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White Wolf

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 2:46 pm    Post subject: White Wolf Reply with quote

Along the paths that I have so often tred,
Today there was a new set where someone had walked before.
The prints that were lain next to mine were quite new,
And slightly smaller, though I knew nothing more.

So I walked further, wondering all the while,
Was I infront or was I behind?
Was I searching for what followed me,
Or was I the thing someone wanted to find?

The snow was deep and cold that afternoon,
And no wind blew to erase this new trail.
Though I could not detect who was about in the wood,
It slowly became a search that I would not fail.

A noise in the trees, of hushed breath and crouched limbs,
Whoever it was they could see me so plainly.
I knew that I had to take a great caution,
I could not continue as I had been so vainly.

For someone had done the things that are my specialty,
Only they had done them to a much greater skill.
They could have attacked at any time as they wished,
And I felt eyes upon me as I crossed hill after hill.

There was no scent, no sound to give hint,
As to where the follower of me was hid.
Neither eye nor ear nor sharpest of nose,
Was helping, so instead this is what I did.

I stepped to the sun and showed myself to the world,
For it was obvious that I could no longer hide.
I stood in the sun and looked out through the trees,
That feeling of dread growing all the while inside.

I lifted my head, and out I did call,
"I know you are there, as you surely see me,"
But no voice answered my words, though somewhere I heard,
A flurry of footsteps, someone was trying to flee.

And then I caught sight of a flurry of white,
Too distant, too vague to discern from the snow.
And though I could not see that which I pursued,
A new trail on the ground told me where I must go.

I ran and I ran, oh what a terrible pace,
And yet the flash of platinum still held a good lead.
My breath grew hot, and came in short gasps,
But then the creature of white skidded, halted and looked back at me.

It wanted to know why I always passed by,
Staring ahead with cold eyes at the trees.
But I only grew that much more confused with those words,
Why was it that it wanted to simply watch me?

As I stepped forward an shape I know,
For it was a shape that I often thought mine.
A wolf of pure white with eyes a bright blue,
This was what had been looking for me to find?

She told me her name for mine she already knew,
While my mind begged to know how long I had been so long followed.
She wanted to know why I followed such a path,
And did it relentless, with a look of pain so badly swallowed.

I told of myself, and was asked but scant more,
A detail here or there in which I was particularly not too clear.
And when I found I had spoken to one so openly that I did not know,
I found myself without any signs of anger or fear.

For while I had walked those paths for so many days,
I had always felt that I was alone as I traveled along.
But know I knew that I had been joined all the while,
By a wolf simply happy to follow for so very long.

She had asked nothing other than my reasons,
Had not demanded for food or even threatened me.
She merely had wished to know what I did,
To look through my eyes and to see what I see.

We parted company, this white wolf and I.
And sudenly I was by myself once again.
But I knew out there I would once again meet,
The blue-eyed white wolf, my companion and friend.

The most beautiful picture is the one painted with words!
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