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Cities created for Kingdom of Planes

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:25 am    Post subject: Cities created for Kingdom of Planes Reply with quote

Lumen, The Haven City

City Size: 250 sq. miles

City Population: 350,000+

Benefits: Jobs and Opportunity, Markets, Companies and Stores offer all available items for purchase save for those considered extremely rare, Free transportation around the city, Guarded Transport to other cities(via air or land) and space ports for a price, heavy defenses to guard from outside attacks.

Drawbacks: Crime in blind zones, illegal trafficking of contraband, concerns of privacy issues outside of blind zones under Deante watch, siding with one company completely makes you a target of others.

Considered to be the jewel of technology, it's the one city that can be seen in space, hosting high rise buildings that touch the clouds. There are very few places in this city that don't have some part of integrated technology that is all connected to a central hub. The hub is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence Program called Deante. This surveyor of the city monitors everything in the city, alerting the appropriate personnel from high priority crimes, natural disasters from weather and technological malfunctions or breakdowns.

The city itself is host to all the latest technological devices and research, with more than seven companies vying for the top spot of leading the way. As such, several job opportunities are made available for people of all special skill sets. That's not to say that this city does not have its own problems, with those opportunities of jobs comes the more dubious ones as well, as companies try anything to gain the lead over another. From sabotage to kidnappings to even murder, everything seems to be fair game between the majorities of these companies and while Deante is efficient at responding to such crimes, he can still do very little to fully prevent them from happening all together.

And while the full city is considered to be surveyed by Deante, there are still blind spots that even his eye can't reach. It is here where the most illegal of happenings occur from arms dealing to black market organ and cybernetic sales. Even slaves are sometimes sold in these areas. When entering these area of the city, the one thing to remember is that whatever law or protection you have, is only what you yourself make.

In the end, there is almost nothing that can't be done or found in this city of modern and future times, providing one has the ambition for it. Be warned, however, that no matter what field or task you chose, there are two large handfuls of other individuals looking to be your better in any given field. It's a city of opportunity and at the same time, a city of struggle. In the end though, while many of the smaller cities require you to apply for citizenship, Lumen open's its borders to all, but keeps a strict eye on those just entering.

Natura, The Land of Rumors

City Size: 550 sq. miles

City Population: Unknown, estimated to be only at 15,000

Benefits: Quiet, Peaceful (most of the time), considered to be the central land of trade for agricultural foods.

Drawbacks: Normally a hideout for criminals and smugglers, no official system of government or law enforcement, very little sources of advanced technology.

Nature, while larger than Lumen and Everton combined in area of square footage; its population is smaller and is still considered to be behind on the times, with its only real technology being those used in harvesting crops and other foods naturally grown in the lands. However, it is still a self sufficient land who's official residents, some rumored to be one of the few still practicing religion, while small in number, have remained in control due to, if for no other reason, the fact that any who would attempt to try and seize the lands would only find that the devastation that would result from it would cause a ecological disaster in the form of famine. For now, all other, more advanced cities, are content with the open trade they have with the Natura, as they get enough natural food in exchange for providing and maintaining the equipment for harvesting. The equipment in question, work efficiently enough to produce up to five harvests in one season, providing plenty of food for all.

The land itself is covered heavily both farmland and forests and jungle terrain and the population is spread out thin over that land. In most cases, families or individuals usually find themselves living a minimum of one mile away from one another. If some to gather to form a larger community of sorts, it normally doesn't get very large in one small area, the largest known being a group of fifteen hundred people taking up an area of three square miles. Such makes this land a safe zone for those on the run from bounty hunters and others or smugglers who run illegal contraband such as weapons, drugs and stolen goods.

With no official force policing the lands as well, crimes often go on unsolved. There are rumors of criminals in these lands meeting a very bad end when crossing a certain line, and that those who had been found were have said to have died in ways that some medical examiners could not fully explain. As such, most criminals when hiding out in Natura or running their particular smuggling, tend to leave the official residents of these lands alone, not wanting to test whether those rumors are true or not.

Lastly, there is said to be a group deep in these lands, who still practice an ancient form of combat. Little is known about this group or the combat they teach. Suffice to say, any who have found and trained under these people have remained silent from it, or have not returned from their training. Even a general location of this group is unknown, and all satellite imagery and surveillance, as well as scout groups sent to investigate it, turn up nothing, thus labeling it a rumor, and nothing more. Still, the rumor persists, and many still search.

Everto, The City of the Misplaced

City Size: 250 sq. miles

City Population: Unknown. Fluctuates very often

Benefits: There is nothing you can't have if you want it bad enough
Drawbacks: The statement above only holds true if you're strong and smart enough

It is a city where only the strong may survive. There is only one official law here, and that is nothing can be used that is capable of destroying the city. Attempt to break this law and you'll eventually find yourself facing the entire city itself despite what differences, hatred or ambitions the city's population had with each other before that. Aside from this rule, there is nothing else that is not allowed. If you want something, take it. If you want to keep it, be strong enough to do so after taking it.

There is no law here, point in fact; those who have tried to bring law to this city have found themselves beaten back horribly. Even Lumen does not try to interfere with Everto and, point in fact, normally drop off criminals whom they don't think their city can reform or keep imprisoned, preferring to let Everto serve as the final prison instead.

Everto, however, has no such reservations about infecting Lumen, as they're often the ones to be found in the blinds spots of the city which Deante watches over with its cybernetic eye. Still, none in Everto are so bold as to try and take over the city of Lumen itself, for there is no system of social structure in Everto apart from greed, and everyone knows that a united front of the city itself against Lumen would break apart before Lumen's defenses could be broken. In the end, there would be no one leading it all, and everyone trying to get it all themselves.

The same would hold true with Natura. They know it's likely they would succeed taking over that land, but in the end, they would only tear it apart trying to beat each other out to control it all, and the prospect of starvation seems worse than dying in during some fight or some crime. As far as Natura is concerned, Everto is content with the food they are supplied due to the equipment they themselves steal from Lumen and other cities. In the end, they get their food for free, as well; they enjoy the fringe benefit of using Natura's vast landscape for smuggling and hiding when they are not in Everto themselves. However, many have seen the remains of others from Everto they knew, and know well enough not to push their status in Natura past a certain point.

Lastly, Everto may seem like a city of chaos to many, but overall it's only chaotic to those who could not survive there. Warfare does not constantly happen there openly out in the streets, but is made in movements like pieces on a chessboard. For many of the citizens know that if you battle someone openly in the streets, that you leave yourself open to another just waiting to pick you off after you have been worn down from your previous battle. To survive in this city, you need both strength and/or brains.

by TempestSC[/b]
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