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9th Anniversary Tourney

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:07 am    Post subject: 9th Anniversary Tourney Reply with quote

Over the course of a day the inhabitants of the land find a small box about the size of a ring case at their living space, whether they be home, tavern, tree house or even the streets. In these boxes, they find a small multi-colored, glowing marble inside with their name magically etched into the marble. With the box, comes a small correspondence. It reads:

Ladies and gentlemen, lords and ladies, nobles and commoners. The marbles you hold in your hands represent your entry into what shall be known as: The Grand Tournament.

This tournament shall be a ladder tournament in which everyone can participate as the winner moves up the ladder and the loser is out of the tournament. You will all be competing for a grand prize awarded to the winner, along with a gold prize to the five runner ups. This event is special in that it shall not happen over the course of one day alone, but will span over the course of several days, perhaps weeks depending on the entrants.

Also, this tournament will not be decided on who's the best physical combatant alone, but can test any aspect of an individuals skills, or lack there of based on a random selection of what you and your opponent will face off in. Also be aware that some events may end up being team events, in which several of you may be teamed together to face off against another team, but remember that despite such instances, all of you will still be in the event for yourself, to win it at the end, so today's team mate may be tomorrow's opponent.

When it is your time to compete, you will be summoned magically to the location that your competition has been designated to take place at and your event will continue for as long as it takes to declare a winner. Below you will find a list of competitions that will take place.....

Solo Events:

1: Fighting Duel: You and your opponent shall duel until one of you has defeated the other.

2: Tracking: You and your opponent will be given a certain query to track and find. Be aware this will not be limited to animals alone and in some cases may require you to capture your query before your opponent.

3: Race: You and your opponent shall have a foot race from point A, to point B. The first one to cross the finish line shall be the winner.

4: Riddles: This event shall test the wits of both you and your opponent. The one to solve the most riddles after a series are asked shall be the winner.

5: Cook Off: You and your opponent shall be given a certain recipe to prepare. After which a panel of judges shall decide who has prepared the better meal.

6: Treasure Hunt: You and your opponent will be given an object to find, secure and bring back. This event could be something lost in some ruins, or it could be something that is a part of a collection in some lords castle. The winner shall be the one who brings the item back to the place designated in the event.

Team Events:

1: Team Battle: You and your team mates shall face off against another team. This could be held in the great Arena within L'Ombre, or it could take place in other locations in which case, stealth, hunting, trapping and tracking skills may come into play.

2: Treasure Hunt: Same as the solo event, only this time you have the added benefit of having team mates to escort the treasure back to the secure location.

The follow is a set of general guidelines that are to be known during the tournament. Some or all will be applied to the event depending on the event itself:

1: If you do not wish to take part in this event, simply smash the marble now and your name shall be automatically withdrawn. If you wish to quit after the tournament has started, simply forfeit your next event by verbally saying so to the marble directly or to the judge or judges running your next event. One can not sell, trade or give their place to another already withdrawn from the event, or previously defeated at anytime, nor can the marble be destroyed or changed by anyone other than the individual who's name is etched into the marble. Remember that this event is open to all. Some of the most powerful and influential individuals in the lands may be competing in this event, so be aware of what you may be competing in. Remember that you could be summoned at anytime for your event, so if you have pressing matters to attend to that can not be interrupted, you should withdraw or forfeit your event before it starts to prevent your summons.

2: There are three ways to win your event. They are as follows: A)Defeat your opponent either by winning the event outright or by the accidental death or incapacitation or your opponent, B)Your opponent forfeits by either saying so verbally, or failing to be summoned to the competition for various reasons such as magical guards to the summons or death, C)Your opponent is disqualified from the tournament or event for whatever reason.

3: There will be no risk of permanent death during any individual event. Clerics will be on hand to resurrect you should you fall during the the event. Take special note, however, that they are not on hand to revive you outside of any event. If you die before you take part in your event and do not show because of such, it will be considered an automatic forfeit. So be careful as any one of your possible future opponents may be actually looking to take you out of the running before they even come to face you officially in an event. When on your own time, you are responsible for your own safety just like any other day.

4: There may be more specific rules pertaining to a specific event. These will be covered before your competition begins. The competition will be monitored carefully, and failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in immediate disqualification.
There shall be no arguing with a judges ruling during an event. Their word is law, and arguing it may also result in immediate disqualification.

In closing, I look forward to seeing as many involved as possible and a very spirited competition. The winner, apart from receiving the prize, shall receive the eternal glory of being the first winner ever in what will hopefully become a repeating tournament. This individual, along with following winners, shall likely receive similar recognition and platitudes that come with being awarded the honors of Exodus Night.

Everyone, welcome to The Grand Tournament of Exodus Night. Created by TempestSC

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Results Thus Far:

Gryson stood at the center of a podium inside the Obsidian Tavern, his image projected by Illusionists over the other several populated locations all over Exodus as those either involved in the Tournament or interested enough to follow it looked on at both him and the Contestant List.

Gryson, the enigmatic Elf of origins seemingly unknown save for a select few, raised a closed fist, covering his mouth as he let a few coughs escape, clearing his throat. "The initial start of the Exodus Night Grand Tournament has shown promise. Of the almost countless citizens sent invitations, only a third of them had dropped from participation right from the start, the majority of them young children at the behest of their parents from what I understand. A steady rate of those withdrawing from the tournament has begun as well, suggesting that some are beginning to play this tournament wisely, eliminating the competition before they even reach an event. This shows wisdom in it's own right, and to those participants, I commend you on your creativity," Gryson explained.

Images soon began floating around next to Gryson, as images began to form around him, showing the views of some of the more notable events that have happened. A smile appeared on Gryson's face. "Thus far, there have been some noteworthy events that I would like to give attention to....."

Gryson then motioned to one of the images showing a red haired beauty calmly sitting along a table across from a older human as a judge sat to the side between them. "In a battle of wits, the ravishing Aiyanna decimated one Sebastian Corvell, answering ten strait riddles in a row that the Judge gave to them, as opposed to Sebastian's four, winning the event and advancing in the tournament," Gryson explained waggling a finger and grinning ear to ear. "Sebastian was also left drooling in a corner, sucking his thumb when he exclaimed at the beginning of the contest that she would not have the intelligence to get past the third question. For shame, Seb's, never judge a book by it's cover, despite how difficult it would be to get past just staring at this particular cover."

The image soon dispersed in a haze of smoke before Gryson then motioned to another one. "In another event, two competitors were given the opportunity to track down an elusive small Insect called the Death's Head Beetle. Well, this didn't turn out to be much of a challenge to Velvet Angel who's impressive connection with nature allowed her to track down the insect in a matter of a half hour, leaving her opponent, adept Ranger Willoby Hilks digging through the ground, still searching. The judges decided to let him continue searching for another two hours before informing him he had actually lost," Gryson said chuckling slightly before waving his hand around through the now hazy image.

Moving on to the next, he slowly raised his hand, rubbing his chin slightly. "In perhaps our most bloody event yet, the hellcat vixen known as Velvet Luve literally tore through her opponent, a Rager fighter known as Gregoriax, in under eight seconds," Gryson explained as the illusion showed Velvet showing a look of annoyance before the Rager in front of her simply, for lack of a better explanation, exploded. "Our healers are still piecing him back together as a matter of fact. We suggest future opponents of hers not to attempt to talk trash with this woman as an old saying comes to mind for the consequences for such. 'You can run, but you'll only die tired,' as the saying goes."

Gryson then raised a small wine glass, taking a quick sip before looking to a fourth image. "Here we have one of the surprise events that have come to be seen in the events thus far as the old Monk known at Gin managed to smooth talk his way into changing teams in a Team Battle event in order to, as he suggested, 'even the teams'. Of course, after the changed, it became apparent that the teams became one sided, as Gin, Nevaul Kincade and David Keystone managed to tear through twenty-seven other competitors in a matter of ten minutes," Gryson then explained, shaking his head slightly and chuckling. "Seems the old strategist Monk has come out of quiet retirement since the war, eh?"

"And we now move on to the final event for the evening, one still underway as two teams look to find the Golden Cube treasure for Killian, their event Judge. Despite some in team bickering and a general dislike that some of their members share for others on their team, the team of Liza, Sky, Hiei, Baad, Nicholas, Brayan and Jakobey have been the first ones to arrive at the Ruin's entrance," Gryson said, rubbing his hands. "Stay alert for updates on this and other advancements in the tournament."

The images soon faded away, as quiet whispers and chat soon began about the tournament. Bets were now being laid. Fan clubs by children, as well as infatuated young females and males were being created for the contestants already showcased as shirts, flags and banners were suddenly put in large quantity orders for places such as The Body Canvas and the Exodus Art and Frame Shoppe. The Toy Box had also suddenly began receiving several orders for Action Figures and Plushies to be made.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gryson once again appeared in the tavern, illusionary copies of himself being displayed all over the lands. He smirked as he sat in his chair, his hands together, fingers interlaced in front of him. Illusionary displays of Tournament matches slowly spun around him as a smile appeared on his face.

"Once again I return, ladies and gentelmen, to update of of you following the Tournament with interest. The list of participants becomes shorter as we continuously draw closer to semi-final rounds of the Tournament. We now go to our more interesting matches that have happened."

With subtle motions of his hands, an illusion grows larger showing the battle of wits between two contestants. "In this match, Malina had to test her intelligence against a hard taskmaster of riddles, and while her performance at the task at first didn't seem to be going well, she faired far better than her orcish opponent, Dodg, who suddenly, overfrustrated by the riddles posed, lost his composure and was disqualified for an attempted attack on the judge for this event. It is a prime example of patience and not letting yourself be beaten by the event or what you think to be your own limitations. Had the match continued to it's full end, I'm certain Malina would have won this soundly."

The illusion soon dispersed as another moved forward, growing in size as two contestants ran along the ground to a mountain. "Our next would show not quite the test of endurance that was expected as Hiei, after his and his opponent made it halfway through their race, managed to grab his opponent, a halfling by the name of Bindel, and throw him down the mountain. And for those of you curious, yes. Halflings do bounce from that hieght once they hit the ground. They also leave a pretty decent crator which I have learned is becoming a small tourist attraction in those parts."

The next illusion to come forward would show a battle between two opponents as a Half-dragon mercilessly beat upon a Jabele. "No folks, this is not a Dueling Battle, but was supposed to be a Tracking quest. Yet, it wouldn't be long before the oppoents, who revealed little skill in tracking, turned to the alternative and began to attack each other, much to a good number of fan's delights. It would be Thanatos the Half-dragon who won this little battle, and came out victorious."

"Now for a lighter side as we see our resident child star of the Tournament, SkyFlare, show her culinary expertise in the Cook Off event. Her opponent, a Rager who has asked to remain annonymous by way of hollow threats, is now being sought by various assassins for the more than poisonous concoction he had prepared compared to Sky's delecacy of King Crab which many of the guests there for that event found extremely delectable. They are currently looking for Sky now in order to hire her cooking services for future parties and gatherings they have planned. How about sending your host a tasty Cherry Cheese Cake young miss?" Gryson said with a smile as the illusion of the several guests clapping for Sky was shown.

"Our next bout," Gryson said waving forward another illusion of the winged Daelite casting spell after spell against his opponent, a man the size of an ox, was shown, "is another for the record books. David Keystone, another with an increasing fan base, has managed to put himself into the top five quickest endings to a Duel Battle, having finished his opponent off in a little over a minute. Placing him among the ranks of Velvet Luve, who holds first place with eight seconds. He may very well be a Wild Card in this tournament."

The next illusion showed the image of a Monk being engulfed by large flames and left with a blackened face, chared clothing and a perterbed expression on his face. "Nevaul Kincade found himself being burned by the flames of a large fire spell from another mage who some were considering to be a favorite in this tournament. And while this duel took him longer that David's, fiffteen minutes to be exact, he managed to stun his teleporting opponent before finally landing the winning blow." The image then showed Nevaul throwing a jumping roundhouse kick which knocked the jaw clean off a Shadow Skeleton. "That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the knock out capture of Dueling Battles for this week," Gryson said before looking to the illusion replay the said scene. He gave a quick chuckle shaking his head. "Wow, I could watch that over and over."

"Thirty foot stone door blocking the way? No problem for out next trio," Gryson said as he then waved the image of Velvet Angel and Aiyanna standing behind Gin who drew back a fist and slammed it into a thick stone door that stood before him, the whole thing began to crack outwardly from the place he struck and the cumbled to the ground in shattered pieces. "And of course, Gin has no problem striking a dramatic pose for his team mates after," Gryson said as he then showed Gin in a flexing pose in front of Aiyanna and Angel, an arrogant smile on his features. "The three of them were to go into that temple and find the golden statue of a dragon within. A task which seemed to prove all too easy to the three of them, despite the various riddles, traps and opponents found within. Killian, the judge for that event said that their opponents, soon after seeing Gin destroy the Temples entrance, withdrew from the Tournament."

"That's it for this highlight showing ladies and gents. Stay tuned to see which people make it to the semi-finals as we are now down to our final one thousand participants."
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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2008 1:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gryson once again took to the stage, weaving his illusions around as several lights and flashes began to appear and a smile sharpened the corners of his mouth.

"Alrighty tournament fans, the numbers have been narrowed down and many have fought tooth and nail, among other things, to reach to the spot they're now at. The semi-finals of the tournament. You've all waited to see who would go the distance, and now you have it. Here are your finalists:" Gryson explained before weaving illusions showing an image of each.

"Malina. The mild and meek Half Elf Mage who's patience among other things has seen her as a wild card in the upcoming rounds. Drool all you like fellas, but no touchy touchy, I have it on good authority that she's soon to be wed."

"SkyFlare. This mischevious and energetic winged elf child not only has the cooking skills of a seasoned pro, but a pot to beat in the heads of all her critics too. Couple that with her mentalist abilities and you have an odds on favorite for the tournament in this young one."

"Nicholas Asaebond: This Fonce undertaker has seen to it that many of his opponents didn't even make it to their events much less have a remote or random chance of facing him. Opponents should be on their toes before their event if they draw him as an opponent."

"Jakobey: What would any semi-finals be without someone who loves death and decay. This opponent will surely fill the void in that department."

"Illianna: This Fonce assassin has stayed under the radar for a majority of the tournament. Chances are she has preferred it to be this way. Those looking to her as an opponent may have difficulties in researching her strategies."

"Nevaul Kincade: The protege of the enigmatic Gin, this monk managed to go further in this tournament than his teacher. His endurance and pension to never give up has been tested both in the events against his opponents and out of the events in avoided fame crazed fans. Another wild card in this tournament."

"Brayan Jepone: The shapeshifting fighter was never a favorite in the tournament to make it this far, which is likely why he has. Chances are his opponents kept underestimating him and eventually paid for such with a loss. It just goes to show that despite those who are considered a fovorite in this tournament, anyone could win."

"Tatsu: A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless this horse, is of course.................... a centaur named Tatsu. This hooved magic weilding centaur has fast rose in popularity. Why just the other day, a female fan said to me, 'Wow, just look at the size of his <bleep>.' Yes indeed, look at it, but don't let it distract you if you're his opponent."

"David Keystone: This daelite sorcerer has often been mistaken for an Angel, considering his impressive wingspan and his celestial like calm. Though he weilds impressively flashy spells and has a mind apt for riddles and puzzles, he's not been an odds on favorites, but rather another wild card in this tournament, despite his fan following."

"Hiei Darkstar: If he doesn't obliterate you with a spell, he'll do it with a prayer. If he doesn't do it with a prayer, he'll steal your tournament piece. If you're female, don't think that you'll flirt with him anymore and get the win as he's also roumored to be wed, though I won't mention to whom. *cough*Malina*cough*.................... Pardon me. In any event, those seeing him as your opponent best be on your utmost guard both in and out of the events as this individual currently is the most fovored amount the finalists to win the whole tournament."

"Darcey Tamesis: Where this little stealthy wearcat vixen came from, I couldn't tell you ladies and gentlemen. She must have used her ninja like walk to slip into the finals or something, because here she is. Don't think that a ball of yarn will help you against her either, because if it were that simple, she wouldn't have made it this far."

"Baad: Well what do you know. A twinkle in Sudane's eye managed to swim his way into the finals. And why not? This Spawn of Sudane is as viscious as he is cunning. Don't expect to pull a win away from him unless you're willing to pay with a little pain."

"Liza Breath: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, if only I were single. I'd let her woo me with those songs of hers until she tossed her melodies aside to bite into my neck and cause massive bleeding. Unfortunately though, I already have fifteen wives. If I started working towards another, the others might actually start getting jealous. Be forwarned though contestants, there is more to this Bard than an angelic voice and body that will make you break your neck when you turn your head to look."

"Tanis Halfelvin: Well, to be lost at see. All alone, no one to talk to but a volly ball named Wilson, having to catch fish and then fight them to the death just to eat them. What's worse than that? Thinking you've been rescured just to participate in the tournament and then only to be transported back to being lost out at sea once again after winning a round, that's what. Tanis did make it back though, and after a shave and a bath, has made his way into the finals as well. Considered the only real opposition for Hiei in this tournament, be careful if you get to be his opponent. He's been lonely."

Gryson then waves his hands as the illusioned images of the contestants dissapeared, the smile remaining on his face. "Well, there you have it. Now, for something new. The first round of the semi-final matchs have already been paired up, and the match ups will no longer be random. Each contestant will know who they are facing, and they will now know what event they will be facing each other in. Contestants now have the added bonus of studying their opponent to find weakness'. On top of that, they will know the event so that they might prepare for it as well," Gryson explained, raising a finger. "That being said, let me present the first round of the semi-finals:"

Gryson then waved his hand as an illusioned latter board appeared beside him, listing the following:

Nicholas Asaebond
vs.(Cook Off)

Hiei Darkstar

Brayan Jepone

David Keystone
vs.(Treasure Hunt)
Darcy Tamesis

Nevaul Kincade

vs.(Fighting Duel)
Liza Breth

Tanis Halfelvin
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:19 pm    Post subject: 10th Anniversary Reply with quote

Thanks for the nice turnout for out 10th Anniversary Celebration. Anyone who came and would like to continue their rp on the forum is invited to. The same xp and gp will be rewarded for forum rp.
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