Exodus Night



Race Shapeshifter Profession(s) Necromancer, ,
Sex Male Ethics Dark
Height 6 foot, 1 inch(es). Weight 160
Level 5 XP 810
Hair Color jet black Eye Color golden yellow
Pet Age 23
Gold 28800 God Gamori
Registration Date 2004-11-21 16:35:11 Last Updated 2006-12-07 00:54:37
Hit Points Total: 25
Profession 1: 22
Profession 2:
Profession 3:
Constitution HP: 3
Home Page
Strength 18 Intelligence 18
Dexterity 18 Wisdom 18
Charisma 5 Constitution 18
Skill 1 Mysticality Skill 2 Physical Combat
Skill 3 Hunting Skill 4 Alchemy
Skill 5 Herbalism Pet(s) None
Advanced Skills
Background: Of the Same flesh, fur, and blood as Indrix, he has wandered the land since his mothers pack disappeared. The Darkness in his heart had over taken him long ago..he sought revenge for who or whatever had made the pack go....and revenge he shall have...
Inventory Staff, 1, Leather Cuirass w/Leather Helmet and Gauntlets, 1 Cranberry prayer beads and are +5 soak take on the aura or color of your god and can not be added to another item, 1 minature gold map of Exodus +5 tp heal