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Joined: 01 Jan 1970
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:54 am    Post subject: Question Reply with quote

This first time I ever come into question about my method of battel with others mainly the ones stand no chance in hell with me so I have to ask your opion on it

Being as I am one more how should I say it without bragging? More skilled citzians in the world tell me if you agree on the idea having no need to hold back in combat or I should really be one to play fair and let any oppent or by chance oppents have a fighting chance? I already take it easy on females well combat sence refusse to do anything unless attacked first but in my view would it be easy to just fight with the abiltys I earned over the years showing mercy is rare with me well with males I show little mercy as it stands but what do you think is it any good to hold back or just go all out even on the much weaker oppents?

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Nevaul Kincade

Joined: 20 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"The letters keep flowing in, and a couple of death threats. Don't you just love fan mail David?"

"How does one bend another over backwards and shove your head up your own rear?"

"You know, some of these people have really creative pillow talk."

"Anyways folks, we should now move on to our letter for this segment. This time, Mr. Darkstar writes in asking about the possible values or drawbacks of contraint in the battlefield. Your thoughts Nevaul?"

"I don't think anyone should blame you for kicking so much ass. That being said, I'm simply speaking from the standpoint on which I was raised through training. Never hold back, always give it your full, or one can never improve. While you may not need improving in comparison to many around the lands, others do, and if you hold back against them, they could very well be misjudging how skill they are themselves, and in doing so, may cross paths with one who will not hold back, and not stop as well. On top of that, some may feel babied or disgruntled that your holding back, feeling insulted. This may not affect you much, but in a matter of mutual respect, some may wish that you not hold back, even if they know they may be defeated easily. A lot of the time, when someone spars, it's a way of testing how far they've come since they began thier given walk of life. David's got the flip side for you."

"True enough, that holding back does test the terms of respect on the battlefield for some, there is something else to look at as well, and that is those who can go toe to toe with you or are even potentially better. While you'll likely go all out against them when facing them, going all out against others may only serve to help them in combating you, and indeed others who are looking to catch up with and surpass you in skill. As the old saying goes, 'Always leave yourself a trump card'. You don't need to hold everything back, but enough to keep the odds in your favor in the event things don't seem to be going your way."

"Strategies are important after all. In the end, you'll likely just want to ask how your sparing opponent feels. Whether they want you to go full out, or want to take the pace slow and have you hold back. In the end, the decision is yours. Base your decision on what your opponent wants and the respect you have for your oppontent."

"Some sound advice, you're getting better at this Nevaul."

"Yeah, I'm reading this letter here? What exactly involves a drawing a quatering on the rack?"

"It means we may need to start screening the letters from the Baaton. Until next time readers."
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