Exodus Night


Raya Swiftstalker

Race Human Profession(s) Ninja, ,
Sex Female Ethics Neutral
Height 5 foot, 7 inch(es). Weight 160
Level 3 XP 300
Hair Color black Eye Color brown
Pet Age 19
Gold 2900 God
Registration Date 2008-04-14 21:40:07 Last Updated 2008-05-07 14:39:06
Hit Points Total: 24
Profession 1: 21
Profession 2:
Profession 3:
Constitution HP: 3
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Strength 17 Intelligence 9
Dexterity 18 Wisdom 17
Charisma 16 Constitution 18
Skill 1 Thrown Weaponry Skill 2 Swordsmanship
Skill 3 Quickness Skill 4 Direction Sense
Skill 5 Physical Combat Pet(s) None
Advanced Skills
Background: Raya's family being as poor as they were could not afford to raise a child so doing what they thought best gave her to Swiftstalker family, a family who took her on one condition, that they never tell a soul about this. Raya's true parents agreed and hand over young raya to be raised as a swiftstalker. Little did rayas true parents know that the Swiftstalker family exceled in the art of shadow.

So in the northlands of Volkantia the Swiftstalker family raised her as there own , and also as part of the shadow, taught her how to move with the shadow how to be one the shadow, and as well as combat. Raya seemd to learn the ways of the Katana well but was much better at the throwing weapon the Kunai.

Raya grew up believeing this to be her family and the Swiftstalkers would have it no other way Raya was one of there best students. Raya's training went on for 17 years until she turned 18 she then decided to explore the rest of the world and with her familys blessing Raya Swiftstalker begins her jorney.

Its been a year since then...
Inventory Weapons:Katana, 2 Kunai (Oriental styled throwing daggers, d3 damage)

Armor: 1 Heavy Cloak