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The Toy Box

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2004 1:25 pm    Post subject: The Toy Box Reply with quote

The Toy Box

All transactions are to be done IC in the rooms, not on the message boards.

Bouncy Balls
composed of natural tree gum
Small 25 gp
Medium 35 gp
Large 50 gp

knights-maidens-dragons-demons- baby dolls
Paper 35 gp
Clay 50 gp
Cloth 50 gp
Wooden 50 gp
Porcelain dolls with real hair 100 gp
Corn dolls 25 gp

Doll clothes

Clothes sewn to order 50 gp per outfit
Dress up clothes 100 gp
Princess Wand 50 gp

Wax makeup/ lipstain 25 gp
Teddy Bears 100 gp
Teddy Bear clothes 35 gp
Stuffed Animals 75 gp


Filled with candy 35 gp
Filled with toys 150 gp

Skip rope 35 gp
Play tools 75 gp
Marbles 50 gp
Wooden swords 50 gp
Hoop and stick 50 gp
Bow and dull arrows 100 gp
Jacks 25 gp
Top 35 gp
Play soldiers made of wood 100 gp
Horse head on a stick 50 gp
Darts 50 gp
Bats 25 gp
Puppets made of cloth or wood 100 gp
A wooden box stage with a cloth back to perform on 200 gp
Bat and ball 100 gp
Rattles 25 gp
Teething Ring 25 gp
Mobiles of animals brightly painted 100 gp
Whistles 50 gp
Tea Set 200 gp to 400 gp for fancy china

Doll House

All sizes and shapes available from small castles to small cabins 100 gp to 600 gp
Doll house furniture, complete house setup 200 gp
Small porcelain dolls for dollhouse complete family 100 gp


Tackle of all sorts 50 gp
Different types of fishing rods 100 gp
Nets for catching bugs and flies with containers to keep them in 25 gp
Nets for fishing 100gp

Carvings (animals, monsters etc made of wood, stone or bone) 100 gp
Rocking horse, or rocking dragon composed of wood 100 gp

Adult and Children Toys

Cards 1 Deck 50 gp
Chess sets made of crystal, glass, stone and wood. Can have mythical 100 gp
Creatures or the standard set up 100 gp
Fox and Goose, can be made of wood, stone, or carved bone (A tic tac toe
type game) 100 gp
Jewelry boxes, some that play chimes or that have dancing figures 100 to 400 gp special orders are available
Snow Globes 100 to 300 gp
Music Boxes 100 gp
Puzzles 50 gp
Kites all sizes and all shapes, dragons, butterflies, and special orders available 100 to 400 gp
Juggling items, multi colored bean sacs of the same size, juggling 100 gp


Knights 50 gp
Demons 50 gp
Animals 50 gp
Dragons 75 gp

Arts and Supplies

Paints composed of gathered flowers or grasses (whatever color wished)
mixed in with egg white and seed oils 100 gp
Painting supplies, stretched canvas. Rabbit hair brushes 100 gp
Coloring books 50 gp
Colored chalks 50 gp
Colored lead pencils 50 gp
Carvings (animals, monsters etc made of wood, stone or bone) 100 gp

Managers and Employees
•Managers: Needed
•Toymakers 2 positions open:
•Salesclerk 3 positions open:
*Stock Clerk:

The most beautiful picture is the one painted with words!
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