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Insanity runs in the family

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:54 am    Post subject: Insanity runs in the family Reply with quote

She sat silently in the middle of a clearing in the woods. The sun was just starting to fall behind the horizon and only the last rays of light were lighting her sanctuary. Her blonde hair, streaked with black and violet, fell in disarray in every direction from the top of her head to her shoulders, almost completely concealing the delicate features of her face. Her face was angled downwards towards the ground, eyelids closed over her deep violet eyes. Her nose looked just like her mother's, small, narrow, and drawn into a rounded point. Her thin lips were moving rapidly as she spoke unheard words, either to herself or to what she believed to be someone else standing next to her, though she were alone in the clearing.

Her entire outfit was covered in dirt and grime from whatever toils she may have busied herself with throughout the day. Dirty hands had been wiped across the front of her corset top, violet with black lace accents. Dirt and leaves from the ground sat on the lap of her matching skirt of black with violet lace which, even when standing, failed to cover to her knees. Her black boots rose to just below her knees, the soles of which were caked in heavy mud.

She was sitting Indian-style, arms held out to either side. She continued mouthing words silently, but slowly they became audible. The volume and speed of her words continued to gradually increase, though what she was saying was unintelligible unless perhaps one knew of the archaic language she was speaking, now very rapidly. Without warning, just as she was beginning to reach a climax of speed and volume, she stopped.

She slowly moved her hands to her face, parting the hair that obstructed her view. She slowly tucked it behind her ears, revealing the porcelain white skin of her face made even more striking by the fading sunlight hitting it directly. She blinked her eyes open and slowly inclined her head skyward. She seemed to stare into the sun as violet-colored tears began to pool up in the corners of her eyes. Finally they fell, trailing down her cheeks, leaving behind a violet stain on her porcelain skin. She began to sob and then let out a blood-chilling scream as she jumped to her feet.

All around the edges of the clearing, violet flames appeared and began to consume the dry grass. The drought had been so severe in this part of the lands that the fire rapidly spread inwards towards where she stood. Within moments, the entire clearing was consumed by this violet fire, though it hadn't spread at all outwards. As the flames licked at her boots, she turned her vision back to the ground and began to laugh as the flames grew taller. The taller the flames grew, the harder she laughed until the flames were level with her shoulders. And then in an instant, the laughter stopped, the flames vanished, and the last rays of the sun surrendered to the coming night.
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