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Joined: 22 Jan 2008
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 12:23 am    Post subject: Confused.. Reply with quote

Hello Advice person,
I wanted maybe a little help? You see I am fairly new to these lands and have never been in a relationship before. There is this... this...lets just say friend whom I adore and care about deeply and he in turn has shown me a ring and said he wishes to be with me. Here is the problem. I donay wish to be hurt nor to hurt anyone, therefore I am not sure if I should say yes I'll be your girl or whatever he wished or just stay friends? Any help or eye opening information ye will help me with would be much appreciated.
Confused in Exodus
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Nevaul Kincade

Joined: 20 Dec 2007
Posts: 54

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 7:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Here we are again, the letters are beginning to file on in, we're not getting paid, but business still seems to be good anyhow. On a down note though, I've gone through five pairs of pants this week, and two pairs of undergarments. The female fans as a result of the tournament are becoming a little ravenous. I implore them all now............. for the love of Phonobele, stop tearing my clothes apart, they cost money after all."

"And I would also like to request that you not pull at the feathers of my wings. While some of you may think they may make decent collectors items or feel them as, in a sort of weird psychological sort of way, something special: they are not. My chances are not all that great of winning the entire tournament, I'll admit, so my feathers will not bring you gold as a collectors item some day. They are not special either, but it does hurt when someone pulls them out. So please stop. Anything left to add to this subject before we move on to our letter Nevaul?"

"Yeah, for those of you fans, or plain intruders who broke into my castle, let me just say, it's yer own damn fault. Fortunado doesn't like people invading when they're not invited, and he will bite you in your rear if you do. Just a friendly warning for those thinking it a good idea in the near future."

"And now to our letter. Confused in Exodus writes to us with a common problem that most women may go through in these lands. So we'll begin with Nevaul's answer first, as usual. Brace yourself."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? Anywho..... Confused in Exodus, be aware that I may be answering from a male standpoint here than anything else. That said, there are a series of evaluations you should go through before making this decision. 1)How much monetary wealth he has, B) How you feel about him, 7)How good he is in bed, and Z).....................are you double jointed by chance?"

".............................. Confused in Exodus, please disregard any advice from Nevaul here, he had about a half jug of Dwarven Cheery Vodka before coming into work today. All in all, you're uncertainty may come from the fact that you are new to the lands. I'm just playing on intuition here, but I'm thinking this individual is likely one of the first you met when you arrived, possibly perhaps the first male you've met officially since arriving, and as such you have doubting feelings of whether or not you should become seriously involved with the first one you met. Lastly, this feeling may be doubled over by the fact that you most recently arrived, and things are feeling a little too fast paced. This is common, and a fair amount of times, warranted."

"What do you know? I say shag him and spend his money. OW! You shot me with another friggen lightning bolt. Don't do that!"

"In any event, if you think things can develop into something beyond friendship and adoration for this individual, simply take things slow and let them devlop at their natural pace. If you don't think anything can evolve beyond friendship, it would be best to tell him now, rather than leave him wondering and thinking that there's more between the two of you than there really is. As for the ring, there may be a negative outcome to turning it down, but it would be best to do so for now until you are sure you are willing to commit."

"Shag him!"

"Go back to your drink Nevaul. Until next readers, keep the letters company."
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