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Tanis's vanishing part 1

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:16 am    Post subject: Tanis's vanishing part 1 Reply with quote

Soon after the war within the Transian was finished, the half-elf had seemed to vanish off the face of the world. In a sense, he had. The Templar Magi was having weird visions and had undertaken a mission towards the muerder mystery pool; a placed blessed of a deity that held a secret within his heart that something was left undone.

Once there, he had gazed upon the surface of the pool, emerald eyes eventually piercing through towards the bottom and being held in trance. What he saw within the pool and within the vast expanses of his mind was something that he had feared. His past mistakes in tampering, or at least attempting to tamper with the time and space fabric were not yet completely atoned for.

The half-elf had done much good in his life, even past this mistake that cost him more of his overall sanity (for an already notorious near insane half-elf in the past). He had returned to the Honor Knights, saved a trapped persona from a dominant evil one, and had even fathered children. Though he had never fully regained his memories of how he had saved Angel, he continued on as a leader of righteousness and a family man. He had hidden the memories he dreamed of from his split personas in the time space incedent, but had been experiencing them for years.

Now, it was time to confront all of this, and fix it once and for all, no matter the consequinces. As all of this is happening, Tanis had felt a hand lightly touch his shoulder. Coming back to himself, his neck turns to face the familiar yet not very well seen monk.

"I know of what you see, and what you must feel. It is as if the gods never give you any peace. For a man of your stature, you know that is both your blessing and your curse."

Tanis nods, "Aye. Yer correct. Sometimes, it embitters me and makes me curse my very nature. However, heroes of the people are needed, and not everyone is strong enough to shoulder that burden."

The monk leans against the edge of the pool, looking in himself with a wistful smile. "I understand, and your place in the afterlife is well kept...as are those places of your families, at least within this plain of existance. Undergoing this, you already are aware of the consequinces and know that Chandel and those patron gods of your family will look over things for you. "

The Templar Magi lowers his head, closing his eyes as a few salty drops of liquid stream down his cheeks. "Thank ye, I know and of course, will accept this. It is what I hope to be, but understand not my last atonement for my past ambitions. I need to be one whole person again, and though this may reset the tables in a way on who I am and how I am perceived, I push foward towards truth."

The Templar Magi bows to the monk, and turns to head off in the direction of his next destiny. He doesn't bother sending message to anyone, knowing his faith will take care of them and not knowing exactly what will happen upon his return, should fate allow him back to this plain as part of the living. He does know however, his spirit is tied to this land, though not of his birth. Even if his mortal body doesn't return, his spirit will retain it's place at the side of Chandel and those dear to his heart, and they will meet again.

The monk turns to salute the First Knight and then quickly reaches into a pouch to withdraw a ring which he tosses to the half-elf. "This ring will get you there faster, and start the process. Go forth, Tanthalus Leth Gunthar, and may fate smile upon you." With that, the monk lowers his body into a prayer stance, vanishing within seconds to leave the Templar Magi alone, near the Muerder Mystery Pool to start the next leg of his journey.
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