Exodus Night



Race Ghost Profession(s) Bard, ,
Sex Female Ethics Dark
Height 5 foot, 4 inch(es). Weight 118
Level 6 XP 905
Hair Color raven blue Eye Color dark violet
Pet Age 18
Gold 9320 God
Registration Date 2004-09-10 22:31:27 Last Updated 2008-05-04 21:52:04
Hit Points Total: 38
Profession 1: 38
Profession 2:
Profession 3:
Constitution HP:
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Strength 16 Intelligence 18
Dexterity 18 Wisdom 15
Charisma 18 Constitution 10
Skill 1 Charm Skill 2 Singing
Skill 3 Mysticality Skill 4 History
Skill 5 Musical Instruments Pet(s) Songbird
Advanced Skills
Background: Soft incandescance radiated from the fragile being, once so radiant and full of joy. Undine had been a bard, happily playing her instrument at the feet of her father. She was an only child, and light of her parent's life, dark hair that rippled to her waist seeming unblemished by curl or wave, and wide, slanted violet eyes that bespoke of laughter.

She remembers it now, her last night among her family and the living. Such beauty and merriment! There had been a great feast, celebrating her 18th birthday, the day she would wed her bethrothed. Ahh, such things could be taken for granted, the sight of her father, full of love for her, as he grasped tightly onto his wifes hand. It was not till after the feast and marriage vows, that true betrayal stuck cold, to the marrow of her bones. Slain by her one-night husband, in his need for greed to have all that her father possessed.

The agony of death at her beloved's hand, was more wretching than then she could have imagined, gasping softly as blood gurgled in her mouth, and the screams of the household rose in a cacophany . The pitching of her soul was even worse, torn from limbs that had encased her for so long.

Displaced, angered, she haunts where mortals dwell, enspying among their kind a single thread of warmth she would reclaim one day for herself. Till then, watch for the voice that mourns, in a sing-song melody that pulls you away from your sad existance. It is what she wants, that you have, and what she will take.
Inventory Dagger,