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Broken Wings Intro

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Author Message
Nevaul Kincade

Joined: 20 Dec 2007
Posts: 54

PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:41 am    Post subject: Broken Wings Intro Reply with quote

(The following is an exert from a series I had been working on entitled: Broken Wings, which involved a Detective by the name of David Preacher and his fall from grace into an emotional state of sociopathic violence, setting out on his plan to finish off the remaining humans left alive after a massive attack from an alien race almost left human's extinct.)

There was a slow cough mixing with a giggle every now and then, the room completely encompassed in dark save for that small swinging light. The bright florescent illuminated the center of the room as it illuminated the sleek, reflective surface of the the steel floors where pools of blood and sweat laid drying slowly in the stagnant atmosphere that carried the smells of musty sweat, blood and metal mixed together. In the center of the room sat a male tied firmly to a chair at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankle, the chair itself was bolted to the ground. He was bald in every sense of the word having no hair along the top of his head as well as having no facial hair, eyebrows or even eye lashes for that matter. His shirt was off, revealing that he had no visible body hair as well, but was marred with several dark bruises all over.

The completely toothless smile was further marred by the extent that his lips had swollen as well as a small tear in near the right corner, those he teeth had not been removed from the obvious beating he had taken. Both of his eyes were swollen as well, his left eye swollen shut, the right, due to a small cut under the eye to drain out excess fluids, only slightly less showing that still defiant glare of a hazel color filled with insanity to boot. The man soon let out another giggle, which eventually was halted by several coughs that eventually produced a small splatter of blood hitting the floor. "Heh, nose is broken. Can't breath through it," the man said weakly. "It's hard to breath as well, seven busted ribs, one on the right side punctured a lung. You know how long it will be before I eventually drown in my own blood. This is years of pent up regression being released, and I didn't think you had such fun in you, David."

The swinging light eventually reveal the mid length leather trench, the gloved hands marred with dry and wet blood, and the solemn face as light blue eyes gazed down upon his captive audience with indifference. "Am I still good, Y?" David eventually asked.

"Wha?" Y replied, his eyes widening as much as they could considering the injury, and a look of almost surprise upon his face. "What the frack you going on about now?"

David gave a slow sigh as he turned to the door at the other end of the room. "Many called me a 'hero' on Earth due to numerous cases I investigated, the countless criminals I put away there," David began to explain as he turned slightly, looking over his shoulder back at Y. "Everyone labeled me the 'hero of the space station' due to that incident involving the mutated Heretics known as The Beasts over two decades ago. Some have even gone so far as to say I'm a symbol of good in a sense because of what I do and the standards I live by. Still, despite being a hero or symbol, where has it got anyone, especially me?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wah, wah, wah!" Y eventually said, managing as much of a shout as he could. "What the hell are you whining about? Since day one you never claimed to do what you did for the adoration or blessings of some groupies."

"You misunderstand," David said calmly turn around now as he began pacing around Y. "I never did do it for adoration, and I certainly never wanted to become as famous as I did. It did happen, however, and when it did, I had hoped that with the spotlight on me, others may look to me and begin to follow the example I laid before them. None of them did. They continued to war, they continued to suffer under the delusions of supremacy due to genes or social stature and position. So busy was everyone with advancing and keeping their own position in life that none of them noticed the impending threats of the shade, the red men, and eventually the aliens that dwindled the human race's numbers down to near extinction. We've be limping on ever since, having ostracized freeborns so much in the past that the majority of them left have cut themselves off completely on Mars and are left now with an uneasy alliance being formed with the community of space pirates and smugglers who dwell in deeper space. Both sides and silent third parties are likely already looking for ways to screw over the other and exploit the situation for their own gain."

Y suddenly began to laugh uncontrollably despite the pain it caused him as drops of blood escaped his open mouth. He found it all hysterical in his own mind. "Oh cheese and rice, if I had a violin I'd break it out and start playing it at this point," Y said as blood began to trickle out of his mouth. "Hey David, you hear that dripping sound that's echoing through the room? That's my heart pumping cold piss for you and your calamity over the social misgivings of the human race. Newsflash detective, the human race is the only known species that have always, and will always, screw each other over for no other reason than they can. The aliens that came to wipe the human race out had much more unity and cohesion, even if they failed. Hell, even fish flies are a more solidified species that humans. They have two purposes in their twenty-four hour life span: To breed after hatching and then to die, mostly to feed other animals. Do they like their lot in life? Probably not, but they stick to it instead of one or two of them deciding to go off to the side and start their own fish fly business. You ask me? I'm surprised anyone like you ever existed in this day and age. That's why I chose you in the first place. All the other detectives I tried out after you left for your first trip to the station, they either gave up, couldn't figure it out, or were just so plain lazy or boring that I eventually just killed them. None of them went the distance you did to try and catch me."

"And so I came to my crossroads then," David finally replied after a moment of silence as he reached into his jacket to pull out an Law Enforcement Class 3 laser pistol, holding it lazily at his side. "Am I still good, Y?"

Y lowered his gaze taking a moment to focus on the pistol for a long moment before a slow smile sharpened the corners of his mouth once again. "Oh-ho, now the cloak drops and things get serious," Y said, finding amusement at the prospect he was presented with. "The answer I give is what will decide my fate I gather. Heh, you must understand how fascinating I find this. My answer, being able to possibly bring you back to you started as, or to push you that last inch and send you over the edge. I find it very, very, amusing that it's left in my hands."

"So, what is your answer?" David said, slowly raising the gun and leveling it at Y.

The smile on Y's face remained as he lowered his head a bit, letting out a slow giggle. "You want my answer? Here it is," Y said looking back up at David. "No. Good people don't kill unless there is absolutely no other option. You've taken more than your fair share of lives for less than that and also once upon a time, in vengeance. Good people don't compromise on their on their standards. You abducted one of your own NRP political secretaries in and handed him to the wolves to get back the son of another, giving in to their terrorist tactics. Good people take criminals such as myself to prison........................... they don't take them to the deepest darkest parts of the Station to brutalize and beat them to near death. You whore around with women, you drink, you cheat at cards, you use other criminal to get at other criminals, often causing the death of the 'small fish' as a result. Are you good, David? You were at the start of your life. No anymore. But hey, look at it this way: Most humans aren't good past their second day of child birth, bitching and moaning right away for mother's tit."

"So, there it is," David finally said after a very long moment of silence.

"There it is," Y replied, the menacing smile still on his face as he leaned his head forward, pressing his swollen left eye against the barrel. "Do it. Do it and let me have the biggest victory over you to date. Kill me and let everyone know that I finally turned the great Detective David Preacher to an evil act. That with my words alone, I managed to crush what little spirit of good he had left in him, and turn him into an uncaring, self serving drone like the rect of the human race that's left. C'mon, David. Show the station that you have some of that Harbinger left in you."

"Crazy to the end," David said calmly, "but you're right. Save for one thing Y: Harbinger was a territorial, single minded murderer with delusional purpose. I'm David Preacher, a different animal all together."

Then the fateful sounds finally came. The soft, low toned giggle constantly escaping Y's smiling lips. The sound a the spring straining slightly as the trigger was slowly squeezed back. The sound of that 'click' when the trigger had finally reached all the further it could go. And lastly, the quick sound the weapon itself building that charge from it's power source and releasing the hard, hot light of a laser which streamed from the barrels end, penetrating first flesh, then the eye, the brain, the bone and flesh along the back of the head and finally ending as the laser blast finally hit the wall behind Y. Y's head racked back, the force so hard it caused the front bolts of the chair he sat in to break off at the heads before the upper half of his body slumped forward, motionless, blood refusing to pour out of the wound as it had been cauterized from the laser's heat.

David soon began to disassemble the LEC3, tossing the pieces along the ground before finally pulling off his gloves, laying them down along the ground as well. Finally, he reached into his jacket once again, pulling out a small hand held metal sphere of sorts and pressed a button along the top. "And I've got a lot of work to do," David finally said, laying the sphere in Y's dead lap before making his way over to the door, opening it up with the push of button, his hand covered in a cloth rag he had pulled from his outside coat pocket this time. He then tossed the cloth into the room as well while exiting, the door closing soon after.

From there, he began taking a series of turns and strait paths through the silent corridors of New Soho. About five minutes would pass before the loud explosion would be heard, and explosion of plasma which, in the contain room, would drive the heat up to levels that would be enough to incinerate Y's body to nothing but bone and ash, melt the metal objects in the room down to almost slag, and finally, destroying any and all trace evidence in the room. A messy way to clean up any evidence of a crime save for the body itself. David had just eliminated his own greatest threat on the station, and he was just getting started.
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Jaden Kincade

Joined: 20 May 2008
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"The commander must decide how he will fight the battle before it begins. He must then decide who he will use the military effort at his disposal to force the battle to swing the way he wishes it to go; he must make the enemy dance to his tune from the beginning and not vice versa."

~Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

He ran. His lungs burned with each deep breath, his veins and heart pumped battery acid and his legs felt like jello. Still, he ran. Every archway he passed through found him tapping rapidly at his wrist computer which shut the door behind him on the run. The lights were dim, not allowing him to see more than thirty feet behind him, but he could still tell that he was being pursued. His follower was one that didn't give up his quarry, but he had held on to hope that tonight would be the first night he could slip through his pursuers fingers.

Sweat dripped from his face as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He had been running for well over an hour now, and frankly, he couldn't believe he was even able to run this long. It was amazing, however, how one could find themselves as physically adept as a world class athlete when they were trying to escape. The chase would end though as he rounded a corner and found himself slamming into a dense mass of soft muscle and tissue, the sudden impact and stop causing him to stumble backwards and fall to the ground, hitting his rear and head lightly.

Reaching up, he ran his fingers through his short blonde hair, rubbing the sting out of bump, newly forming along the back of his head as he looked up to see the massive form of the one who had been chasing him the whole time standing there before him, looking down at him silently. "Link, you should know better than to run from me," David said calmly, still gazing down at Link.

Link quickly looked over his shoulder before shifting his gaze back to David. "What the?" Link suddenly yelled. "How the hell did you get in front of me?"

"You took a lot of unnecessary turns in order to lose me," David said as he crouched down, reaching out over Link's shoulder. Link flinched slightly before seeing David pull his hand back once again holding a tracking bug in front of his face. "It's much easier to simply be where your quarry will be before them, rather than try to run them down."

"Shit," Link simply mutter before he slowly stood up. "So what is it now? You want me to hack criminal databases to find out when their next shipment of............. whatever, will be next?"

David slowly reached up, grasping Link's shoulder before he began leading him on a casual walk. "No," David said simply, "what I have in mind, will be a little more long term Link, and this time, you won't be running the bandwidths solo."

"Long term?" Link said wincing slightly as he felt David's fingers press into his flesh. David likely felt he wasn't grasping too hard, but sometimes the man didn't really know his own strength, despite his age.

"Yes, and this time, neither of us will be playing on the side of the angels," David said further as they took a turn, heading into the deep confines of New Soho.

Link frowned. He had encountered David several times, both on Earth and the time after he arrived on the station. David never ran him to prison because Link kept his cyber-crimes small, most often hacking major corporations and siphoning off fractions of credits here and there. He also read classified documentation and research notes, but did nothing with them save for tuck the information away to be used as a bargaining chip if things ever went wrong. Among the several encounters he had with David, he usually found himself rolling his eyes at some quick witted comment or smart ass joke the detective normally had. There were no jokes this time, and David still had that serious look on his face, which meant he wasn't about to laugh and say, "Just yanking your chain," this time.

"Here we are," David finally said, stopping in front of a door before he pressed his thumb along a small pad which read both his fingerprint and DNA. He then kept his eyes open as a scanner passed a sensor over the retina of his right eye, reading that as well. Thirdly, he punched a fifteen digit code along a keypad. The code involved numbers, alphabetic and Egyptian Hieroglyphs among he code, too many to remember at first glance. Finally, a computer automated voice finally asked for the pass phrase, to which David responded, "Paranoia is simply a finer perception of reality."

"Dude, what the hell is all this?" Link finally said as the door slid opened.

"An endeavor on a grand scale," David said as he led Link into the room beyond the door.

The odor was the first thing that hit him immediately. That familiar smell of body order, cigarettes and energy drinks. The light sounds of computers processing information, the hum of holographic screen being projected, the small chatter of catchphrases that hackers often used when they broke the code of what was considered a major protected system. The only lighting came from that of the holographic screens themselves as several lines of code scrolled along the screens at a quick rate, illuminating the several men and women sitting in control in front of their respective screen. He recognized three of them immediately. "What......the........hell," Link whispered lightly before turning quickly in surprise as the door slid closed behind him.

"All of you will have your own separate tasks. Some of you will hack into and monitor communication frequencies, especially that of the military forces and LAW," David began to explain as he gave Link the tour, going over the various terminals. "Others will hack surveillance throughout the entire station, keeping an eye on the movements of those we designate and in some cases, mask our own. Some will be hacking systems and uploading programs which are currently in the process of being designed, and still yet others to come in and cover any traces of hacks and keep our own systems protected. All of you will essentially be ghosts in the station's system of networks. You will be around, but unnoticed. As far as anyone else will be concerned, we aren't there in their systems."

Link kept counting the number of hackers there, his eyes widening as the number counted off in his head continued to grow. "Bloody hell, you've hijacked every hacker on the station?" Link finally asked, looking over to David.

"Every one that isn't currently attached at the hip to some crime family, organization or military institute, yes," David answered.

"To what end?" Link then asked as David once again began leading him around the room.

"All things in good time," David replied before motioning to a work bench. The bench itself had several tools available for use on it, as well as boxes stacked along the floor and shelves stocked with several components. "You'll find what you need there to build yourself a new computer that will best suit the needs of the tasks you'll have to carry out," David then said. "Once you've finished with your own system, plug in to the hydroponic generator, not the system's power source directly. Part of the reason hackers are caught, especially on the station, isn't because an investigator tracked their hack, but rather tracked the power spike that all the computer systems they use during the hack cause. Cooling units also powered independently will keep the room cooled enough to throw off any tracking from heat sources the servers will put out."

Link looked over all of the components. Everything was top of the line and he could build himself a monster machine, capable of doing so many things his current gear wasn't able to. The prospect was almost intoxicating to him. "All of you will be sequestered to this room unless we have to suddenly change locations, no exceptions," David then said, breaking Link's trance.

"What?" Link suddenly said, almost yelling. "You mean to tell me we can't leave this room for anything, save for the heat coming to bust down the door?"

"Considering what you'll be doing, it's smarter to remain off the visual grid. If anyone catches wind of what you are all doing in here, LAW will begin hunting in masses for known hackers on the station," David replied, folding his arms as the creaking of leather in the sleeves of his jacket echoed slightly. "Errand boys will bring food, drink and entertainment material to help keep boredom at bay if necessary."

"What about women?" Link then asked.

"Women?" David replied, almost smirking as he quirked a brow at Link.

"Yeah, despite what you may think, hackers don't limit themselves to mere sexual content on their hard drives David," Link said as he thrust a pointed finger in David's face.

"We won't be bringing hookers in here if that's what you're getting at," David finally answered before making his way back towards the door, "over a third of the hackers here are women though. I'm sure you'll seize the opportunity once the mood strikes you."

"Are you kidding me?" Link snapped back, "hackers don't work well together, much less have sex. We're all to busy trying to screw each other over in cyber wars to prove who's better."

"Well, you're all working together now, so get used to it," David said as he opened the door once more, stepping halfway out.

"What if I refuse then?" Link suddenly said.

David's gaze fell to the floor as he released a disappointed sigh before looking over his shoulder, a cold look in his gaze piercing Link's own. "Link," David said with a short pause, "we've had, if nothing else, an understanding over the years we've worked together. I'd be disappointed if I had to kill you after all that history."

Link's skin suddenly felt cold as he felt that shiver run up his spine. The detective certainly wasn't bluffing, not with that look in his eyes, and Link suddenly found himself deep into something he was sure was over his head. It was one of the main reasons he remained anonymous in his hacking career. Hackers who did the big hacks for no other reason than recognition inevitably got caught. The chill was soon taken away, however, as he felt long, soft finger begin sliding up his back and drape over his shoulders before linking together over his chest. "Soooooooooo, you're Link," a female's voice said from behind. "I've always wanted to meet the man behind the cyber handle."

Link slowly looked back to see that dark eyeliner, the altered yellow eyes, genetically altered to be made to look like cats eyes. The short hair which had been layered with fire red overtop jet black. And those lips, full and pouting which curved into a long smile. Seemed as though it didn't take long for the mood to hit one of the hackers. "Saber, right?" Link said looking into her eyes.

She simply nodded as a giggle escaped her lips and she began leading him into another chamber of the room, one where inquisitive eyes wouldn't venture off their own holo-screens. At least some aspects of this whole thing were looking up, though Link suspected it still wouldn't be outweighing the negatives, and he still wondered for what purpose Detective David Preacher was doing all of this.
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Joined: 14 Jul 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Forgive me if this breaks up the continuity that you may have been aiming for. I wanted to leave a comment.

I like the imagery that you use in your style. I can see it happening as I read. The world you have introduced leaves me with just enough to get me interested in what's really going on. I hope to read more soon, if you decide to post more. Smile
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