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The Uprising Part 4

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:25 pm    Post subject: The Uprising Part 4 Reply with quote

The Uprising Part 4

Some things never change, and yet after the warning given to VelvetLuve; if she entered the forest it would be a proclamation of war, her troops were withdrawn. She had a flat line decision to make, either proclaim war or stay away.

The people walking through the forest noticed something different. It was well known there were creatures of great magic in the Eastern Transian, but not many ever noticed the magical beasts and creatures in the Western Transian forest.

That was because those creatures blended into their surroundings which were peaceful and pure. Things changed when ?their- land was threatened and they came forth out of the greenery in peace to those who could help them, such as Nevaul and Sir Ignus. They asked them to help and pledged their help in exchange.

They were unusual beasts, soft browns on the creature meeting Sir Ignus in the forest blended in perfectly with the brush and lighting. Sir Ignus watched as it approached him, soft fur, large ears and a rounded shape much like a bear crouching between the trees. This wasn't a normal creature, and it certainly wasn't a shapeshifter. It was probably blended in quite well to its surroundings before with no need to come out and be seen.

The creature held out his paw offering huge purple grapes the size of apples to him.

Sir Ignus held his hand out to take them.

"Please, I would love to have some of your beautiful fruits. May we talk more about this help you need my services? My blade not be the sharpest, but I will help."

Nevaul, might be surprised as the magical creatures came close to Fortundo and then pawed at the ground. Fertile soil with sprouts in the middle of it, almost danced before him. The blooms were in yellows and purples and had one black dot as a daisy would and yes they seemed to be able to see.

"We will help you fend off that beast, for the shapeshifter killed many seedlings on purpose wanting to be king of the forest."

Nevaul was greeted by other creatures out of the norm surrounding the other animals that followed him. They were not fierce and didn't look anything like his companions of the forest. They were not enraged or angry...tonight the forest was quiet, magical and aware things might change drastically at any moment.

Words from the magical flowers were enough to make Nevaul swear to find the shapeshifter that claimed he wanted to be King of the forest. He set off towards L?Ombre with hints of where he might be, since healers were at the Arena most all day and night.

Hiei had used his magical lock pick set to analyze the locks of the NightStorm shoppe since Liza said she was robbed. What brought the suspicion up was Sky saying she was a liar, and Hiei seeing how the lock was opened. The magical set he owned had the ability to see her fingerprints, but not until he asked her to pick something up to compare them.

Good news:

TanisHalfelven returned from his journey of recruiting men to stabilize the Honor Knights and make them more powerful. Upon his return he went to his cottage to check on his wife and children. They were missing which drew him to the forest where Angel was working on Safe Haven. He showed concern over the threats from VelvetLuve saying she would kill both he and his wife to take over the children?s upbringing.

Everyone knew if VelvetLuve got control of the twins, Manning and Ivy, she would twist them into the dark chaotic clones of what she believed in.

Tanis and Angel decided to find a safe place for the children.

The elf speaking to Tanis disappeared as quickly as he appeared, but his voice was very familiar to Tanis.
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