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VelvetLuv's Plans

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:17 pm    Post subject: VelvetLuv's Plans Reply with quote

There was something soft and droning like motors humming in the background, and a very voluptuous woman with long dark hair pushed in codes as body parts went by on a conveyor belt.

Nevaul was a cunning man who showed no interest in her, and that made her want to dissect his mind and body. Interesting enough he fell into the trap of her plans, as a mere piece of hair was gathered from his jacket.

It irked the head of the Robotics and Research, VelvetLuve, and her plans on cloning a similar body to Nevaul's. That was her plan. If she could manage to replace certain parts of his body with her metallic creations of the finest metals, she could program his mind to do just what she wanted.

It became increasingly clear as she worked so secretly that she was devising something world altering to rule the entire universe. The professor of the university might not be as trustworthy as most of the universe thought him to be, as he spent many days and nights collaborating with VelvetLuve.

Walking along the stark white room, there was shelves of newly made parts in many of the universes forms. This room was huge, as big as a town within itself, and made by Luve. She could eventually manufacture and devise clones of a huge army. Each part was stamped with a seal on every metallic substance with a laser seal, and others that did not pass inspection were engraved with an X as dissatisfactory.

Her mood was altered when she found out information of large tanks that could fly and alter into space shuttles were being made. She had to wonder if the professor knew about this information, or worst yet Nevaul. Her green eyes almost glowed... or did they? Most thought her to be a mere human, but she may have some underlying species inside her.

Nevertheless the secreted Robotic Center had hidden panels that opened upon her private codes to a very mysterious and terrifying center of ideas.
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