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Tutorial; Formula for a Quest

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 5:33 pm    Post subject: Tutorial; Formula for a Quest Reply with quote

Tutorial and Guidelines for a pc to hold a FFRP quest:

Welcome to Exodus Night! Since you've joined our world you've come to realize just how surprising and colorful we are. From a variety of races, professions and character to-do: there's no telling what you can find from day to day to expand your experiences with us. Now you may be an old hand at the world around us, and your thinking perhaps you'd like to try your hand at our SC-guided adventures. Here you will find guidelines and some advice on what exactly makes up the "body" of an Exodus Quest. Please note: These are guidelines; Quests outside our Campaign Quests cannot be world-altering or cut into a current world Story-line.

The body of a quest consists of many different "parts": the plot: the setting: the Non-Playable Characters. There are a myriad of details, but those are only limited by your imagination and willingness to push the limits of your journeymen.

First, the Plot! Ahh what a wicked web we weave. The plot is the frame work of any quest, from the simplest story line to the most complicated mystery. It delegates what your NPC's are involved in: what the objective is for your journeymen: how both journeymen and NPC's interact, while pushing the story line in it's inevitable direction. You may have already encountered the plethoria of Quest plots in your time here. There is the simple objective (get the gold, kill the monster); There is the more complicated objective (find the gold, solve the riddle, kill the monster); whatever you find best fits your mood, use it!

Next comes the setting. What use is your plot without someplace to put it? There is a whole world out there for your plot to take center stage! From one coast to the next surely there is an environment where your characters and plot will thrive. Think of how your storyline will progress, and how best to utilize these aspects in the environment your most comfortable with. DON'T be afraid to study up on where your planning on taking your journeymen, because who knows what tidbits or small morsels of information will inspire the effect the setting has on the clueless Questers.

Last, but certainly not least. Your NPC's! Your monsters and major key characters that will influence the progress of your Quest. They make up the muscle and sinew of your story line, interacting with players and becoming embroiled in devious sub-plots and war-like battles. There are a number of races you can choose from; from the ordinary to the fantastic; from the good-natured to the foulest villain. Every day brings with it hundreds of possibilities, thousands of personalities and millions of chances to put to use your NPC's abilities and nature against your questing journeymen.

If your a seasoned Quest Master or fledgling player, adventures and storylines are the red blood that courses through our game. It is fed through you, the player, and what your bring to the game in your own special way. So no matter where you stand, remember these guidelines when dreaming up your Quest, and no matter what, you are only limited here by the scope of your imagination and the courage of your players.

Send in all ffrp quests you might want to hold for pre-approval to IceSC@Exodusnight.com in a short outlined form.

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