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Eru's feedback

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:04 am    Post subject: Eru's feedback Reply with quote

I've been with this game since its start, i have played several characters over the years and in that time i have noticed a change in this game.
When was it ok to play favorites or cornhole another PC.

I thought SCs were impartial judges, whos purpose was for the good of the world and not their own agendas. Not saying anyone is a bad SC, Its just that if one char complains enough then a whole mess occurs and the game is fudged...Than VS Hiei....

Now i understand that you cant just expect to beat a higher level char in FFRP, However i think that in the spirit of the game the higher level char should at least find a reasonable and dignified way to end a match.

both Hiei and Thanatos are immature, this is a fact and is evident in thier role-play. no matter how well you can write or speak..you cant hide who you truly are. Even in RP. now its NOT ok for either of them to God Mode or God quest. i've seen both and i must say..blah...

Than thinks that he is automaticlly a bad ass(Your only LV 4/4) and sholud be respected and feared..you have to earn this!
And Hiei, His ego inflated with his level and power..remember immense power will eventually corrupt,choke and destroy those who use it.

Next is the Necropriest quests that (Thanatos) created, i have dissagreed with almost all of it since the start, but as SCs one should lay down more detailed rules for such a thing. I know its hard, i have seen with my own eyes how this game has gone from alive and full of life to a handful of chars....I myself would want nothing more than to see this game revitalized and renewed.

The strain it causes to SCs i harsh indeed, this i know.........

So please..can we get back to fantasy RP, not Dr Phil RP

This was posted by Eru

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Joined: 01 Jan 1970
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:09 am    Post subject: All of this has been explained Reply with quote

I don't take the opportunity to embarrass players to discuss this openly, but this has been discussed throughly in PM for hours.

No one has corn-holed anyone it might appear so since you haven't seen the pm patient explaining of this and that, to make things work.

Now for Necropriest:

Necropriest is dead in all shapes and forms. His magic no longer exists nor does his tombed essence to ressurect him.

An altar can't teach someone plain and simple, its not magical, its a mere stone. Even with an engraved image on it, its a mere rock.

One could use prayer beads or this stone to pray to Gamori yes. But that altar has no teaching abilities, and portrays nothing more than a man's image like a painting.

Gamori is the god, Necropriest was a NPC, the players wanting to learn the way of Gamori should be praying to the God to learn.

God's do not speak, nor are they seen, thought I'd cover that right off for those who don't know and may have wondered.

Hiei tried to ignore this and now just won't interact in rp to save grief.
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