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Tanis's vanishing; part 2

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:59 am    Post subject: Tanis's vanishing; part 2 Reply with quote

Once the monk had left the half-elf standing there with the ring, the First Knight simply slides the ring onto his finger. Twisting it while reciting the words of his religion to activate the blessed jewelry. Vanishing, he travels through the corridors of magic and arrives at his destination. Emerald eyes overlooking the ruins he had only visited once since the incident of old, he chuckles. "Back here again, eh?"

His eyes narrow, as visions of the past enter back into his head. Gathering his wits and energies about him, the Templar Magi finally gets started. Lifting his hands to the air, he works the magicks of both his arcane and that of his divine spiritual power. He hasn't worked both styles of magic into one weaving of a spell in awhile, and the last time was not as complex as this. Though easier this time around, as he can do it himself without relying on another for the arcanic arts, the ring upon his finger aids in balencing the spell binding so that he doesn't blow himself to kingdom come.

After about fifteen minutes of the half-elf chanting, motioning with his hands, and teleporting circles around the ruins, the spell is finished. Ripples of light and ethereal strings of an aura whip about and explode into the portal of time and space first created on that fateful day when Tanis had vanished from the face of the world, only to have this mortal body and mind rejected and thrown back into the Exodusian plain.

"Ok...yer mine..." he mutters, whirling about and springing himself into a thrust towards the center of the portal while more words spew from his mouth. While in mid-air, the ring is twisted off and he throws the artifact towards the event horizon of the portal. And explosion occurs, ripping through the fabrics of time and space in such a way, anyone currently using any sort of magic (whether divine or arcane) or in mid teleportation, would feel the shocks and almost wonder if their own powers had went awry.

As all of this continues, the Templar Magi is suspended in the middle of the opening, not yet within the tunnel of the portal. His arms and legs are stretched out as if to hold open a collapsing door or wall for a party. Suddenly, a huge flash explodes once more that can be seen for many a day journey. The portal and both the half-elf, are now gone....vanished....

TBC in one more part.
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