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Squire Application

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 3:58 pm    Post subject: Squire Application Reply with quote

To the Leader of the Honor Knight’s;

Good Day Sir! Hail from the village [edit], my name is Sir Ryan Cassiel. I am writing to you on a matter of most urgent business that I felt I should address in this letter of application. For the better part of my life I have heard of the bravery and mission of the Honor Knights. To wipe out Evil in all it’s forms, to band against tyranny and chaos alike! It has been my quest in life to emulate these standards: to uphold justice in the face of palpable evil.

Too long has our nation been hostage to the demands of a band of thugs! Criminals calling themselves organized so they may subject the people to their whims. Even now, sacred historical roads and ancient legacies are being plundered by these “Baaton” to be used against us. Our commerce headed by none other than a demon, a DEMON! How can we trust the jobs and economy in the hands of these villains? Now, as their leading officers dwindle, why not press to reclaim the freedom they have stolen from the people? It has been a dream of mine for so long, since my Da first served as forge-apprentice to the Honor Knights years ago. To surge beneath the banner of the Honor Knight’s: slowly but surely we can reclaim what has been pirated away from the public, in the name of all good! I do not condone war, by Lensen’s own hand he sought to balance the Gods while on his throne, but perhaps what I seek is more uniformity and clearer lines drawn against our battle against these evil doer’s.

I have seen those who call themselves the Seraph’s, and while I respect those whom affiliate themselves with this organization, I cannot help but distrust their motives all the time. Do they not profess that they can stand in the shadow of darkness willingly? What should happen if they or their leader wish to wholeheartedly proclaim themselves comrades of these villains? What would happen to our efforts then? To this I say, it is up to us to clean the slate and be done with that which threatens the very lives of Exodus! Therefore I see but one course for me, to pledge my sword and honor in the name of Exodus and the Honor Knights. Will you, good Sir, take me into your folds so that I may properly seek my full potential? This I ask humbly, for I cannot say that I am the most skilled, or brave: what I lack in these fields, I do most definitely make up for in spirit and the willingness to learn.

Sincerely yours,
Ryan Cassiel
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