Exodus Night



Race Human Profession(s) Pirate, Pirate, Pirate
Sex Female Ethics Neutral
Height 5 foot, 8 inch(es). Weight 130
Level 1 XP 75
Hair Color Blond Eye Color Baby Blue
Pet Age 18
Gold 500 God Aquarao
Registration Date 2007-03-25 17:25:57 Last Updated 2007-04-02 02:07:36
Hit Points Total: 12
Profession 1: 9
Profession 2:
Profession 3:
Constitution HP: 3
Home Page
Strength 16 Intelligence 15
Dexterity 18 Wisdom 15
Charisma 13 Constitution 18
Skill 1 Quickness Skill 2 Swimming
Skill 3 Swordsmanship Skill 4 Physical Combat
Skill 5 Climbing Pet(s) Parrot
Advanced Skills
Background: Rags as named by her father a sailor on a merchant ship off the coast of the Asin Ocean. Rags was forced in care of her uncle and aunt on her fathers side to, which were the local inn keepers of the Blue Gull, and who had little interests of raising the little girl. Rags never knew her mother, and she seldom ever seen her father except on a rarity through out her child hood. It was no wonder she found her self running the streets with other wayward children of her age, picking up bad habits of thievery and terrorizing the local merchants, and market vendors through out the market square. As Rags reached her early teens she found other interests, which she grew fond of, and that was sharp weapons and boys. She would often be found in the ally behind the Inn that she called home, practicing using a sword, and or dagger, and at times charming the young boys who often tried to challenge her in a dual of swordsmanship. By the time she had reached her mid teens, Rags was no longer welcome at home at the inn by her uncle or aunt, both accusing her as being too much of a handful. Rags disguised her self as a cabin boy, wearing boy clothes and keeping her hair up under a tied handkerchief applied to work on a pirate ship. It was not until she started, maturing a bit that the captain discovered to his (Surprise), that Rags was girl and not a guy. By then, Rags had already proven her self without a doubt that she can handle herself well among a crew of men, and was able to hold her own in a fight. Oddly, no member of the crew after witnessing the way she used a sword, would try her. She stayed on for another two years after, in which time the captain of the pirate ship was cornered and most of the men went overboard to flee for freedom. In a (Sneaky) way to save her self from being hung as a pirate, Rags dressed up in one of her pervious bought gowns and locked her self in a storage compartment off the ships kitchen and accused of being taken as a prisoner for ransom by the captain and crew. The Authorities bought her story, and released her to go on her marry way. Who knows where Rags will end up, but one thing is for certain, wherever this young lady goes, adventure and mayhem is sure to follow.
Inventory Cutlass, 1, Vambrace