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Suggestions only for weapons

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:56 pm    Post subject: Suggestions only for weapons Reply with quote

TempestSC suggestions not mandatory:

Level 1 Melee Weapons:
Dagger/Knife (Often used for hunting, a back up weapons for soldiers, or just a survival tool, the knife is one of the oldest and most trusted weapons on the planet. It's small size makes it concealable, and in the hands of a trained expert, it can be just as lethal if not more so than some people holding guns)

Baton/Nightstick (A blunt weapons, they're normally both light and compact, allowing extra force in close ranged combat. It is often most used by members of law enforcement)

Level 2 Melee Weapons:
Long Sword/Katana/Rapier (The next step up in edged weaponry, these weapons offer a longer range than knives and do more damage. The disadvantage of them is that most are only concealable through means of a long jacket or other bulky clothing)

Bo Staff (Larger and heavier than the usual club sized batons or nightsticks, the bo staff offers a larger damage than it's smaller blunt cousins and a further reach than even swords)

Level 3 Melee Weapons:
Spear/Halberds (Offering the blunt attacking power and reach of a staff, as well as the sharpened steel end comparable to a sword, this weapon offers the best of both worlds to an extent)

Vibration Knife (While appearing to be a normal knife, this small melee weapons has been fitted with technology that allows it's blade to vibrate at high rates making the blade ten times sharper than a normal blade)

Level 4 Melee Weapons:
Kenetic Hammer/Club (While appearing to be a normal hammer of club, the technology fitted in these weapons enhance kenetic energy, allowing the weilder to strike with a blunt force fifteen times greater than his/her strength would be capable of doing alone)

Vibration Sword (Like it's smaller bladed counterpart, the vibration sword can vibrate at high rates, making it ten times sharper than the blade would be alone)

Laser Edge Knife (The blade of the knife gives new meaning to 'hot knife through butter' as the normal edge of the metal blade, which essentiall just holds the technology for the weapon itself, is blunt for the most part, but two crystals, at the bottom of the blade and at it's tip, emits a high temperature laser which runs at a thin beam. The beam itself, as well as how thin it is, allows it to cut through most anything it comes into contact with. Thick armors take more time and specially coated reflective armors render it ineffective, but when it comes to small concealable weapons, nothing is more damaging, the power source for the swords will allow it to have longer use than it it's ranged weapon versions, but like the ranged weapons, the high output used to generate the laser gives the weapon the drawback of limited use)

Level 5 Melee Weapons:
Kenetic Staff/Sledge Hammer (Like the hammer or club counterpart, this weapons offers the same in technology, but discharges an even high kenetic force output than it's smaller version)

Laser Edge Sword (Having a longer reach and higher temperature, thus more damaging, than it's knife counterpart, the laser edge sword offers the most damage out of any melee weapon out there, but it also suffers the same drawback of limited time of use that any laser weapon has)
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