehoods and bragging, while the superior may notice the silent ones who are unimpressed with the empty words of the fools that prattle of nonsense. Thus a wise person both noticed for being silent and for beign wise enough to recognize one as wise who remains thusly silent and speaks only truth without wavering to change to fit what seems to be wanted to hear. Summing to conclusion; common is to say much with no background to back it up, superior is to say only truth and struggle to stay silent. Common is to follow after the fasle & flattering words and to consider only good done openly by those who would only do good for reward, yet ignore those who may help in secret. Superior ones would recognize the value of honesty to aid and to do good if reward of not, praised or not. The way of silence is very difficult and so would be an advanced wisdome, since it is very temptiong to speak up and challenge untruth or to confront melining rather than letting your deeds speak for you without words. Thus to become recognized by others with true wisdome while quietly hid by the boindness of common thinking to not notice you and think you a fool. A wise man perhaps would thus not seen wise to most but a fool and a foolish one, by many words that are of untruth but yet may seem wise to those not able to recognize unturth from truth. Thus the fool may follow the ways of the small dog, rather than that of the serpant. It is said that the fool hates to be corrected, yet the wise loves to be instructed. Lackign truth, the fool would not want it uncovered by being offered truth, while wise would always seek out to learn and be glad for cirticisms to genuinely improove them. It seems that oft, this way is the way of the persecuted poor, though thought to be the commoners of the world, where more oft, the aristocratic-minded with arrgance, seem the ones to follow the common ways of the worldly thinking that seems right but that leads to falseness. Thus is the way of the serpant, to watch, listen, wait patiently, endure, gain knowlege & do good in secret, lest they be found out to not be the fool that the world sees them as.

By Zardack_Wizard
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