Exodus Night



Race Lycanthe Profession(s) Assasin, ,
Sex Male Ethics Dark
Height 6 foot, 8 inch(es). Weight 249
Level 2 XP 115
Hair Color Black with a tint of red. Eye Color Sirling blues and Blacks.
Pet Age 673
Gold 1700 God Shanten
Registration Date 2004-03-23 22:07:48 Last Updated 2004-04-05 21:24:18
Hit Points Total: 18
Profession 1: 15
Profession 2:
Profession 3:
Constitution HP: 3
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Strength 18 Intelligence 15
Dexterity 18 Wisdom 13
Charisma 13 Constitution 18
Skill 1 Physical Combat Skill 2 Quickness
Skill 3 Slight of Hand Skill 4 Direction Sense
Skill 5 Swordsmanship Pet(s) None
Advanced Skills
Background: Rameses was once the leader of a great Tribe. His ways he dealt with the affairs and dealings were unique and admired by most. He fought for glory and honor long ago. Dealing with the other tribes . When war came he was always the leader, pulling his pack into victory.

Ages passed and his Tribe suddenly began to diminish for no reason at all. He'd find the corpses of his fellow werewolves on the ground, their guts strewn all over and their bodies maliciously marked with runes of the Demon.

Ages passed again.
Rameses is the last one of his Tribe, being left to deal with the hardships on his own. He delved within the shadows, taking his mastery of the Klaive into an art, the art of stealth and killing. He became hired help in those rightful situations, killing for cash he called it.

His job brought him to a new land. His taint had grown strong and he now thrives within the help of a god.. Shanten. She feeds his rage and his power with her own.

It seemed he had always aquired a trail somehow and they never let him leave..Who was this force that kept him in the grasps and tried to pull him down.. That was his own.

Now he simply lives to kill and bring back the escence of his pack, hopefully Exodus will give him that thrill and the 'family' a pack can provide.