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Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Small 3ft Winged horse. Wingspan 1-2 ft feet. Common colors of the Myrrian: lavender, snow white, blue green, and brown. Other colors like black, could be considered something of the evilness in the gallant noble Myrrian

Strengths: These winged creatures, due to their agility, have a +2 dexterity bonus. Myrrians are also magical creatures, and all of their mage/sorcerer spells are cast at +1 level.

Weaknesses: The noble Myrrian suffer 1d10 unsoakable damage from unholy attacks and, due to their lack of opposable thumbs, cannot wield traditional melee weapons. However, spiked horseshoes, tail whips, etc. can be purchased.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Beautiful creatures with free spirits that is usually female. They are exceptionally beautiful and linked to certain aspects of nature, water, trees, air, mountains, and the forests. In Exodus nymphs worship a small crystal pond in the Transian Forest where a fountain of crystal blue water is seen as they dance around it. This pond and fountain is called the "Fountain of Life" and only holds its magic for this race. Their life span is very long, and the "Fountain of Life" which they worship only adds to their magic and beauty. It is seen in the forest, shooting water into the forest's sky, which is clear looking like crystals. Every nymph in Exodus wears a crystal from this fountain in some way or another. To any other race this fountain will produce no crystals, or magic. The male specie called the satyr is also registered under nymph on the character generator.

Strengths: The crystal they wear has the ability to light the darkness and draw extra health from the “Fountain of Life” (+2 hp per round). They are avid archers, being that some even fight from the trees (+5% with projectile weapons). They are light and can fly swiftly. Water nymphs have the ability to stay underwater for a much longer time than any other race. Nature is a part of them, which means most worship Phonobele. Magic is usually seen as a skill of this creature, part of the illuminated crystal they carry. Their mesmerizing beauty captivates most that look upon them (+2 charisma). Water nymphs have the ability to turn into water, and wood nymphs into delicate trees. They can teleport without error once per day.

Enchanting Song, (can instill any emotion via singing) 3 times per day and pass through woodlands without a trace. Hide in shadows and move silently. Water Nymphs can manipulate water sources at their will, even conjuring a blast of water at their foe at level d 4 dmg. They have the ability to manipulate water if nearby or manipulate plant life when they see fit, such as bending a tree limb to smack an enemy. When casting water spells, a water nymph has a +5 bonus. When casting earth spells, a wood nymph has a +5 bonus.

Weaknesses: Wood nymphs take X2 from fire, and water nymphs X2 from lightning. If wood nymphs become spell casters, fire spells are at 1/2 level, while a water nymph's lightning spells are cast at 1/2 level. Resistance wise, water spells deal 1/2 dmg to water nymphs and earth spells 1/2 damage to wood nymphs. If an ice spell is tossed at a water nymph, they suffer -5% to hit and evade.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Adult ogres stand 9 to 10 feet tall and weigh 300 to 350 pounds. Their skin colors range from a dead yellow to a dull black-brown, and (rarely) a sickly violet. Their warty bumps are often of a different color-or at least darker than their hides. Their eyes are purple with white pupils. Teeth and talons are orange or black. Ogres have long greasy hair of black-blue to dull dark green. Their odor is repellent, reminiscent of curdled milk. Dressing in poorly cured furs and animal hides; they care for their weapons and armor only reasonably well.

Strengths: Enhanced natural punches and kicks for 1d4 and 1d5, respectively. These large beasts also gain +2 to Strength and Constitution.

Weaknesses: An ogre, due to its lack of social attractiveness, suffers a -2 Charisma penalty. In addition, these large, slow beasts suffer -1 to Dexterity and Intelligence.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties A creature similar to an Ogre only smarter

Strengths/Weaknesses: Same as Ogre, except -2 to Dexterity, and +1 to Intelligence


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Small (2-4feet) water-based creature. Slow, small and oval-shaped. They have six short legs with sharp claws. Their natural born attributes would be mind reading and able to turn themselves invisible for short periods of time. They shed their skin and when procreating gathering in masses, the young seem to be in cocoons leaving perfectly hollowed skins behind when being born. They have hard heads that can burrow through obsidian stone and rock. To see one you might envision a large worm with a skull rounded and very hard, with short legs with claws.

Strength: Though their small size would say otherwise, Paadacks are fierce little creatures capable of drilling through stone (+2 to strength, head strikes do d6+2 damage, and their bite does d8 + d4 poison damage per round). Born with natural mentalist strengths and the ability to turn invisible, Paadacks also receive a +3 to the effect of all mentalist effects/checks and +5% evade.

Weaknesses: Paadacks suffer 1d10 unsoakable damage from fire-based attacks and -2 Charisma, due to their worm-like appearance. They cannot wield traditional melee weapons.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties 4-12" inches tall with matching wings, long legs, being a fluttery race. Pixies are most always cheerful, and very beautiful, down to the ugliest. They are full of jest, and fly with great speed and agility. They carry pixie dust, and love to eat sweets. A pixie can not be weighted down when flying, so their carrying abilities are poor. They are typically pranksters and carry tiny pouches of pixie dust. Bonus +3 to dexterity, they are a smaller race, and can dodge things easier than larger races. A disadvantage would be their strength, making them weaker by a -2 in strength. Pixies like fruit nectar and anything sweet.

Strength: A pixie's small size allows them to evade attacks with ease, giving them a +3 to all dexterity checks and +10% evade.

Weaknesses: Their lack of stature greatly reduces their strength, giving them a -2 Strength. In addition, due to their size, pixies cannot wield weapons with a base damage beyond d6.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Ragers are a massive gargoyle looking demon, 12' in height. Scaly and red, these demon types have an aura of evil around them always, just like the flames that surround their skin. Their fangs drip venom, and when they communicate, they do this via telepathy, but due to their nature of feeling themselves superior to all other forms of life, they are usually silent.

Strengths: A Rager's venomous bite deals d8 + d4 poison damage per round. Due to their massive size and burning flesh, a Rager also receives +2 Strength and +5 to fire spells. All fire spells directed at a Rager are reduced by 1/2.

Weaknesses: Same as Demons.

Shadow Skeleton

Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Known as the shadows with leathery skin over their bones, odd looking eyes, which can be hollow or typical eyes, they fade, lurk, and are soulless. One look can send paralyzing fear into someone Tall dark shadow figures wearing cloaks they have the power to fade into walls and then out. Some may even take shape as a shadow creeping along the floor or wall, and then materialize as pictured.

Strengths: These interesting creatures, their origins unknown, are able to walk through walls and move without a trace. As a result, a Shadow Skeleton thief receives +2 for all thieving attempts. There is also a +10% hit/evade bonus at night or in darkness. The appearance of a Shadow Skeleton is enough to strike fear in the heart of any man or woman, resulting in a 5% to hit hindrance when facing them as an opponent

Weaknesses: Cannot be of a holy alignment, obviously. Holy attacks deal 1d10 unsoakable damage to Shadow Skeletons, and these creatures suffer -5% to hit and evade during the daylight hours.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Shapeshifters usually take on an animal image, not a NPC, nor another character. It is not done in a flash, and can be quite painful, thus per every shift in a quest, is -2 to Constitution for the remainder of the event. There is no way a shifter could be a bird one moment and the next a horse. This takes time and effort. Examples of races that they are known to shift: the most popular wolf, cats, birds, any animal they are familiar with. They have a kinship to nature most of the time. They could call on another animal once per quest. Most are known to have a natural sense of hunting or tracking, and an ability to communicate with other animals. They can not be a teapot or a stick; it is usually another living form of the animal world.

Strengths: Can heal 1d10 once per event and receive +1 bonuses to both Strength and Dexterity. Shapeshifters can also summon an animal once a week, pending the host's discretion, with 15hp and a d4 + level bite.

Weaknesses: Every shift in a quest is -2 to Constitution for the remainder of the event.

Spawn of Sudane

Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Worm like head with mucus coating. In all other appearances, when wearing a mask they look human, with unusual hands and feet.

Hands: Six fingers on each hand, five fingers with one claw +dmg Feet: Resembles bear claws +dmg. They are extraordinary in strength and Illusion through bite when using the poison in their saliva by bite only...lasts only for a short time.

Strengths: Claws on hands and feet deal +2 dmg. +3 to Strength and can digest decaying animal bodies with no ill effects. They do not consume human flesh or rotting vegetation.

Weaknesses: Takes +1d10 unsoakable dmg from holy based attacks. Needs to eat some sort of animal decay at least once a day, or suffer -5% hit and evade, and -1 to stat checks, cumulative by the day, reversible after consuming 1 decayed animal body for each cumulated hindrance. In dry desert-like climates, a suffering of -2 to Con, and -5% to hit and evade is made.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Very similar to a pixie except smaller and have magical abilities. Holding a wand is not unusual to be seen and they are very loyal cheerful characters .

Strengths: Due to their smaller size and inherent magical abilities, Sprites receive a 5% evade bonus and +5 to mage/sorcerer spells.

Weaknesses: Same as pixies.

Sylvan Elves

Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties A woodland elf. Typically tries to avoid big cities in favor for the open spaces of a nice forest. The Sylvan is a very free spirited elf that would usually be seen in the Western Transian Forest .

Strengths: Same as elves, but with a +1 to Hunting, Survival, and Animal Kinship checks.

Weaknesses: Same as elves. However, due to their isolated lives in the woodlands, Sylvan Elves suffer -2 charisma when dealing with other Exodus inhabitants. Cannot use spells/prayers that would damage woodland areas or plant life, and cannot wear armor above the chain mail class.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties A troll is usually a large creature that resembles a human. They are tall, about 8 or 9 feet, typically covered completely with hair. They are slumped forward, have long arms, typically ferocious, and not too intelligent

Strengths: +2 to Strength and Constitution. Enhanced punches/kicks to 1d4/1d5.

Weaknesses: Take +1d10 unsoakable damage from fire based attacks and -3 to Intelligence.


Copyrighted © to Exodus Night prohibited for use by other individuals or parties Has the ability to change into the form of a cat/feline with a thought. They have a talent for communication with their minds but only while in cat form not as a human. This is something close to the disease of Lycanthropy but is not transmitted to another by a bite.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Same as Lycanthes.

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