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Enviro-Tech Corporation

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:46 pm    Post subject: Enviro-Tech Corporation Reply with quote


Environmental Technologies, or Enviro-Tech, began in the later half of the last World War. Borne from a desperate need for co-operation between all of the civilized world, the natural resources having been plumped to a near cataclysmic depletion. Scientists of the day turned to more rudimentary energy sources, and through ground-breaking research, ended the war when the discoveries were announced to belong to all inhabitants of the planet.

Fifty or so years later, Enviro-tech has become one the worlds leading edge companies, creating everything to synthetic polymers and leathers, to Atmospheric Modulators and Bio-habitats for dwindling animal species. But their technology didn't end there. From the complicated nano-bot series came a whole new revelation in Medical Sciences. The human body could be sustained for longer periods of time, stretching the life-span by half a century.

Committed to becoming the worlds largest company, Enviro-Tech has expanded into the realms of Molecular science with the plans for building cleaner power-sources. Matter/Anti-matter reactors produce a by-product of plasma, which can only be converted through a complicated conversion system on orbital platforms and Nuclear fusion carried too much of a risk.

Having been created from a war, Enviro-Tech still maintains an interest in the Military. Opportunities exist for Cadets and Officers to join the company, sponsored by academic skills from the Military.

Despite the good-natured intent that the Company has for the entire planet, many factions have and will probably continue to oppose it's developments. Some factions are political in nature, others are rumoured to be pro-active, and in some cases, boarder on criminal tendancies.

Enviro-Tech today has roots in every standard home in the New Age. Everything from building construct materials, down to the pot-plant you buy for the corner-table. Food stuffs are also supplied, with genetic sequencing of protein compounds to create any food item available.
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