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Kingdom of Planes and so it begins!

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:35 am    Post subject: Kingdom of Planes and so it begins! Reply with quote

The door to the tavern slowly opened, sending a cold chill through the area until, the door was released from his grip and closed behind him.

"Man, its cold out there." He said smiling, being half-way sarcastic. He continued to a vacant table away from the fireplace and sat, ordering a blood wine from Theresa like he always did. The elven maids were sure to keep their distance from him for what he had said last time.

Drawn from shadow itself, the woman parted the ethereal gloom that lingered in the corners of the night. Her footfalls were masked by the soft-leather boots she wore, just visible below her flowing black and purple velvet evening gown. It was cool tonight, but the dress was long sleeved and provided warmth. Shallindria passed under lichen encrusted arch-ways, to deftly ascend the stairs to the porch of the Tavern. Her face was porcelain, pale and shimmering like the Moon's grace. Her eyes were a strange warm red color. She offered no sound at all when she caught the edge of the door before it closed after Loz. "Sorry." She said, her voice was thick with honey, and almost seductive in nature.

There was a summons from a woman who is frantic because her husband was with her and seen a huge image on a throne near Pyra Metros. He disappeared when opening a gift and she can't find him. Standing by the door of the tavern Tillie was frightened and asked all of the people to come see.

Shallindria?s eyebrows rose in concern, as the busty demoness spun around to assess the source of the new wave of panic which washed over her senses. Shallindria placed her fists on her hips and inquired gently, using as much tact as she could. This might present an opportunity.

"What's the problem, my dear?" Her voice was thick with honey as usual, masking her demonic countenance.

Loz looked up to the lady behind him and nodded. "Nah, I'm sorry." He smiled showing those all white teeth, that seemed to play off of his silver eyes. His gaze was thrown off when a frantic woman ran in blabbing about her husband. "Shut up woman, he probably left your ugly butt." He grinned, but thin remembered what Aiyanna had told him the night before. A King of some sorts had appeared and it was sapping her power.

Nevaul`Kincade finally lowers his head, the remaining liquids in his jug swishing a bit with that hollow sounds as he looks over towards the door.

"Pyra Metros, I wouldn't be very welcomed there," Nevaul muttered under his breath, "but stirring up a bit of trouble there could be fun all the same."

Shallindria, "Ahh, the fabled city of darkness. The Baaton's seat of power. Very well. Let's go then." She might be able to work a bit of chaos if given the right opportunity. Shallindria slid a pair of black velvet gloves onto her hands and walked past the woman shrieking in the doorway, then turned her attention towards Nevaul. "Do you know the way? Pyra Metros sounds a long distance far." She pushed her boobs up, a little. This corsette appeared a little too tight.

"No not in Pyra Metros by the portal. My husband thought this huge figure was an entry host for the shopping for Yule. There was a huge tree and gifts under it, he opened one as he was told. When he held a key in his hand he disappeared." She frowned at the ugly comment, and then looked sad as she thought she would never see her husband again.

Nevaul`Kincade finally lowered his head, the remaining liquid in his jug swishing a bit with that hollow sounds as he looks over towards them.
This throne must be him. "Though, I must see this for myself.

Nevaul`Kincade gave a slow nod before tipping back the jug once again.

"Yah, I know the way, the portal ain't that far," Nevaul said as he began moving towards the door. "If we get attacked though and I have to pull yer sweet rear outta the fire," Nevaul said looking to the woman who asked them for help, "I'll take some between the sheets action as my reward."

Shallindria clucked her tongue in annoyance. "Well don?t just stand there wringing your hands, girl. When a man leaves you for a tree, it's time for action. Lead the way to the portal then." She definitely held an aura of authority about her, whether or not this was threaded through her charm, or her Psionic abilities, she moved towards the stables and challenged a groom for use of a horse. Clambering up on the side-saddle, she appeared a courtesan of royal make.

She was too grief stricken, but shivered at Nevaul's words. To barter her body wasn't what she had in mind. Theresa roared laughing at Shallindria and held her stomach as the woman ran out of the door and to the right of the tavern.

Shallindria, Wheeling her defiant Paint around to clip-clop along the cobblestones. She narrowed an eye at Nev. His mind was locked tight it seems, the benefits of a trained mind. She waited quietly upon the side-saddle, her legs draped to the left.

Hiei`Darkstar simply pushed off the wall on the side of the bar area having not really anything better to do other than keep track his notes he said nothing but followed after the woman that just ran out the tavern saying nothing now just chewing on his lower lip in thought keeping both hands in his coat pockets just appearing average human in leather armor that carries a sword rarely drawn

True to her word there was the largest crystal tree with tiny boxes underneath it. A huge figure surely not a human was on a throne besides it. He had a fur robe on with a hood over his head, and wore a mask of silver looking quite like an ornament.[/i]

Nevaul`Kincade was outside, and suddenly dropped his hand along the woman's shoulder as she almost ran past him. "Don't just run into it yah twit," Nevaul said as he reached over his shoulder pulling out his magic carpet. "If yer husband's alive, I don't suspect he'd want you blunderin' into some flashy, flashy," Nevaul said before he picked up the woman and dropped her onto it before jumping to the front himself as the carpet came to a sidelong fly along Shallindria's horse. "Speaking of flash," Nevaul said looking over his shoulder at the woman, "show me yer boobs." It was obvious he was slightly inebriated already.

Loz began to laugh and walked out the tavern as the frail lady ran out. It was dark, but Loz could see and smell which way the lady had gone. Her smell was...different from everyone else in the tavern, so it was easy to track. He would walk, but since the lady began to ran, he would stop and shift into a wolf and chase after the woman that way.

Resting in Nevaul's arms she fretted about the days to come, asking him what she would do without her husband. She was about twenty five in age, and her clothes looked meager enough to show she wasn't wealthy.
Shallindria lulled her head back and let out a drone of gentle laughter.

"Only if I get a large sum of gold, Master Kincade." She was a whore, at times. A companion in every sense of the word. She rode slowly towards the crystal tree. "Well, had I known the portal was so damn close, I wouldn't have bothered with a horse?" The paint snorted in disgust at having a demoness on its back. Shallindria snorted back in witless retort.

Resting in Nevaul's arms she fretted about the days to come, asking him what she would do without her husband. She was about twenty five in age, and her clothes looked meager enough to show she wasn't wealthy.

He had a strange voice, lulling and offered any a gift with a motion of his hand. "Take one, I told her to, but she was too squeamish and afraid. I know not of any accusations. He stood up and was about eight feet tall and bellowed as loud as he could. "These gifts I offer you, soon will leave you to your own causes, and you can seek this tree out whenever you want. FOR THE BRAVE ONLY!!"

Nevaul`Kincade looked to the woman for a moment as a weird expression appeared on his face. "Ah cripes, yer one of them people that likes to 'cuddle' afterwards, ain't ya?" Nevaul then released a long sigh, taking another draw from his jug. "Yah move on. If not for yourself than fer him. -hic- If he were any kind of husband, he wouldn't want ya dragging yourself through life with grief." Nevaul said before
looking to the large figure.

Nevaul`Kincade then soon stepped off the carpet, leaving control of it to the woman for the time being in the event she needed to run. Stepping up to large figure near the tree, he held his hand over his eyes to act as a visor despite there being no need. "Yeesh, yer a tall cuss -hic-. How's da friggen whether up der? Bwahahahahaha! Man I slay me sometimes."
Shallindria walked unaided through the corridor, observing the strange people, listening to the odd sounds. Her mind was suddenly struck by a powerful wave of awareness. A second imprint dissolved the first, her sense of identity withered. She no longer was a demoness, but a human, named Shally.

"Whe..Where am I? Hello?"

Shallindria rolled her eyes. Love was not something she alien to. "Oh please, I don't care about affection." She trotted off, coming to rest near the 8-ft tall man. "Gifts you say? I will take them all." She was greedy.

"I'm brave if I need to be. Is there gold involved?"

Hiei`Darkstar looked over the tree first it was beautiful but thought how much something like that fetch for in good condition or broken into many crystals his mind on gold was not surprising after all he does think of greed as much he thinks of sexual things involving his wife and some other women he knew. But then Luve be a thorn in my side He was not sure if Luve leave him alone for this even though he
Paid his ten percent. Then finally he looked over the unkown male figure looking him up and down sure this was either mysterious king or someone mocking the unkown king. So you have any concubines you willing to spare?

Loz looked up at the King and howled as he shifted back to his human form. "Wow, you really didn't have to yell like that." He sighed and picked up one of the gifts. "What exactly awaits me?" He wasn't one for the rehearsed lyrics that people like him normally gave.

He growled at Hiei, "I am here at only because You people are cowering like her." He pointed to Tillie and told Hiei to take her. Laughing with a bellow like he knew she couldn't get to her husband in an easy way. "Take one." Nothing was behind him but the glow of a white background.

Shallindria hopped down from the horse and moved with luscious grace to the base of the tree. "Who are you, and why are you offering this charity?" If people were foolish enough to give out gifts, then the whore would take advantage of it all. She bent down to pick one up, the black amulet with the purple boarder dangled in her way. She selected a standard sized present, and curiously began.

"Why is it sealed with paper?"

Nevaul`Kincade took another swig of his jug as he began pacing towards the presents. "Bah, this conversation is already growing old. No witty retort of spiffy comebacks. No wonder your evil," Nevaul said as he bent over picking up one of the presents. "Okay, not bigger than a bread box," Nevaul said before shaking the box a couple of times. "Perhaps I'll be able to exchange it for a week at the brothel," Nevaul finally said before opening the gift box.

Hiei`Darkstar tipped his head to the side while in size he is rather imitating he once witness a demon defeated by a Maddox by being bit number of times so size was not everything despite what some women may say differently Cower who are you and why do people cower?
She heard her words echo in the space-less void, then suddenly replaced with a shattering recollection of herself.

VelvetLuve had entered with her entourage and Arthur her main demon dog just wandered by her side. She looked around and smiled to herself, something new to conquer and take over. Some innate leadership was in her and she turned to the others looking a bit blank. The green glow was still in her eyes, and someone brought her a silver suit asking if she wanted to put it on. Strangers amongst her she just took the suit touching the fabric to see what it was made of. The hissing sound of engines made her walk over slowly and see what was making the hum. "hmmm, interesting." She went to pick up the lever and a huge hiss was heard.

Shallindria hopped down from the horse and moved with luscious grace to the base of the tree. "Who are you, and why are you offering this charity?" If people were foolish enough to give out gifts, then the whore would take advantage of it all. She bent down to pick one up, the black amulet with the purple boarder dangled in her way. She selected a standard sized present, and curiously began unwrapping it. "Why is it sealed with paper?"

Nevaul`Kincade took another swig of his jug as he began pacing towards the presents. "Bah, this conversation is already growing old. No witty retort of spiffy comebacks. No wonder your evil," Nevaul said as he bent over picking up one of the presents. "Okay, not bigger than a breadbox," Nevaul said before shaking the box a couple of times. "Perhaps I'll be able to exchange it for a week at the brothel,"
Nevaul finally said before opening the gift box.

He had a voice like a thousand bass bins were on a sound system. "I am King to you and great gifts await you. Take one or don't you appreciate valuable items given to you by one you should kneel to. When Shallindra opened her gift she would see a golden key with her name engraved on it. Once she touched it she might see something else entirely.

Shallindria smiled coyly at Nev as she began to unwrap. "Practice makes perfect, Mmmm?" She was beautiful, yet trechorous. Behind a face of porcelain, with a maroon lipstick, her intentions were as dark as the night itself. She looked up at her benefactor, this large man. "Mm, then thank you for the gifts, Your Grace." She curtsied and viciously began tearing open the gift-wrapping to whatever was within.

Hiei`Darkstar, ? If you are the king then tell us about yourself He was not sure how guess a person's name by far observation height it was not Cynric and unless Novalis have a massive growth spurt may not be the Devil Lord You could be a fake preying on weakness that is fear of others

Loz opened the box and took out the key. On the key, his name was engraved. "Why does this key have my name on it. I just chose a random box?"

Nevaul`Kincade held the key up in front of him as he frowned slightly, looking up to the king. "I hope this is the key to Angel's bed chambers or something...... wait a sec," Nevaul said.

Loz opened the box and took out the key. On the key, his name was engraved. "Why does this key have my name on it. I just chose a random box?"

Nevaul`Kincade held the key up in front of him as he frowned slightly, looking up to the king. "I hope this is the key to Angel's bed chambers or something...... wait a sec," Nevaul said.

Shallindria, Anticipation swelled inside her as the wrapping came off, she removed the box lid to behold the key with her name on it. "... W.. What is this? A key? What the hell am I to do with a key?!" She was expecting a sword, or a magical item of some sorts. Her face registered anger and disappointment, until her fingers brushed the golden object. She felt a tingle, and then grabbed the key entirely. Her head swam as a thousand points in space whirled as her perceptions altered.

Once they all opened their boxes and took hold of the key they see a huge backdrop appear in back of the king. It was completely white like stone with a door and very sterile looking. Tillie clung to Hiei and asked that he take care of her as the King motioned with his arm to the door. "More riches await you unlock the door."

Shallindria?s vision stabilized, with the odd sensation fleeing under the guise of memory. Shallindria half-staggered towards the large door. She fumbled for a moment, losing her patience with her clumsiness, before shoving the key into the lock hole and twisting it.

Hiei`Darkstar shrugged removing his hands from his coat and moved away as he was going to the tree he spoke out If you are who you say you are gatta make me a believer. Hiei knelt down then collected one the gifts and attempt to open it holding it away from his face this person have sense humor like SkyFlare a gauntlet or pie pop out and strike him in the face

Loz was tired of these promised wishes. he was tired of his head hurting. And he was surely tired of all these voices in his head. "More riches. Was this key supposed to be part of those riches?" He held his head with his right hand, the hand that had the key, and shook it.
Nevaul`Kincade released a sigh as he soon began stepping to the door.

"I don't seriously need riches, but I the chica have my carpet and I don't feel like going home yet. I'll check it out for no other reason than just to see what voluptuous women await on the other side. If it's a sausage fest though, I'm outta there," Nevaul said as Fortunado soon appeared from the side, joining him.

Others were coming to the King, some bowed, and others kneeled. Free gifts weren?t a common occurrence and they opened their gifts. He held out his hand to be kissed by some ravishing ladies, when they unlocked the door they disappeared. He motioned to Loz to follow suit. Fortundo might sense something odd.

Nevaul`Kincade felt the tug along his cloak as fortunado tugged on it for the moment. "Ah knock it off you pussy.....cat, I'm too drunk to wrestle with you now. Let's go," Nevaul said slipping through the thresh hold, dragging Fortunado with him.

Hiei`Darkstar> waited a few moments for some cleaver device to spring into action but nothing he would soon bring the box closer so he could look at it to find it contain a key? This the key to Aiyanna?s bedroom or Luve's chambers? Why be given a key something he rarely uses since lock picks are better for a thief he shrugged followed after the others

The King DID seem to know Luve, He was sure that Hiei meant that as a joke and smirked. "Find out yourself." As Nevaul and Fortundo walked through the door they would enter a long sterile hallway in white, but there was a hum of motors and steam in the background. Some people were dressed in silver metallic suits, and others were dressed as you were. Once through the door, the words of the King faded, as well as your memories of the Exodus Night era kingdom. You do remember your name, you do remember skills that will falter badly, friends?the very friends you are with will fade from your mind and become new faces.

Shallindria felt a bit out of the blue, the woman looked around at the room. She saw a panel, with flashing lights on the display. At her left, she saw a pulsing blue sphere, with what appeared to be lightning crackling in it. Instinct took over.

"Damn it! Demodulate the polaron emitters! Flood it with tetryon particles to the inverse effect of the Induction drive.

?Get a controlled pitch going?"

She knew what she was doing, Shally the Engineer and Technician tapped aggressively on the panel, issuing command interfaces to accept her command codes.

VelvetLuve who usually was much the leader in knowledge looked over to Shallindria and walked over.

?What is a polaron?" Yet that innate desire to lead made her whisper in a demanding way. "Fix it."

Shallindria didn't need Luve standing over her, stress was bad enough.

"I'm trying to, but the emitters are down..." She looked over to the Electron Core, crackling with an angry snap of charged electrons. "This technology is highly unstable, if we over do the Tetryon particles, it could go critical." 6She tapped on the panel more, then turned her head to scream an order to an off-sider.

"Seal that conduit! I want an Isometric converter on those power nodes immediately!" She grumbled, and then to Luve she said. 4"Whose idea was it to shunt power directly from the Plasma relays?" 6She really didn't care for the answer, so busy she was on stabilizing this power-core.

Hiei`Darkstar was casually walking in to the door the king promised him riches he wanted see it but soon seem like reality and time changed for him 5What...? 2he was wearing a more different version his attire black jeans boots military style dark long coat with black shirt under on his coat nothing on the back of Exodus all knew, no references of Lylysa the earrings remain though ruby dragons. Was he asleep? He forgot about everything happen up till now he looked around rubbing back his neck with black leather biker gloves that was spiked enough to punch skin not do major damage.

Loz sighed. Metal wagons moved by themselves making humming noises. "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" He ran into the stone street, nearly getting hit by two crossing cars. "WATCH OUT!!" The two men yelled. Loz stopped in the middle of the street and looked at the others that he must have been with. He tried deeply to remember who they were, but it was only hurting his head more. "I don't know what?s going on." He walked to the other side of the road and stood there, starring at the free moving wagons.

Nevaul`Kincade remained knelt atop a small hill on the outskirts of a shimmering city. He looked to be in his early twenties, clean smooth skin revealed flawless features as long, jet black hair was tied back into a tail. His eyes remained closed and he breathed in and out slowly, the sleeveless, white leather trench coat growing tighter over his already above average frame. His bare arms revealed peak human physical conditioning as the body fat ratio under his skin was so low, it was as if his skin was simply spray painted over his muscle and underlying tissue.

VelvetLuve turned and looked at Hiei and at his attire. Her lovely gold brocade gown was out of place, and while demanding Shallandria fix the modules she looked oddly at Hiei and smiled. "Do you work here to?" When she heard the yell from Loz she rushed over to see what he was avoiding, and called Arthur over to follow her. That suit looked even better for her gown seemed to be conducting electricity or Shallandria was doing it. With an accusing voice, "What is making my gown spark like this?" Tiny silver sparks flew this way and that and as she backed up into the wall a huge panel opened. What amazed her though were the men dressed in suits that came with guns across their shoulders.

Nevaul`Kincade He soon opened his eyes revealing the deep blue color that almost glowed in them as he heard the sounds of approaching vehicles behind him, as well as the several shouts of female voices, calling his names. As he turned to look who approached, it appeared that a wide, arrowhead shaped vehicle, which hovered two feet off the ground, humming as it kicked up any loose dirt beneath it. In the hovering vehicle, at least seven young women and three women of more mature age screamed out to him. Nevaul released a soft sigh as his head lowered. A strong wind blew as the tail of his trench flapped in it like a flag. "The women in this city are no different the others I've visited. Always wishing to touch me, kiss me. They act so strangely sometimes. You'd think it was their first time seeing a male in decades," Nevaul said looking to the rapidly approaching vehicle. "Let's go Fortunado. The last time I let them surround me they nearly tore off my clothing."

Hiei`Darkstar looked to Luve while her voice seem familiar her face was new to him which is a surprise he remembers all women he met well that was in the era they stepped out. ?Well no I just drift here time to time.?That he was sure of at least that is what this life he can remember.
Shallindria pulled a small device from under the desk and moved over to Luve, flipping open the small panel, a series of diagnostic readings displayed on the screen. "Your suit is having a reaction to the proximity of the Electron Core. You need to be ground!" She was panicing, and then another alarm went off, a shrill whistle. The automated voice of the computer spoke over the Claxon alarm.

"Warning: Electron core at 73% overload. Beach imminent."
She whirled around to face the computer display.
"Damn! Alright! Out! Everyone out!" Workers began to rush out; some were finished up a few buttons before rushing out of the large warehouse. She turned to Luve. "You ?too! Get moving! Computer, prepare to neutralize the Electron Core. Authorization Du'Vaal Five-Nine-Three!" Computer issued a statement of confirmation then Shallindria picked up a colleague then began to run outside.

VelvetLuve watched Nevaul taking off and she had a wistful look in her eyes."I want one of them." Arthur came back walking in his demon form and had the gun slung over his back. To show her what it did he practice shooting with no regard. A laser beam shot right towards Tillie's husband and went through him. Of course Luve's first thought was to go examine the body. " hmmm burned right through his chest, and out the other side of him."

Loz stopped and began big heavy breaths. The people walking past him were giving him weird looks and were pulling their children close to them in an attempt to shelter them from him. "Calm down Loz. You probably just hit your head and can't remember what happened." But come to think of it...he couldn't remember anything.

Nevaul`Kincade slowly stepped to the side as a massive figure stepped up from behind the hill. The shimmer of mettalic claws reflected light in the long distance as it stood, on all fours, close to ten feet tall. The fur covering its entire body, save for a few metallic rectangles along it's shoulders, and massive head still retained some semblance of a white Siberian tiger as black stripes ran down it's entire body. A slow yawn from his massive jaw also reveal long, sharp metallic teeth as the large, cybernetic ally enhanced, tiger that was known as Fortunado looked down to Nevaul. Fortunado gave a slow stretch for a moment as Nevaul gave a gentle push off the ground with his feet as he did a high, somersaulting, jump through the air before landing along Fortunado's back before giving him a simple pat along the neck. "At your own speed my friend," Nevaul said before Fortunado took off at his usual pace, reaching speeds in excess of sixty five miles per hour, leaving the pursuing females behind them as they headed towards the city.

She ran out the large bay-doors and opened her communicator; she entered in a command sequence.

"Electron Core overload at 93%. Breach imminent." she gulped.

"Damnit. I'm going to lose my job over this."
She steeled herself, taking a deep breath.

Computer: Neutralize the core." The device beeped, and then a tingling hair raising a charge swept through the area. A large EMP shockwave pulsed from the centre of the warehouse. Her communicator went dead as the magnetic pulse killed all technology within a 1 mile radius. What a crap day this was.

VelvetLuve wanted to befriend everyone of course, the more on her side the better. 14"My assistant has killed an intruder." 6 Utter nonsense since she didn't know where she was, or did she. Slow clicking of her calculating mind seemed to be quite at home suddenly when viewing the dead body. Her hand didn't heal him though and for some reason she thought she would do just that. With a beckon of her finger she asked Loz, "Remove the corpse to the deactivating room."

Shallindria dropped to the ground, as assistant supervisor of this project; she would share the blame with Professor Aeshen of the Science Consortium. She rubbed her temples. Aeshen was away on a seminar in another state for the week, and she was left in charge. The first day of her first command project, and she was forced to dump a three billion credit investment. She was doomed. Massaging her
temples, the woman stood up and looked around.

"Contact the Consortium, they'll need an investigation team ASAP. I need a drink." She staggered off towards the nearest Public Hoverbus.
Loz turned to Luve. "What?" His face frowned as he looked upon her face and processed what she wanted him to do. "Where is that?"

VelvetLuve was puzzled and suddenly seemed quite in tune to where she wanted the body, Arthur was finding more for her. Those wicked necromancy skills were taking a turn for the future as she intended on mending the body Arthur had shot.

"Right through there." She motioned to the panel and there were lines of metal tables and chairs with instruments overhead.

Shallindria swiped her card on the transport module, a series of confirming beeps accepted her credit then she boarded the long hover-bus. She sat down anywhere, not caring. She closed her eyes. Within her brain lay a microchip, interfaced with her neural net. She simply issued it a command. Meanwhile, across the city, in the Headquarters of the Science Consortium, a display panel appeared wither a series of codes on the screen. An operator accepted the codes, and then spoke into a thin microphone that hung from her earpiece.

?One moment please."

The operator linked her connection through an array of relays, before a man in a suit and tie, who was sitting at a desk of black, accepted the transmission. "This is Galen." Mister Galen, its Lieutenant Shally here."
Shally cringed at thought of explaining what happened.

Loz nodded and picked up the body. The distinct smell of blood overwhelmed him as he gripped the dead man and threw him over his shoulders and carried him over to the other room. Laying the body down, he saw the hole that had killed the man and put his finger in it. His finger was read, covered with blood as he pulled it out of the whole. The smell of the blood, sent orgasm tic sensations through his body and he slipped the finger into his mouth. As he did this, his teeth began to sharpen and grow, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

VelvetLuve stepped into the room, she went inside a smaller room, putting on the suit she was handed when coming here. She would let Loz take care of the body, and she sent Arthur out to tell him to choose the additional mechanical parts Loz wanted to add to it. What she didn't know was the love of blood, and Loz might like working in the deactivation and be her partner in a sense. The body of Tillie?s husband was leaking a trail of red blood on the white floor.

Shally sat quietly with her eyes closed on the Hover bus. Her mind was engaged with communications to base. Shally's holographic image appeared upon a silver disc in Galen's Office. She spoke calmly.

"There was evidence of tampering, sir. The polaron emitters were disengaged, and some kind of resonance cascade failure of the core took place. We'll know more once the investigation teams are finished sir."
The man named Galen was pacing his office, a look of distress evident on his face. Enviro-tech was one of the world?s leading edge on Green Technology, everything from Plant Cell modification on the Genetic level, to the more complexities of Organ Regrowth using protein supplements on the subatomic level. The Electron Core was recently given approval as of last year, and program began immediately. Now, a year later, funding was complete and the initial power-up procedures began. Until then, a form a nuclear fusion, combined with
Matter/Antimatter reactors powered the city. The Electron core promised a cleaner, less industrial source of power.*

Nevaul`Kincade took a small look around as the large feet of Fortunado eventually came to a stop. Nevaul's foot soon swung over the large back of the tiger as he slid off, falling to the ground. Soon, the sound of a woman screaming caught his attention as he looked over to see an older man picking on a young woman. Nevaul soon stepped over to him, tapping him on the shoulder. When the man spun around, Nevaul's finger poked him along various areas along his upper torso, a soft spark arcing from his finger as he pulled back each time. The series of pokes, nine in total, took all of a second and half, and was done with extreme precision. When he stopped, Nevaul looked up to see the frozen, silly look on the man's face as remained motionless.

"The bio-electrical flow along your nervous system should begin flowing regularly again in about an hour. Next time, be more courteous to women."

Nevaul said before looking to the woman to see both a mix of awe and lust in her eyes. "Miss," Nevaul simply said before walking past her, the thumping of Fortunado's paws following behind him slowly.
Galen paused in his steps, and then turned to Shally.

"This is a horrible thing. We will need to keep it under guard until we have more proof of your suspicions. I want you to lead the investigation. I'll recall Professor Aeshen immediately. There are numerous activist groups that do not wish the Electron Core to be possible. Keep all findings restricted under a level 8 Security file."

He pressed a button, and the data was uploaded into Shally's mind.
"I've transmitted the command codes, until this investigation is over; you are promoted to Lieutenant Commander Shally Du'Vaal. Dismissed."
While not militaristic in origins, Enviro-tech abolished the need for projectile weaponry, and has since funding the space program. Some cadets, finished basic training then joined the

Loz smiled more seductively and bent down over the body. His head paced over the body's neck and his teeth piercing the flesh and the blood rushing into his mouth. He released when he felt he had his full. He looked up and moved over to Luve while wiping his mouth of the blood, though it was now on his white sleeves that he had on. "So what is this place? I have no memory of it or anyone here."

VelvetLuve watched in awe at what he did, but it saved the fact of draining the body through tubes and bottles. When he was done she picked up a robotic arm and showed him,.

"We can create parts, supernatural strengths...someday shhhh our own army."

Shallindria?s image in the office fizzled out, and Galen turned to view the rest of the city from his window. Shally's eyes snapped open, she looked around a little, her stop was next on the flight path. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes again. Two-weeks ago she had opted to volunteer for the Bio-neural Microchip. Headaches and memory loss were expected. She rested her head on the window, then looked up at the lightly clouding skies. Rain was coming. She knew, since the atmospheric sensors in the sky were transmitting their readings to databases for the public safety. Shally watched the dregs of the sunshine dwindle away into an azure twilight, before she stepped off the hover bus and approached the door of her apartment.

She mentally issued the code to her security door; the metal parted and admitted her entrance. Instantly, the room brightened and a feminine voice spoke to her.

"Good Evening, Shally. How was your day?"

She dumped her coat on the table and looked up at the computer voice. "It was a shit, how was yours?" She said nonchalantly. Resigning to her favorite couch, Shally let her mind wander on today?s events. Someone wanted the Electron core never to be made. She somehow got the feeling she was entering something that was much over her head, and then she could realize.

It was a busy center, much like a huge hospital. Along the walls were heads, arms, every body part one would imagine. Some were half done, others were completed and helping out, Not all were robotics. Some seemed to be a mixture of metal body parts and human. Ladies that were bald attended those working making sure systematic parts were kept sterile and clean.

Nevaul`Kincade soon stepped into the deactivation room, Fortunado in toe as he looked around for a long moment remaining silent. He soon stepped over to an available terminal, and settled into it as he began accessing news reports from the past month, his eyes traveling over the content rapidly.

Loz nodded and took the robotic arm. "So we can create a metal person basically?" He smiled and nodded. He wasn't into the whole raising and army thing, but this could be interesting. Definitely since he doesn't know anything else, maybe it will come back to him later. He looked around the area, stepping out of the room. "So is there a place where I can find out the news?" He was intent on
finding out what had happened to him.

VelvetLuve looked at Loz and then to Nevaul. Some didn't like her taking off body parts to add new ones. When he and the tiger walked in she asked, 14"May I help you? My assistant and I are re-manufacturing this dead man." She licked over her lips to Loz to show him he had a smidge of blood on his lips.

Nevaul`Kincade remained silent for a moment as he continued to look over the news reports that went scrolling across the screen in front of him. The large tiger lay down behind him, even lying down; all that could be seen of Nevaul behind the massive beast was the back of his head.

"I'm making use of the terminal, looking over the criminal reports to see exactly may pose a threat, and then I intend to Nevaul`Kincade hunt them down to test my own skills," Nevaul explained calmly as his fingers kept rapidly pacing over the holographic keyboard in front of him.

Loz looked at Luve and smiled and licked his lips. He didn't want anyone else to know what he was. He looked over to Nevaul and the tiger and pointed to the assorted body parts on the wall. "It?s a new science that could help those who need amputations or those who just want stronger limbs. A very resourceful tech." He grinned, showing his pearly white teeth.

"Meet Professor Loz, he heads the scientific department in the Academy. My assistant found this body on the floor of the control room, didn't you Arthur?"

She gave him a look to agree or he'd be punished. Arthur stood wearing fur and leather pants, much the same as some they seen in the main control room with a gun strapped across his chest. "You're Nevaul right?" How she knew his name wasn't discussed and she eyed the beast with suspicion.

Nevaul`Kincade slowly shook his head as he reached into the pocket of his white trench coat, pulling out a small, oval shaped object. "My friend here needed it to live past his expected life span, I've been training since I was five, and haven't any need for cybernetic alterations." When he heard her call inquires with the use of his name, he let out another soft sigh, dropping his head slightly. "Please

Don?t tell me you wish to have sex with me."

Loz nodded and looked over to Luve with a curious face. He then turned back to Nevaul and nodded in agreeance. "The other rooms in this building are dangerous and you could end up like this guy if you don't have an escort." He continued to play into Luve's lie. He grinned again and listed to what Nevaul was saying. "Cybernetics isn't for everyone I see." He coughed at Nevaul?s comment.

VelvetLuve spoke softly, "Professor Loz has been doing some interesting work with purification of blood. Have sex with you, well I might ask what made you ask me that." She had made no advances towards him but was known to be much attracted to a lot of men. Luve seemed to devour attention, and her curves did announce that in her tight silver suit. "We need an expansion to these facilities, perhaps Professor you have a floor in the academy for beginners?" Looking Nevaul up and down and smirked,

"You might need the same device if I did want you." She motioned to the expansion of life device.

Loz nodded. "I believe there is a class on the third floor. If he ever decides to come to one. Though they are kind of random you would probably get bored. A map of your intelligence. Maybe the advanced course, though I don't teach it." He pulled a pen from his pocket and a piece of paper off of one of the nearby tables. "Here are the room numbers of the different classes and the times that they

" He turned to Luve and bowed slightly. "Well I must retire. I hope there is a room in this large building that I can use for the night."

Nevaul`Kincade soon slipped oval shaped object into the holographic port at the side of the screen. Text soon began to filter to the side of the screen and into the oval object as a small holographic projection began listing the same text that was on the screen. "Almost every woman I've come across has made advances towards me," Nevaul explained to Luve before standing him as he slipped the oval device into the inside of his white leather trench coat once again. Every movement of his arms revealed muscle becoming taught and relaxed under smooth tanned skin, almost like they slithered underneath in a way. Then those piercing deep blue eyes of his gazed across the room into Luve's.

"I can't imagine why, but it has become quite bothersome as of late to stave off their advances," Nevaul said.

VelvetLuve bid the Professor goodnight.

"Don't you know all women like the chase, or did you think only men did? Of course me...well I have my own devices very different than most."
She didn't say if he was attractive or not, but walked over to see the screen and text he was reading. A slight scent of earth was lingering on her the demoness had kept a much lighter scent than brimstone. Her hand reached for his pet and her nails were exceptionally long as she stroked its ear.

"His name is? I must get a pet myself, one with light blue eyes." Even she had to laugh at her comment since Nevaul had blue eyes.

Nevaul`Kincade shook his head. "He's not a pet, but has been my steadfast friend and partner for the past twenty years," Nevaul said calmly with a smile as he looked down to the massive tiger. "Fortunado, speak," Nevaul said lightly before the tiger, his face turning towards and empty corner of the room. A small yawn was then given as the tiger let out the lightest of growls mixed in with it. As he did so, things around the room shook for a moment before a shimmer in the air could be seen traveling through the room at a rapid pace, before slamming hard as the metal wall screamed as it dented inward instantly. "And that was only the equivalent of his purr. He guards me as I enter deep meditations."

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