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Five paragraphs Contest Entry Here

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:27 am    Post subject: Five paragraphs Contest Entry Here Reply with quote

This is for the contest post here why you like the Exodus Night Game.
Winner receives a prize.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 12:23 pm    Post subject: My stab at explaining the improbable Reply with quote

I haven't written anything legitimate in weeks so bear with me as I investigate exactly why I like this game. I mean the phrase itself 'this game' really does encompass alot. I've been with Exodus since day one and as it's evolved into the world we all know it's also grown with side-games such as Nick's battle frenzies. You feel like dancing the savage ballet of dice, there's no better bet than that. Other eras, such as Foxden house and Anime, allow us to add that little extra spice to our experience often in worlds more imaginative and vivid than some full RPGs! And then of course everyone has their particular favorite quest hosts (mine's Snout) as all of Exodus' staff have their own unique styles, ensuring that no two quests seem similar.

But choices alone do not a good game make. Sure one could continue to explore options such as the full list of gods, ethics, professions, and skills that make up what is a very underrated URL. Since it's inception ExodusNight.com has seen many changes, and often these are done by the unheralded people who do the bulk of the work you and I don't see. Chad, Blue and Barb too spend far more hours keeping a database of thousands of character sheets updated. And as long as I've played this game, they've never asked me for one penny. Kinda hard to find that sort of pro bono in any RPG these days, isn't it?

For alot of us, I'm assuming anyways, real life isn't what you'd call a walk in the park. But even if it's just me, then Exodus has always been home. And i can reach it whenever I want. To date I have roleplayed or posted on this game and its URL from 9 different countries on three different continents. This game and its players have been with me during times of both war and peace. Just ask Cidds, she'll tell you all about horror stories from Iraq. But no matter where I went the game followed, all I had to do was log in and I was back at home amongst friends. I had an open and limitless world I could return to whenever the real one got to chaotic, and there's not alot of things in a warzone that can do that.

At times, I like to consider myself a writer. While this is a gross assumption of ability on my part, I've gotta be close to not being an amateur anymore. If not, then there's a 12 step program I'm ignorant of. And in that same note is another highlight of this game. Text-based IRC is both the most demanding and the most rewarding of RPG experiences. While it does take some getting used to (I didn't roll dice correctly for my first year) one can create far more with words than mere graphics can replicate. In the written word is limitless power, once can sculpt and bend it to convey clearly what the imagination creates. These characters didn't come from movies, or some hack programmer who couldn't develop an interesting backstory if you handed him one. They came from all of the other writers in this game, people devoted and dedicated to the stories they create and carry on often for years. Something special there if you think about it.

So that's pretty much it. I never did answer the question did I? I mean the one about what I like about this game. It's kind of hard to say really, particularly to narrow it done to one specific thing. This is still a new world, and I haven't seen all of it yet. None of us has.With each campaign quest the landscape changes, with every new character history swells to accept their fable. All of this brings about the URL as we know it today, a vastly underutilized resource available when hosts are not. But it's not rules, or dice or any of those things that are what I like *most* about the game. Those are all parts of a much broader concept. Because it's the human element that makes all things unique, and so very many of you leave your touches on this game that what I like most is plainly just being a part of it.

I mean, to be brief about it Smile

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 7:49 pm    Post subject: What I like about Exodus Night. Reply with quote

There are a lot of topics I can discuss when bringing the subject of why I like Exodus Night. In that, I won't keep those of you stopping to actually read this for too long. I'll try to narrow it down to at least a tolerable read. Smile Overall, though, I'd say the main reason I like Exodus Night is because, for me, it has become so much more than just a game.

In all of the years I have been here, (off and on, I can't remember an exact amount), I've come to see it as more of a second home. From the day that I came into this community, I was welcomed with open arms. Even though the word 'n00b', or something along those lines, was more than likely tossed around behind my back, it never was thrown into my face directly and that is particularly, and sadly, rare these days. I've met a lot of talented people.. people who by no other means would I possibly have met otherwise; people who, in their own ways, have made an impact through their words, thoughts, and advice on me ; helping me to grow not only as a writer, but as a person all together.

Furthering on the topic of the 'people behind the masks', so to speak, I would like to say that all of you who I have come to know here, pastly and presently, are so amazing. Some of you I have known for a short while. Others, I've known from day one. Those of you who I have known over these many long years, I've enjoyed watching you and your characters grow and expand. This 'game' that we play, is so much more than that. With our words, we have created a new world that connects all of us from all over into one place where we can now expand, share, and challenge our writing capabilities, as well as ourselves.. (and some, challenge our patience, temper, and nerves.)

For me, my time I spend in this land is well spent. As an escape from actual reality, it is somewhere I can come and not have to think about my daily problems. This is somewhere I can come and write - expressing my ideas openly without feeling the slightest bit out-of-place. I enjoy writing, and knowing that I have somewhere that I can turn to when I just need to get away and do so, without having to even go too far, is an entirely comforting feeling for me. I feel comfortable here, being myself, expressing myself much as I am doing in this essay, and even staging as another person, and I love that.

I have many memories which I will carry with me throughout my lifetime. One of them, I know, will be my experiences here. These are what makes Exodus special to me ; these are what makes calling it a game feel wrong. You don't remember every moment spent as some pre made character in a video game, interacting on a set journey.. at least I don't. From such a game, you don't meet wonderful people who you end up talking to for years even outside the boundaries of the game's walls. That is what I've come to like about Exodus: that it is more than just some game. It's been a wonderful journey and one of which, I feel, I'll always remember.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:44 am    Post subject: What I like about Exodus Night Reply with quote

Known fact only time write long pargraphs only in roleplay in channels or on the forms but anyways I am going start it here

What I like about Exodus Night

is that it is free and welcomes all people that are new or exprinced in roleplay and never a dull moment with the loveble SkyFlare with her cute and times wild imgnation to VelvetLuve the evil Sovergin of the Baaton that defines the meaning bitch seriouly look it up you'll find her pictuer! There is Tanis the pure Holy Templer Magi that helps lead the Honor Knights in the endless quest keeping the dark chaotic men women and creatuers in line...Oh yeah there is Aiyanna the woman that leads the Searphs to keeping balnce in the world though she is kind and gentle she can be evil as Luve so fair warning stay on her good side! Also there is Hiei the Rogue Mage Cleric that can not get enough his Gold or Women and then there is well...lot of people your charter would love to meet greet be friends or enemys with.

It is free to join full of friendly host that is there answer any questions about dice to game with if you wish to get more one input feel free pop into #ExodusNightOOC to ask hosts in or out of uniform or dicuss RolePlay storylinesjust FYI more you rp in the tavern, lands, temple,arena, even the theater for modern or furtesic era rp if you want rp something besides Exodus sls there will be host(s) wacthing giving you awards xp/gp for decent lengthly amount of time roleplaying

speaking of Events never know when host will suit up provide funfilled events like SnoutSCs fun filled and mind boggling quests to other type quests like other host like SChism and his fun dangerous Survior Qouests...IceSC Campaign quest that never ends because not just a quest Seires it is a world SL that everyone can get in on tons of fun oh oh Other host does quest too but theres more than Quest some like Battle Frenzzy, Gothic Hour, Triva, Duels, Melees, Nightskyps *takes a moment to breath and starts listing again* Anime Hour , Foxden house balls, gun duels or the rp revoling around the 1800s, Lets see oh yeah Gladiar Wars Snowball wars even occasnial auctionshrm well others I did not list but always be sure check out hosts dedcating time to provide you fun in the game in uniform and out *whistels at imges of MirageSC IceSC ImpSC FrostBiteSC out of uniform pictuers he has Wink*

It is both dice and free form RPG IRC meaning if you like dice then they got you hooked up or if you into freeform role play thats alright because there are other players like you! So if you are into one or both forms of RP Exodus Night is your place to be

OOC wise you will make lot of friends besides host fellow players will help you and be friends with there more to this than the host of the game besides the Hosts the players are the backbone of Exodus Night making new chapters in storylines for all to enjoy and some which are most world sls are put in the Tomb which has recorded Exodus from day one to present so this game is more than making a great place hang out it is great place make new friends

like I said may not been my best but eh best words have to use hope yall enjoy my ramblings on how good said game is hope yall enjoy the read and pass on to a friend of this place.
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Joined: 01 Jan 1970
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:43 am    Post subject: What Exodus Night Means to Me Reply with quote


In life we all face challenges that step in front of our dreams. For a long time I put aside my desire to write or create, to help others to do so. Circumstances beyond my control demolished that endeavor, and I found myself having to accommodate people who enjoyed playing games, some fantasy, and some theater. It was time for me to create that opportunity. It wasn
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Joined: 12 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 1:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This, obviously, is not for the contest. I posted it under character storylines but i felt like it deserved a spot here also.

To All,

I never thought the day would come that I would actually feel -depressed- over a game. Usually, for most games, the
emotions I feel come in this order:

Happiness - "Oh this game looks cool!"
Boredom - "Wow this game is not so cool..."
Frustration - "Why is it so damn repetitive!?"
Anger - "F*** THIS GAME!"

But with Exodus Night, it's completely different. My significant other David has asked me multiple times why
I play ExodusNight so much - Exactly what is it about Exodus Night? He doesn't understand. I've tried explaining
it to him multiple times. After many failed attempts (and still trying, at that), I have come up with a reasoning that I,
myself, can understand.

I used to be a bookworm. I read so many book I can't even name half of them. Alot of the books I've read were
good but there were very few books that when I've finished the book/series I was sad they ended. All stories -have-
to end, in a way. Even with the Harry Potter series, I was glad when it ended. It made me happy that the characters I'd
grown to love so much had a happy ending, and even those who died didn't hurt me much. All in all, the series ended
when it should have.

And though Harry Potter was a good series, they aren't books that I will remember forever. It's the books that you read
that you will always have a place in your heart for. Christopher Pike's newest book Falling, for instance. This book I will
remember forever because it made you really get into the characters deep. And though the main character was the "bad
guy" of the book, you were rooting for him all along. It is still, to this day, the first book I've read where I wanted, HOPED
the bad guy would win... And I didn't want it to end when it ended.

That's how I feel about Exodus. I've been around for about 6 years now (off and on), maybe longer. Exodus, to me, is a
book that I don't want to ever end. And with each character I make, I just add another character to the ever-growing list.
With an imaginative and great community, Exodus Night is the only game where I feel like I'm part of a family. I say that
with confidence. Exodus Night is the ONE STORY that I never want to end. Never.

Though I've been off and on, for the first three years I had characters that I can't even rememeber the names of (with the
exception of one that I used for every game I've ever played). It was just about three years ago that I created a character
that I feel in love with.

Soraine Jakobey Jepone

That, right there, is a name that will live on inside of me forever. For three years I played him. Even though I techincally
-controlled- Jakobey, I was so deep in him that it felt like he controlled himself. I made him do things that I knew he would
do if it were real life.

Jakobey, to me, became real life.

"I never thought the day would come that I would actually feel -depressed- over a game." -- When Jakobey died in the death
duel against Gemini I literally, honestly felt Tears swell up in my eyes. Some of you may have noticed I got quiet after the death
duel until I left...

That is because it felt like part of me died when Jakobey fell - though I tried to laugh it off. You may laugh and think I'm a loser
and what not but... It didn't feel like it was time to end Jakobey's story. It felt like he had alot left to do in his life. And it saddened,
even depressed me to know that he wouldn't get to finish his story.

It was weird, in a way. After leaving work last night (when Jakobey died) I went so far to even be rude to David. When I get sad,
I get frustrated easily. And I was frustrated as hell last night when I left work. But.. After a while of thinking it over I realized

Jakobey is dead - Yes. That's true. But it's not the end of MY life here on Exodus Night. The life and death of Soraine Jakobey Jepone
was merely a few chapters in the Exodus Night, not the entire story itself. So.. Though, Jakobey is dead.. I know that I still have alot
to contribute to the world of Exodus as myself and the characters I play.

THIS is why I play Exodus Night.

Darren Ray Jett and the former Soraine Jakobey Jepone.
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Joined: 25 May 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Many of you have known me, and I have weaved in and out of the storylines of some of your characters, Aeshen.

He was originally my first character, which I started at about 2001, seven years have passed, and while I have become complacent, and sometimes offended many of you, I always, in my mind, returned to Exodus, it was by far, the first most magical world in which I could not just read about, but also begin to write my own stories.

Stories which to this very day, take place in my mind, very like Exodus, where magic is not bound to rules or spells (granted there are guidelines, but limitations make our characters unique) and I quickly flocked to this ideal like a bear to honey. Imagination has always been a key part of my thinking, when challenged with a situation, imagination allowed me to think of it in modern terms, and work backwards to solve it, RP experience had allowed me then, to decided if I should have my character solve it, or becoming an on going problem.

This in turn forced my characters to develop, to no longer be bound by what I considered right or wrong, but fully emerse myself into the world, development, thoughts and feelings of the character I was trying desperately to breathe life into.

Even to this day, I close my eye and the first figure I see is my character. What is he doing? What is he wearing? What are his facial expressions? What direction is the sun in? is he in the sun? or standing by a lake? Eventually I learned that Exodus has gifted me with the opportunity to manifest my creative notions into a living, breathing person, bound only by my imagination.

For that gift, I will always be grateful, no matter how much of an ass I can be.

And that is the reason why Exodus is genuinely the place I want to spend the rest of my RPing days, because there is no world that I know of, where the world breathes the character to life, with little more then a spark of imagination.

Thank you, Barbs for making Exodus. To quote the Vulcans off Star Trek: May it live long, and prosper. With the multitude of genious RPers and creative outlets that the world offers, I suspect it will very much.
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